2-team Capture The Flag for HacX - single player only with up to 16 bots! Starting a game of DoomBot CTF too complex? CTF games with HacX got too m...

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Title                   : HacX-CTF 
Filename                : HACX_CTF.ZIP (hacx_ctf.bat hacx_ctf.rsp
                          hacx_ctf.wad hacx_ctf.txt)
Author                  : Sparky of KISS Software
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Electronics Engineer & Doom Fanatic

Description             : 2-team Capture The Flag for HacX
                          - single player only with up to 16 bots!

                          Starting a game of DoomBot CTF too complex?
                          CTF games with HacX got too many bugs?
                          If you answered YES to either of these
                          questions, then HacX-CTF is for you!

                          HacX-CTF requires:
                          Doom II v1.9
                          HacX v1.1 (Internet Release) - get it from
                            Nostromo's Place, the Official HacX Website
                          DoomBot v4.0 by Sergey Makovkin - you'll find
                            it in DoomWorld's Source Port area:
                          A CTF map made for HacX - you'll find links
                            to the maps at Nostromo's Place, or you can
                            try the Walnut Creek Doom Archive:

                          Running HacX-CTF:
                          HacX-CTF makes launching a CTF game simple.
                          Just run hacx_ctf.bat and specify the name of
                          your map wad (IMPORTANT- the nodes file and
                          map wad must have the same filename).
                          For example, if you have a HacX CTF map named
                          mylevel.wad and a nodes file mylevel.nod,
                          just run HacX-CTF with the command:
                            hacx_ctf mylevel

                          Gameplay and Controlling Bots:
                          You can play with up to 16 bots! That's you
                          against a team of 16 (yeah, right!), or say
                          you and 15 team mates against one poor bot!
                          The size of the map will really dictate how
                          many bots to use, but too many and too few
                          are not much fun.  Perhaps just try 3 bots to
                          start (two teams of two), and maybe add more
                          team mate bots if you find you're getting
                          your butt kicked (the bots are fast, they
                          generally know where they're going, and they
                          never miss).

                          You control the bots with four function keys
                          (press F1 for in-game help if you forget):
                            F5   add a team mate bot (RED team)
                            F6   add an enemy bot (BLUE team)
                            F7   command your team mate/s to guard
                            F8   free your team mate guards (only those
                                 in your immediate area that you can
                                 see or they can see you)

                          For those new to Capture The Flag, the idea
                          is simple, but the strategies are more
                          complex. You are on the RED team, you must
                          invade the BLUE team's base, steal their BLUE
                          flag, and return it to your RED base. They
                          on the other hand, are trying to steal your
                          flag.  With all the bullets, rockets and
                          plasma flying around, it's very easy to shoot
                          your team mates, or worse... yourself. 
                          If both teams have captured a flag then it's
                          not possible to return their flag to your
                          base for a "touchdown".  Instead, you must
                          kill the flag carrier to get your RED flag
                          back, and score a "touchdown".  Think of it
                          more like "Capture The Flag" and then "Join
                          The Flags" rather than just "Capture the flag
                          and return it to your base".

                          Editable Options:
                          The first three lines in the response file
                          hacx_ctf.rsp are:
                            +set sv_cheats 0
                            +set timelimit 0
                            +set fraglimit 0

                          These lines disable the cheat codes and allow
                          you to play MAP01 indefinitely (or until you
                          exit the level or quit the game).

                          Newbies to CTF might find the bots a bit too
                          tough while their learning the gameplay and
                          trying new strategies.  Just edit the line to
                          +set sv_cheats 1
                          and you'll be able to use the Doom cheat
                          codes iddqd, idfa, etc; and console cheats
                          such as god, give <item>, etc.

                          Playing HacX-CTF with limits:
                          I'm not sure if the variables timelimit and
                          fraglimit are of much use with HACX-CTF. When
                          the limit is reached, the game ends, the
                          scores are displayed, and the next map is
                          loaded.  HACX-CTF expects that all CTF levels
                          are MAP01, there's only one level in each
                          wad, and the node file has the same name as
                          the wad.  As far as I know, it is only
                          possible to load one .nod file at a time, so
                          let's assume that it's not possible to play
                          a sequence of CTF maps one after the other
                          (unless you played without nodes, which would
                          be pointless because the bots are so stupid
                          without nodes!).

