Deathmatch in a haunted house-type place. Courtyard, foyer, a couple of rooms. A REAL BRIDGE (go over AND under) and a hallway under a hallway! Tha...

Haunted House -- The Deathmatch
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                      Haunted House -- The Deathmatch    

                           A WAD file for DOOM 2
                             by Dave Voltaggio
                               a.k.a. Diavo
Title                   : Haunted House -- The Deathmatch
Filename                : HhouseDM.WAD
Author                  : Diavo
email                   : <email removed>

Misc. Author Info       : Born on L.I. in New York (lived there for the first
                          twelve and a half years of my life), born in '81, I
                          now live in MD. IFSM major @ UMBeasty, loves deathmatch
                          AND CoOp!

Good Quote
(From Author )          : "Ahh...the good new days!"

Description             : Deathmatch in a haunted house-type place. Courtyard,
                          foyer, a couple of rooms. A REAL BRIDGE (go over AND
                          under) and a hallway under a hallway! Thank you DOOM
                          Legacy! (see below for more)

Additional Credits to   : Id Software for making the BEST game ever, the Doom
                          Legacy team!

* Play Information *

Port                    : Doom Legacy v1.31xmas or better (v1.32 beta1) (because
                           I used linedef #281--3D "block")
Episode and Level #     : Map01
Single Player           : Yeh, to scope it out
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Not really
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : oh yeh!
Difficulty Settings     : Not that I can remember ;)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes; a couple, sky is starry and cloudy, gives
                           impression of storm cloud ring circling the battle
                           (cut & pasted from a DOOM Alpha sky onto starry sky),
                           awesome new teleporter textures entice...
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Doom2CAD and WAD-Author (both very good)
Known Bugs              : none! =)

* Copyright / Permissions *

   Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels under any circumstances. (This level is based on a single player/
CoOp level I'm building.)

   You MAY distribute this WAD, WITH this file, WITHOUT ANY modifications.  
You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, 
etc) as long as you include this file intact.


Other                   : All weapons are on this level, all pretty much equally accessible.
                          This level works well one-on-one (my fave) or with a bunch of people
                          for a frag-fest. It's not huge, no way, but a good size to accomdate
                          a bunch of players, but yet one-on-one doesn't require much hunting
                          at all, you'll always find your foe close-by, one way or another...
                          I recommend Deathmatch 3 and turn off the monsters!

                          Weapon effectiveness breakdown:
                          *Chainsaw -- you know how pathetic it is in deathmatch, but when I
                           playtested this with the Cajun Bot (before implimenting the true 3D
                           jazz or DMing my friends) I had one charge me and chase me with a
                           chainsaw and I was running scared (cause I was gunless at the time)!
                          *Pistol -- surprising useful methinks. Shoot the gargoyleface switch
                           with it, pick off distant foes in the courtyard (I'm good at that)
                          *Shotgun -- good overall, but you know that
                          *Double barrel shotgun -- better at the close fighting
                          *Chaingun -- "decent" --> ok close, ok far
                          *Rocket Launcher -- "eh" -- courtyard finds it worthless (too spread
                           out) but inside it's more dangerous to *you* Great for around-corner
                           kills (ie-by the slime your foe went around the corner and is waiting
                           for the ele to come down, pump 'em at that wall!)
                          *Plasma gun -- ah...a slaughterer! So why aren't you slaughtering?! in
                           the foyer the pillars get in the way, in the courtyard you can dodge                             'em and run away safely! Chase-him-down!
                          *BFG -- my fave, the only chance your foe has against it is to get out
                           of your line-of-sight (or line-of-tricks for those who know 'em) or be
                           too distant away (courtyard). Aim at the ground for faster results!

                          *Secret jazz: the skull-switch in the BFG room takes down the steel
                           pillars by the chaingun permenantly. You can get into the house
                           another way than by the front door. You can get out that way too...
                           just push on the painting next to the bookcase in the fireplace room.
                           Steel pillars off the foyer: shoot the gargoyle face next to the front
                           door...they'll close behind you. (notice that the gargoyle face
                           flashes as you pass into the little room) BTW, jump out of the plasma
                           gun room!

Thanks to Doom Legacy v1.31xmas release, level designers can now use 3D blocks, as virtually any
size or shape restrained to polygon sectors! And any width! What this means is that a true bridge
can be implimented by merely adding another off-map control sector and tagging a linedef with a
new and special tag (#281). You can see 2 examples of this on my level. The first and most
obvious is the bridge outside! Walk over, go under, whatever! Unrestricted. The other is less
obvious until you stop to think "Hey, I'm winding around under that hallway up above!" Yes, at
the back of the house, where the double barrel shotgun waits at the end of the hall, you can take
stairs down to the uncivilized "basement" and the hall curves around *under* the hallway which
leads to the double-b shotgun! Room on top of room!  Am I the only one who finds this amazing?
Sure it's been done in every modern Doom-clone since Quake...2...whatever, but this is in Doom!

My teleports were inspired by DOOM2 WADs "The Box" (for the frame) and "Icarus" (scrolling sparkles) and also Quake3 (see where you go to). Basically there's a metal frame, you can see exactly where you'll end up (thanks to screenshots-come-wall textures) and there are scrolling green sparkles in front of this view. Walk in to teleport to where it shows you! Enjoy!


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