Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM2

Hole in the Sky
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** RELEASE:  2/25/95 **
** Hole in the Sky -- for DOOM ][ **

This is a medium-sized, yet complex wad for DOOM ][, with excellent single 
play, but designed from the beginning with deathmatch in mind ( 3 or more 
players ).  Two player deathmatch is more of a hunting match in this level 
(for those who love nothing better than killing).  It should also make a 
good co-operative game.  The 4 starts are in, but co-op is as of yet 

If you're interested, read on.

Title                    : Hole in the Sky
Filename                 : sky1.wad
Author                   : Michael Novak
Email Address            : <email removed>
Discription              : PWAD for DOOM ][.  I firmly believe that
                           the wad is definitely id-quality play.  It was
                           tailor made for deathmatch, yet gives excellent
                           single player play.
Additional Credits To    : id software (duh!!), the DEU team (still waiting
                           for 5.3), and the authors of BSP, and RMB.
                           **   Beta testers who sent feedback:   **
                           Craig Bates             David J Horn
                           G.A. Joiner             Gary Laledotrin
                           Laan M                  Patrick A Friedl
                           R.J. Dignall            Zach Esler
                           Ty Halderman (excellent comments)
                           Thomas Spaulding (for haloween.mid)
                           **       I appreciate your help        **

* Play Information *

Level #                  : Map01
Single Player            : Yes, excellent and challenging play... three keys
                           used independantly.
Cooperative 2-4 player   : Yes, but untried.
Deathmatch 2-4 player    : DEFINATELY!!! -- that was the original purpose
                           of this wad, but it eventually grew up into an
                           excellent single player wad as well.  But, as I
                           stated earlier 2-player is more of a hunt.
Difficulty settings      : Yes... lets see if you're badd enough to handle
                           Ultra Violence on single player without cheats.
New Music                : The theme from the Halloween movies!!
                           For best results turn your sound fx down quite
                           a ways, and turn the music all the way up.
Demos replaced           : Demo included in the zip, but not in the .wad file.

* Construction *

Base                     : Original
Editor(s) used           : DEU, BSP, RMB
Known Bugs               : There was an occasional visplane overflow error
                           in the first room, but I think I've taken care of
                           it.  If it creeps up again, let me know.
Build Time               : Don't ask.  Alot.

* Copyright Permissions *

You are free to distribute this in any electronic form you wish, as long as
the level and text file are distributed together, and unaltered.  You may
include this on a CD, as long as you are not charging money for the contents,
only manufacture.  You may not make modifications to the level without my
permission, but you are free to include it in a multi-level wad, so long
as this file is included as well.

* Where to get this WAD *


More thorough discription:

        This level was initially designed with deathmatch in mind.  It is a
combination of two large seperate rooms, separated by intricite passageways,
and medium sized junctions.  Alot of attention was payed to textures and
layout.... As far as I know, there are no horribly mis-aligned textures, and
absolutely no HOM or Medusa effect.
        Initially on single player mode, you will start out in the center
of one of the largest rooms.  There are a *large* number of monsters on the
level to wreck havoc (deathmatch or no).  Don't be surprised if once you
clean a room out, its once again filled with monsters upon your return.
        Difficulty settings are implemented, and on deathmatch, there are
about a dozen more monsters to contend with than single player, and all
the weapons are available in multiple spots.  In single player mode, the
only weapon unavailable is the BFG.
        For those who don't believe the level is beatable (an accusation
from a few beta testers), check out the demo I included.  But if you want
the fun of discovering the secrets, and how to win by yourself, don't
watch the demo until after you've beaten the level.

** what I'm looking for **

First of all, any bugs you might find.
Secondly, I'd like a lmp of some brave netter beating the level on UV.
          I'd also like to see a 4-player deathmatch lmp if possible.
and **FEEDBACK**
to <email removed>


BTW, I am also seriously considering putting together a complete, 30-level
wad for DOOM ][  (with this wad included).  If you have authored any wads you 
feel would be a good addition, e-mail it to me.  If you know of any other 
wads that are "excellent", please give me an ftp location for them.

All levels need to be reasonable in size to allow deathmatch (hopefully no
larger than this one), and designed -well-.  Hopefully alot of attention paid 
to textures, and the look and feel of the level.  I have no objections to 
additional graphics, and additional music as long as the DOOM ][ wad file 
need not be modified to accomodate the changes.

If you're willing to contribute to this effort, send me some e-mail.

Michael Novak
<email removed>


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