                          If you prefer to play CTF with limits (even
                          though you can't play levels sequentially),
                          then just edit the line in hacx_ctf.rsp
                           10 minute game:    +set timelimit 5
                           no time limit:     +set timelimit 0

                           100 point game:    +set fraglimit 100
                           no point limit:    +set fraglimit 0

                           (note: touchdown=10 points, frag=1 point)

Additional Credits to   : id Software for Doom and Doom2
                          Banjo Software for HacX
                          Sergey Makovkin for DoomBot
                          Rich Johnston (Nostromo) for maintaining The
                            Official HacX Website - Nostromo's Place
                          Rick Clark for his CTF map "The Hidden Base"
                            (hxctfrc1.zip) which I used to make the
                            screen shots seen in the game screens.
                          3DRealms for the .mod music I borrowed from
                            Terminal Velocity.
                          Randy Heit for the ZDoom Source Port on which
                            DoomBot is based   http://zdoom.notgod.com/


* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II v1.9
Also required           : HacX v1.1 (Internet Release)
                          DoomBot v4.0
                          A CTF map made specifically for HacX

Episode and Level #     : n/a
Single Player           : Yes - 2 team CTF with up to 16 bots
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : n/a
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes - MAP01 only (mod from Terminal Velocity)
Demos Replaced          : n/a

* Construction *

Base                    : HacX v1.1 and DoomBot v4.0
Editor(s) used          : DeHackEd v3.1, Paint Shop Pro, WinTex, NWT
Known Bugs              : - I can't fix the animated background on the
                            Player Setup screen.
                          - if you exit a game in progress, and start a
                            new game, you won't be able to add new
                            bots to either team until you open the
                            console (press the ` key), and type the
                            command    removebots 1
                            Close the console, and now you can add your
                            bots with the F5 and F6 keys.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use anything contained in HACX_CTF.ZIP for their own
stuff.  I've quoted all the original sources, so use the originals if
you have to.

You MAY distribute HACX_CTF in any format, provided you don't charge
money for it. HACX_CTF contains data copyrighted by Banjo Software
(HacX), 3D Realms (Terminal Velocity), and Randy Heit (ZDoom).

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP site:  Walnut Creek and it's mirrors

WWW site:  Nostromo's Place - The Official HacX Website


The Making of HacX-CTF:

This section is for techos only, and is intended as a guide on what to
lookout for to others making addons for either HacX or DoomBot.

Here is a list of all the bug-fixes and additions which went into the
making of HacX-CTF:

- added the flags to hacx_ctf.wad because the HacX keys were
  over-writing DoomBot's flags
- edited the flag offsets to make them sit correctly at floor level.
- edited the DeHackEd patch to make the flags wave (HacX only uses one
  sprite frame for each key).
- added mod music for MAP01 only - I've always wanted to do that, but
  this is the first ZDoom-specific wad I've ever made.
- fixed the faulty player sprite playf2f8 in hacx.wad
- added new menu option graphics for the DoomBot-specific menus
  (Player Setup, Gameplay Options, etc).  Note, some of the secondary
  menus I just used a white Doom font instead of the HacX font... call
  me lazy, but the chances are nobody's even going to see them.
- added the HacX graphics which had been renamed by DoomBot/ZDoom
  (menu sliders and status bar keys).
- increased the size of the Player Skin box on the Player Setup Screen;
  Danny Evanger is MUCH taller than the Doom Marine.  Sadly, I can't
  fix the animated background  :(
- added a white cursor for the menu screens (litlcurs).
- centered the text better on the menu text boxes (load/save game,
  player name, etc).
- added game screens based on screen shots of actual HacX CTF gameplay
  (title, help, credits and intermission screens).
- added a HacX-CTF m_doom menu logo based on the one from HacX.
- added a response file (hacx_ctf.rsp) and batch file (hacx_ctf.bat) to
  make loading and running HacX-CTF very easy.
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