of the Wad * Homicide is a medium-sized, well designed Deathmatch level with new sound and textures. It was laid out on paper 3 times before I even...

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HOMICIDE . . . The Ultimate Deathmatch Level for the SERIOUS frag-master.

Title                   : Homicide
Filename                : Homicide.Wad
Author                  : Dan McAleese 
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : * Waddboy sits at home and makes wads.
    That's what he DOES!!!  That's ALL he DOES!!!
    He's not going to stop until he FINDS you, and
    when he does he's gonna cram his freakin' wad
    right down your throat!!!
Foreword                : * There are a lot of Wads out there. . . but which
    ones to download?  By now you must be gutsick of
    looking at those kindergarden wads - the ones 
    where some dweeb stumbled onto a map editor and
    started slapping some rooms together.  Or the 
    infamous "myhouse" wads (WHY does EVERYONE think
    I want to play in a wad designed to look like 
    their freakin' house!?!?!?)  I just don't get
    people sometimes.  Anyway, read on. . .

Description of the Wad  : * Homicide is a medium-sized, well designed  
    Deathmatch level with new sound and textures.
    It was laid out on paper 3 times before I even
    picked up the mouse, and it is chock FULL of
    cool places to murder people.  There are features
    you won't find in ANY other wad!!!  Just look:

    *** Visit the Hall of Weapons, where you get
a -different- weapon each and every time
you go there!!!

    *** Search out and find the secret door leading
to Waddboy's patented LOCK-N-CRUSH control
panel!!!  Lock your enemies up and then 
taunt the hell out of them before you smash 
them to pulp!!!  Watch it all happen through 
the cool police-style one-way mirror!  Your
friends will HATE you!!!

    *** Go up top, where you get a glimpse of
Waddboy himself!

    *** Find the FREE CAN OF SPAM hidden in each
of Waddboy's wads!!!

    There is other stuff too.  In all modesty, the
    level REALLY is great for Deathmatch.  Lots of 
    great windows, sniper pads and murder holes -
    but not enough that it gets annoying.  It's 
    small enough to rack up the frags and sadistic
    in it's simplicity.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : * Map01 
Player 1                : * To look around and get familar with the level only.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : * Uh, umm. . . Let me think about it.  Uh, no.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : * Oh my God, Yes.
New Sounds              : * Yes
New Graphics            : * Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : Totally from scratch.
Editor(s) used          : WADED (love it - can't get away from it)
  Wintex, Paint Shop Pro

Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  If you toss it on a CD or something, just toss me
a copy.

* Final Words *

If you like this level, PLEASE do not forget to tell me.  This is my
first submission to this site, and I would love ALL feedback.

Send all fan/hate mail to:  <email removed>


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