Hotel Hell(version 5,16/1/98)
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Title                   : Hotel Hell(version 5,16/1/98)
Filename                : hotelhel.WAD
Author                  : Chris Lloyd
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Academic mathematician working at the
                          University of Hong Kong, with 2 kid
                          and old enough to know better. Oh yeah
                          ...I'm an Aussie.

Additional Credits to   : Jason Hoffoss writer of Dmapedit

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes, several
New Graphics            : Just the sky
New Music               : Yes. Led Zep rules. 

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Dmapedit, dmgraph, deutex
Known Bugs              : Computer may hang on exit from saved UV.
Size                    : Very bloody big
Version 5               : Changes:
                           (i) Minor architectural and cosmetic
                          (ii) level progression more obvious
                         (iii) hidden doors invisible on automap
                          (iv) tougher monsters and placement
                           (v) New sounds, music and textures in main wad

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may do whatever the hell they like with this. What can I do about it?
Do I really care? Please email with comments. The biggest buzz about making
WADS is hearing from the heaps of people who are playing it. Hey, I'm pretty
isolated out here in China - drop us a line!

Earth leadership are holding a strategy meeting at the Hellton Hotel.
At the conclusion of the summit the President addresses the nation.
Unfortunately, he has turned into a Chaingun Sarge!

The entire hotel has become hopelessly enmeshed within an interdimensional
warp linking it with Hades, whose minions can often see you well before
you see them. A teleporter in the hotel lobby is the focus of the
warp and if you can step through it the warp will collapse returning
all to normal space. Your mission is to find the three keys that unlock
the force fields protecting the teleporter.

Secrets: 6
Keys: All 3 required, at least now that I fixed the bug they are.
      They are located pretty much at opposite ends of the map.
Weapons: All 6 are there if you look
Features:   (i) Invisible walls
           (ii) Walls that become passable and then solid again.
                Hint: You can tell their state by their appearance
          (iii) Bars that go from solid to passable
           (iv) A shrinking teleporter!
            (v) Sectors that appear to be beneath other sectors
           (vi) Lighting that follows you along hallways
          (vii) Switches that appear where none were before
Difficulty: I think it is pretty hard on HMP but then I will never
            win any Doom tournament. There is plenty of health and ammo
            but virtually none is in plain view. There are three soul
            spheres, an invulnerability sphere and 2 mega armors so
            make sure you find them. This is a quality level, which
            took an incredible amount of time to build. Enjoy it!

Queries for the clever: I have three problems in designing wads.
           1. In outside areas you often get an awful sky shimmer,
              expecially when the floor is uneven. So if you wanted
              to have our hero outside sitting on a hill side then
              forget it.
           2. For big levels you can't save when playing doom. This
              seems to depend largely on the number of objects in
              the level. It doesn't depend on how much of the level
              explored. Hotel Hell is pretty sparse in objects for
              this reason.
           3. I have problems making demos. A little way into replay
              the key movements seem to get out of synch and our hero
              starts acting like an idiot. Stop press: Apparently there
              is no solution to this except to make short demos.
           If you can solve any of these problems, email me! Better
           still, isn't there a doom builders newsgroup or web page
           collecting all this sort of information? If there is then
           I haven't found it.

Other WADs by CJL:
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            hongkong            (1 level)     hongkong.wad    10/11/97

This level includes a large area from "insanity", my favourite room from
the first level of "slaughter house 5" and another one from the second
level of the latter.

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which has the best 100 wads ever made. Includes this wad!


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