Designed to be played as a single player or in deathmatch. Doom 2. Larger than the original level! DON'T waste your time endlessly pushing walls. (...

Hells kitchen. (Just like mama used to make).
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Title                   : Hells kitchen.  (Just like mama used to make).
Filename                : GSD2E1M1.WAD
Authors                 : Graeme Stretton & Yvonne Loftus.

Email Address           :  [|(

Snail mail address      : PO Box 1053 Ballarat mail centre.
                        : Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
                        : 3354

Misc. Author Info       : Graeme Stretton. Programmer, nut case,
                        : likes fast CPU's, logic.
                        : Hates PC's, 640K, C and processors that tell you
                        : 2 + 2 = 3.999876754.
                        : Yvonne Loftus. Artistic advisor, decorator and
                        : general tester and critic.
                        : Other wads by the same authors are:
                        : GCS1A.WAD, doom 1 levels 1 to 9 single player.
                        : GCSDETH1.WAD doom 1 levels 1 to 9 deathmatch.

Description             : Designed to be played as a single player or
                        : in deathmatch.  Doom 2.
                        : Larger than the original level!
                        : DON'T waste your time endlessly pushing walls.
                        : (Although some people deserve to be shot).
                        : You are in a dingy cell where you were being held
                        : for... something. (You probably didn't do it, I
                        : know I never did).
                        : Having just overpowered guard and taken his weapon
                        : you set out to escape.  Good luck.
                        : This level was designed to be used in very subdued
                        : light with gamma correction (F11) set to 2.
                        : This level started out as a test of DCK and just
                        : sort of grew. It is really a test of what the
                        : various tools are capable of. Then a friend told
                        : me he enjoyed deathmatch games, but only had doom 2.
                        : His name is Frank, and he hates being called 
                        : Frankie. (You'll see when you play).

Additional Credits to   : All the guys who produced DOOM and the many
                        : great tools I have used, of course.
                        : Also, to all the people who have made me ENJOY
                        : the thought of killing !  You know who you are.
                        : So I do this instead, lucky you ! (For now).


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1
Single Player           : Yes (Fairly easy).   ;)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (Much too easy).
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (Yes yes yes yes).
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None
New weapons             : Yes         <---- <---- LOOK

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.

Editors used            : DCK 2.2, DEUTEX V3.4, Picture Publisher 5.0,
                        : WinJammer, Cool Edit V1.31 , Gold Wave V2.10,
                        : MIDI2MUS, MUS2MIDI, TED 1.2, RMB V2.1 and some
                        : "homebrew" stuff.
                        : Also, WinDeu 5.23, which found a few errors that
                        : DCK couldn't see but it's generally too much bother
                        : working under windoze. About the only thing I've
                        : seen developed under windoze, is hype!

Known Bugs              : None, but really likes 8MB of RAM.
                        : (See Other considerations below).
                        : Tested with DOOM 2 (1.666), 50MHz 486, 8 MB &
                        : a 33MHz 486 , 4MB RAM, null modem.

Time                    : Mucho clock ticks. (Time sucks)!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
(It's mine, mine, mine, MINE, I tell you!)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include all files, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this WAD file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include all the files

This is the ideal file to improve your upload/download ratio. :)

Also, not essential, I WOULD appreciate a copy of any catalogue,
shareware compilation etc. that includes or mentions this wad.

* Where to get this WAD *

You've got it! (Try some BBS in Ballarat).
If you haven't got it, then send me $100 and I'll send you a copy. ;-{)>

*********************   How to use this WAD.   ************************

All the files need to be in the same directory as DOOM2.EXE and DOOM2.WAD.
You will need about 5MB free disk space as a temporary .WAD file has to
be made. This file is named DELETEME.WAD and it can be deleted to recover
disk space after you have finished playing.

To start playing run the batch file RUNME.BAT by entering RUNME at the DOS
prompt and pressing enter.

