House DM for Final Doom
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Title                   : House DM for Final Doom
For                     : Final Doom - TNT (house.wad)
Date Finished           : I can't remember
Author                  : William Lawson
E-mail Address          : <email removed>
Website Address: (Please surf using MS Internet Explorer 3.0)
Misc. Author Info       : Maker of CYBER2.WAD and the upcoming DEMON.WAD
Description             : A house that I made up from scratch. It is not based
on any real house but it is quite detailed. There is a refrigerator
with icemaker and your pistol doubles as a garage door opener! Also, try swimming!
Additional Credits      : Geoff Allan(Maker of DOOMED), id and Microsoft for making the best OS ever
so I can run the all new DOOM95 and QUAKE when it comes. Also to id.

* Play Information *

Map                    : Map01
Single Player          : Good for exploring
Cooperative 2-4 Player : I suppose it must be really hard to battle one of each zombie and an aracnotron must be really hard?
Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : This is where this level comes in. However, multiplayer has not been tested
Difficulty Settings    : Not implemented

New Sounds             : No
New Graphics           : Many. Also look for the trees patch when it comes out
Demos Replaced         : Not Yet

* Construction *

Base:                  : New level from scratch 
Build Time             : Dunno

Editor(s) used         : DoomEd 4.2

Known Bugs             :Well there's a HOM effect but that is on purpose. It is in the pond.

Special Features       : Your pistol is a garage door opener and the windows are made of glass. Also, you can swim!

Where to find this wad : Internet -

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels provide you credit me with creating the original level and 
that you say the level you've made is a modified version of my 
original level and include a copy of this text file

Just let me know if there are any problems

Whatcha lookin down here for?.. Do you think I might have
something important left to say?

Well I don't..... So go away!!!

I mean it!... you'll find "nothing" at the end of this file.. So why
waste your time?

You are beginning to show signs of an inquisitive person...

Well then... Since you've followed this file so far down here.. I'll let you
in on a little secret...

I placed a hidden room just off the TV room of the main house. Go through
the wall that has the picture hanging behind the couch. Use it in deathmatch
to your advantage.

I'm going to place a false ending to this file at the end for people that
don't actually scroll through and just use the sidebar to get to the end..
(don't trust me.. Well then scroll away...)

Didn't I tell you that you would find NOTHING at the bottom of this file?...
Well... I didn't lie... So here it is....



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