??This is my THIRD fully working Doom level. ??The SECOND standard level! Set in an old abandoned mansion, you enter into the house as a hired dete...

Home By The Sea V.1.2
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General Information
Title:                  Home By The Sea V.1.2
Filename:               Home12.wad
Author:                 John Adlington
Email Address:          <email removed>
Misc Author Info:       I am the maker of the following titles:-
�Brixton (Deathmatch)�
�Odyssey (Level)     �

�The above address is for my school so if you do send
me anything please put FAO John Adlington in

�A New Version of Odyssey is Coming Soon for 486's!

Description:            �This is my THIRD fully working Doom level.
�The SECOND standard level!

Set in an old abandoned mansion, you enter
into the house as a hired detective looking for
an important manuscript.

But the problem is that there are rumors that
monsters have overtaken the old mansion.

Picking up your pistol and leaving your office,
YOU (Private Dick/Family Man) say, "To hell with
the rumours."  What a guy!

As you arrive at the mansion you see a dazzling
light show outside through the windows.  You know
something is in there but you want the money you're
being paid, so sod 'em.

The final words as the door closes behind you can
heard for miles:  "Oh, bugger," And there you begin.

Additional Credits:     �The makers of DEEP.  ID for DOOM & DOOM ][.
�Plus my beta testers.  All Daniel Bromley of them.
Without constructive criticism this wad would be
much, much worse...  Or maybe the same.
�And PC Gamer for publishing my previous WADs.
�Thanks to Ivan Hosgood.  You finally left! :)


* Play Information *

Game                    :  Doom ][
Episode and Level #     :  Map 01
Single Player           :  Yes, of course.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :  Yes, but it will not be any different to normal
   play.  (Even if co-op was easier, you still
   seem to lose more energy.)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   :  Yes, but not recommended.
Difficulty Settings     :  Yes*
New Sounds              :  Yes, just a few new effects, this makes the WAD
   file a lot larger.
New Graphics            :  Yes, the titlepic and the sky texture.
New Music               :  Yes, Home By The Sea.
Demos Replaced          :  1, just me showing how to do the first part
   before stupidly killing yourself.

*NOTE:  �The medium difficulty level is hard enough for very good doom
�If you are one of those 'demi-gods' then HARD is for you.  This is
missing some of the key power-ups and is much harder.
�Medium was designed with a good player in mind, if you are
nowhere near good enough to even last 5 seconds, then its easy I'm
afraid. :(  This has a few extra power-ups and much less enemies.
**      �I finished the level on medium "just".
* Construction *

Base                    :  New level from scratch.
Build Time              :  A stupidly long time.
Completion Date         :  First version completed 23 October 1996 22:38
Editors used            :  Deep 8.35
   NWT 1.3
   Paint Shop Pro V.4
Known Bugs              :  �1, when you leave the maze you may stop to look
   at a HOM which chops off the top of the inside
   walls.  This is caused by the different heights
   of the sectors.  Nothing major.
                           �Apparantly there is a HOM at a certain secret
                           part in the maze.  I cannot tell you where it
                           is because then it would defeat the object.
                           �No other known bugs.

VERSION 1.01:   �Took out a fairly stupid sound for the switch.
�Added a new sky texture.
�Replaced In The Air Tonight mus file with Home By
The Sea mus file.
VERSION 1.21:   �The room with the teleporter allowed you to teleport
4 times instead of once so I intergrated it into
the wall.
�You could get trapped inside 2 secret rooms (including
the one with the teleporter), but now you can
get out.
�Added a little scenery.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, and
Home12.wad with no modifications.  You may distribute this file
in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you
include this file intact & unaltered.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional

* Disclaimer *

The author of this wad is NOT responsible for any damage caused by
the use or OVER-USE of this wad!

* Where to get this WAD *


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