This is a map I made after playing a Helm's Deep map for Counter-Strike. As far as looks go, I based on pretty much entirely on the CS map (which w...

Helm's Deep
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Date Completed         : Feb. 23, 2002
 July 19, 2003 (rerelease)
Title                  : Helm's Deep
Filename               : helmsdeep.wad
Other Works            :
Author                 : Cyb

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : This is a map I made after playing a Helm's Deep map for 
 Counter-Strike.  As far as looks go, I based on pretty much 
 entirely on the CS map (which was pretty accurate as far as 
 I know).  In terms of gameplay, don't expect the marines to 
 kill everything for you, you still have a lot of killing to 
 do yourself.  Also, the level will slow down at a few points, 
 so be warned.  If you have a lower end machine it may beg 
 for mercy if you try and play this.

Notes/Credits       : The jerk stores in #doom for playtesting and stuff, Randy for 
 ZDoom, id for Doom, etc etc.  Rimmer improved my brick texture 
 a bunch and Ling made some useful scripting suggestions.
 The new textures are based off one from a texture pack called 
 deConstruct by stecki which you can download (the Doom version 
 anyway) here:
 You need ZDoom 2.0 to run this.  Not sure of the oldest version 
 that'll run it, so just get the latest one from


* Play Information *

Game                    : zdoom.exe with doom2.wad (ZDoom 2.0)
Level #                 : map01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

New Sounds              : just one (the horn)

New Graphics            : Yes, a few textures
New Music               : Requiem for the Ring (Requiem for a Dream remix)
  Though it's a 2meg ogg file, so I decided for the 
  sake of our 56k friends to put it in another file.
  Download which should be in the same 
  directory as this file.

* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch

Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor, Warm, Wintex, PSP, various text editors

Build time              : Uhh, like a week or two.
Known Bugs              : Don't kill the green demon, though it's not possible 
  without a projectile weapon which you won't have at 
  that point.  Like I said, the map will slow down at a 
  few points.  I've done my best to make it playable most 
  of the time, but your results will vary.
Fixes (7/19/03): Corrected the slope things which were put in at a time 
  when they were incorrectly implimented in ZDoom.  Aligned 
  a texture or two and added a slient soundseq for a moving 
  ceiling.  Also fixed a few text file errors and updated 
  some info (zdoom url for instance).

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You may distrubute this file in any format (CD ROM, BBS, whatever) provided
that you include all files included in your distribution (as in, this text file).

Helm's Deep (MAP01)

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Co-op Spawns
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