(Skip this) ==============HELL JHS============= This is the most violent school you'll ever see! Includes a gun store across the street. ==========...

Hell Junior High- Where the meals are free if
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Title                   : Hell Junior High- Where the meals are free if
                          you're a cannibal(which reminds me, I forgot to
                          put in a cafeteria---oh well, no room for one
Filename                : HELL_JHS.WAD
Author                  : Joseph McDavid
Email Address           : (Something)@(topgun bbs)
Misc. Author Info       : For awesome deathmatch with this WAD,
                          call Topgun BBS @ (703)730-1420
                          It rules!
Description(Skip this)  : ==============HELL JHS=============
                          This is the most violent school you'll ever
                          see!  Includes a gun store across the street.
                          Single player:You were walking to school one
                                        day, when suddenly your friends 
                                        start dissapearing around you!  
                                        You look at your hands to see 
                                        them fading away.  When you arrive
                                        at school, your whole body has been
                                        transported to another dimension.  
                                        One of your friends lies dead in 
                                        front of you.  You pick up a pistol he
                                        must have found and notice the guys 
                                        who killed him.  Better pick up the 
                                        shotgun he dropped fast...
                          Multiplayer Co-op:Looking behind you,you see some of
                                            your friends are still alive, and 
                                            they found pistols, too.  
                          Multiplayer Deathmatch:After discovering you were in
                           (with -nomonsters)    Hell, you decided to kill 
                                                 everything you saw. Strangly, 
                                                 everyone was calling you "the 
                                                 new kid."  But you and your 
                                                 buddies have overtaken this 
                                                 hellish school now, and the   
                                                 teachers and students of Hell 
                                                 J.H.S. are all dead.  You 
                                                 were about to leave when you 
                                                 realized the truth:  You're
                                                 dead, and you can't leave.
                                                 Since you're all already dead
                                                 you see no harm in killing 
                                                 each other to pass the time.
                          ===DON'T SKIP THIS!!!!!!===                            
                          Here's a list of what certain things represent.
                          Trooper: Just an average student
                          Sargeant: An above average student 
                          Chaingun Sargeant: Owns the gun store 
                          Imp: A guidance counsler 
                          Lost Souls: Cheerleaders
                          SS Nazi: Security guards
                          Demon: A "nice" teacher     
                          Spectre: A hall monitor
                          Baron of Hell: One of the principals
                          Cacodemon: A very mean teacher 
                          Cyberdemon:The Head Principal
                          Spiderdemon: The Principal's Pet Spider
                          Arachnotron: The Principal's Spider's Child 
                          Mancubus: A rather fat teacher
                          Hell Knight: Another very mean teacher 
                          Revenant: Yet another very mean teacher
                          Archvile: The Nurse
                          Pain Elemental: Leader of the Cheerleading Squad
                          Blue Doors: Storage rooms
                          Yellow Doors: Lockers
                          Red Door: The Principal's Office
                          By the way, some students and cheerleaders got 
                          locked in their lockers as punishment.
                          One of the lockers holds a forbidden device
                          which, if you see it, will cause the authorities
                          to come looking for you.  If you shoot it, all
                          doors open.
                          NOTE:  The "authorities" are a large group of
                          hell-spawn with infinite reserves.  The 
                          "-nomonsters" option has no effect on them.
                          This can easily ruin a deathmatch or co-op.
                          Don't open the weird-looking locker!!!
Additional Credits to   : All the other wad authors out there whose great
                          levels inspired me...But seriously, folks.
                          I owe thanks to the following people:
                          The author(s) of DCK v2.2 for a great wad editor;
                          The person who made DMAUD and DMGRAPH, though he 
                          needs to make more user-friendly versions;
                          The guys who made DEUTEX(for nothing);
                          Whoever made DMMUSIC(for not working with doom2)
                          The people at ID software for you know what;
                          And anyone else who made a school in Hell.
                          Look out for the sequel to this(coming sooner
                          or later):HELL_SHS.WAD...haven't started on it...

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II 
Level                   : MAP04 
Single Player           : Yes(It takes guts to take this on by yourself)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes(for wusses that can't do it alone)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes!!! Lockers are *GREAT* hiding places! And the
                          peepholes in the weapon shop are cool, too(not to
                          mention a BFG in the library)
Difficulty Settings     : Sure...but only wimps play below UV(although you
                          can get a plasma rifle in the weapon shop in UV)
                          and only idiots play above UV(the principal
                          that wouldn't die)
New Sounds              : Yes! 
New Graphics            : Only the title picture
New Music               : Yep(an midi from Rise of the Triad, thanx to Apogee) 
Demos Replaced          : None
* Construction *
Base                    : New level from scratch 
Build Time              : On and off for half a year.
Editor(s) used          : DCK, DMAUD, DMGRAPH, MIDI2MUS, DEUTEX 
Known Bugs              : Ha!  My work is flawless! No, a teacher stuck 
                          walking around behind a desk is Not a Bug, it
                          was intended...Please report any bugs to the 
                          SPA....i mean, to me...or fix it yourself!
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels, but be kind enough to send me a copy or I just might
pull out my plasma rifle and blow out your brains.
And Do NOT claim it's your level, either.

You may do whatever you want with this file.  How could I stop you?!!

* You should already have this WAD if you are reading this *
* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: Coming soon...

BBS numbers: TopGun BBS (703)730-1420 

Other: Come to my house and beg me to copy it for you. 

For awesome Deathmatch, try playing with these options:
-skill 5
-warp 04
-turbo 250
-file hell_jhs.wad
     |      |  |-------  |        |                    |     |      |  |-----
     |      |  |         |        |                    |     |      |  |
     |------|  |-------  |        |                    |     |------|  |----|
     |      |  |         |        |              |     |     |      |       |
     |      |  |-------  |-----   |------        |-----|     |      |  -----|
                                ---DO NOT ENTER---

What the hell are you doing still reading?  Play!!!!!

What, don't you like my level?  Stop reading!!!!!

Curious, are you?  Maybe you should make your own level and give it to all
your friends!

If you have read this far, then...




do anything with my Wad
---End of File---

...just kidding...
-------the real end of the file

Since you've read this far, you're worthy of hearing the secrets of my level

There is one official secret:  After killing the principal's pet spiders,
walk up to the switch on the wall, but do not press it.  Instead, leave the 
office and go to the southwest corner of the building(see map). There will be
a transporter there.  Walk into it, and bingo!   A secret detention hall full
of mean teachers

Oh,  still having trouble?  Well, first, Never shoot when outside a building
unless you wanna wake the guards you haven't even seen yet that will
come swarming to kill you.  If you do, run to the weapons shop and shoot 
through the windows once inside(killing the shopkeeper, if necessary).
When battling teachers, or the vice principal, or the principal, if space is
limited, strafe left and right to avoid missiles/fireballs.  Try changing
strafing keys to End(1) and PgDn(3) on the numeric keypad.  In open space, 
that is, in the secret detention hall, you can circle around the enemies by 
holding down the button to strafe in one direction while turning in another
direction as necessary.  This is useful in All DOOM levels, especially in
deathmatch, and especially if a player attacks you with a rocket launcher or 
plasma rifle(To avoid the BFG, duck behind a wall or leave through a 

Okay, I give in.  The blue and yellow keys are in the guidance office(in the 
main office) given away by the counselors guarding them saying "You can't 
have the keys!"  The red key is in one of the storage rooms(I refuse to say 
which---I've said too much already).
---The end of the file.  This time I mean it.  Honest! :) :O :Q :D :| :( 


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