Hongkong Handover Ceremony (version 2)
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Title                   : Hongkong Handover Ceremony (version 2)
Filename                : hongkong.WAD
Date                    : 11/3/98
Author                  : Chris Lloyd
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Academic mathematician working at the
                          University of Hong Kong, with 2 kids,
                          and old enough to know better. Oh yeah
                          I'm an Aussie.
Additional Credits to   : Jason Hoffoss writer of Dpamedit
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes. About 6.
New Graphics            : Yes. 21 new textures and 9 new flats
New Music               : Yes.
* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Dmapedit, dmgraph, deutex, Paintshop-pro
                          Lviewpro, mid2mus, wave studio
Known Bugs              : Sometimes the monsters don't attack. Why
                          does this happen bright guys?
Textures: Mainly doom2 textures recoloured and recontrasted in
paintshop-pro. I also pasted some Quake demons on the doors. The sky is
my own. The discerning punter will notice the Southern Cross in the
sky. Spot the Aussie. The dragon I pulled off a dungeons and dragons
website. These are great sources of graphics.

Sounds: Some quake sounds, the heretic switch sound, ambient thunder.
The wolf howl is a real arctic wolf. The jibberish is Darth Vader
speaking backwards. It actually almost sounds like "Are you dead yet?"
in Cantonese.

Music: Used on level 11 of the Darkening (darken.wad at ftp.cdrom).
I believe this music is originally from Mortal Kombat.

Changes from version 1: Many new textures and everything has been
combined into the one wad (since I now know how to use deutex). The
monsters are harder, there are quite a few architectural changes.
The visiplanes overflow problem of version 1 has been pretty much
fixed. But if you run like hell to the wrong spot and look in the
wrong direction it shouldn't happen.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Do whatever the hell you like with this. Curse it. Corrupt it.
Re-release it with bugs and say Chris Lloyd did it. I don't care.


Your mission is to rid Hongkong of the corrupting influence of PLA
operatives, fight your way to the Xinhua central headquarters,
and destroy the sucker... If you are expecting the wad to have any
resemblance to this story you will be disappointed. I just thought
it up as a bit of a joke.

Other wads by me:
insanity - INSANITY. The first wad I uploaded. It has some flaws but
           it does feature the shrink ray, later put into Hotel Hell.
     sh5 - SLAUGHTER HOUSE 5 (a sci-fi book by Kurt Vonnegut before he
           became `serious'). Six levels but they are not that great.
           I was just learning and experimenting with all sorts of ideas.
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           almost flawless and a pretty excellent level. The highlight
           of the level is a shrink ray! Check it out!
 deliver - DELIVERANCE. I haven't released this yet. If you would like a
           preview copy email me.

Best wads I have found at ftp.cdrom:
   accursed - by <email removed>
   artifact - by Paul Smidt (<email removed>??)
      altd2 - alternate doom
   skyewood - by Steve Rescoe (just for the graphics)
   darkcvnt - Dark Covenant
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    inner_o - this absolutely rules

There is a really excellent website
which reviews about 100 of the best wad (in the opinion of the
owner Bernard Devaux). Every wad I have downloaded on his
recommendation was worth the trouble so don't waste your time
mining the internet yourself. Trust Bernie.

If you are really lacking a life, why don't you visit my homepage
where you will find my wads (of course), a science fiction story
by your truly, and a text book I wrote on mathematical statistics
soon to be published by Wiley and Sons (Jesus I'm embarassed).

Final comment: I reckon that Doom2 is much better than Quake. Not that
Quake is bad. Doom just has an excellent feel. And the Quake levels that
I have downloaded are absolutely hopeless. ID should bring out Doom3,
with some new textures and monsters. Hey. Drop me an email if you enjoyed
this and we can swap some more wads. Better still, I would like to build
a wad jointly with someone.


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