To play nullmodem deathmatch enter: 
                SERSETUP -file DELETEME.WAD -deathmatch -comX

after you have used RUNME.BAT or DeuSF to build DELETEME.WAD.
The comX part refers to either com1 or com2 if your using a serial connection.

The files you should have are:
        GSD2E1M1.TXT            : The file you are reading. (Yes this one)!
        GSD2E1M1.WAD            : The base .WAD file.
        RUNME.BAT               : A batch file to build the playable .WAD.
        DEUSF.EXE               : The program that does the building.

This does not alter DOOM2.EXE or DOOM2.WAD in any way.
After playing you can delete DELETEME.WAD to recover disk space as you
only need to run RUNME.BAT to rebuild it at a later date.
You need to keep GSD2E1M1.WAD.

The .WAD that is actually used is DELETEME.WAD, so that's what you must pass
to doom or sersetup with the -file command line entry.

Just in case you lose RUNME.BAT, the command needed to build a playable

        DEUSF -sprites -add GSD2E1M1.WAD DELETEME.WAD

If you wish to keep these files in another directory, you will have to
modify RUNME.BAT.

*************************       Hints.          ***********************

Although this is a large area, the map room will help you pinpoint
the other players location. When a player dies, that area of the map will
remain lit.
To reset the map to all off, just walk over the areas of the map you want
to switch off. If the other player is moving he will soon show up on the map.

*************************  Other considerations.  **********************

If doom kicks you out with something like:

Z_Malloc: Failed on allocation of xxxxxx bytes

Then this means that you don't have enough free memory, even though
doom thought you did when it started.

The 4MB machine I tested with announced :
DPMI memory: 0x1e8000, 0x1c8000 allocated for zone.
(Press F5 when DOS is starting, then load mouse driver and run doom).
This never crashes.

This only seems to happen with 4MB of RAM when you try to load a saved game
after dying or get into a really congested (the library) area.
My guess is that doom is not freeing some of its memory BEFORE trying to 
re-allocate it under some circumstances.
I don't consider this a bug in my wad, I consider it a bug in doom.

I reason as follows:
If doom allows you to start then it must think you have enough RAM.
If doom later crashes due to lack of RAM then it was WRONG.
When a program is wrong, it's a bug.

Some suggestions are:
Make sure you have the maximum free RAM possible, don't try to reload a
saved game after dying until all signs of disk and other activity have
ceased, save often.
The best suggestion that I have for you is: GET MORE RAM !!

I have put a major effort into making this wad as smooth as possible when
running on a 4MB machine. comparing it to other wads that I have, I must
say that I am quite happy with the results, speed wise.

This is actually the smoothest wad, of reasonable complexity, that I have
played. Of course I haven't played them all, but I have played 4 CDs worth.
This is not all due to me. Quite a bit of the credit must be given to
the tools that I have used.


New weapon:

Yes, you have a new weapon. It is the beta release of the "MK 1a, mothers
little helper" child trainer and wife pacifier. Like all the really good
things in life, it comes completely without any warranty.
Use it entirely at your own risk. (Just like software only harder).

New graphics:

You'll know em when ya see em. (Anyone speak German)?
The sky. (Oh my God, it's full of stars...) 
(And ... there's NOT four of everthing).

New sounds:

Some monster sounds have been changed. Inverter whine and discharge sounds
for "Mothers little helper".
Plasma gun has gone hi tech. (I found the sound of the original annoying).

New music:

I would like to give credit for this but I don't know where it's from.
It was a MIDI file on a CD with no info. Anyway, it fits nicely.


If you enjoy this wad, then please let me know. Feel free to send money,
a postcard, money, a note, a complaint, money, etc.

But I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE some feedback, c'mon, just a short note?
I'd like to know how far away from home this gets.

If you're outside Australia, how about a small coin for my collection ?

If you think it sucks, then let me know too. (And why).


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