This should have been one of the maps for the second episode of "Italian DooM", that at last was abandoned, because Buzzbomber never completed his ...

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Date Completed         : 20th November 2005
Date Updated       : 12th August 2008
Title                  : IMPerious
Filename               : imper.wad
Other Works            : Alien.wad (Alien Invasion);
 Alien2.wad (Alien 2 - The Revenge);
 Alien3.wad (Alien 3 - The last challenge);
 Outposth.wad (Outpost of Hell),
 Outpost2.wad (Outpost of Hell 2 - The fortress);
 ItDoom1.wad (Italian DooM - Episode 1: The Lost Colony);
 Runkill.wad (Run & Kill);
 Blitz.wad and Blitz2.wad;
 Ghosts.wad and some other WADs.
Author                 : Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Email Address          : <email removed>

Story                  : With a scarce amount of fuel, you have to stop your
 journey and land on this planet, that looks hostile,
 in order to find new fuel supply. Will you find it?

Description       : This should have been one of the maps for the second
 episode of "Italian DooM", that at last was abandoned,
 because Buzzbomber never completed his maps for it, as
 if he left the team without saying anything to me and
 It should have been the level set on Imps' planet.
 It is set in a sort of hellish temple or mausoleum,
 that actually contains not only sanctuaries, but also
 a crypt, a prison for all enemy visitors and strange
 pumps and machinery!
 The map can be divided into five sections:
 1) Atrium, a sort of large courtyard, in the centre;
 2) Sanctuaries, on the left in the Atrium;
 3) Prisons, after the Sanctuaries;
 4) Secret Compound, where these monsters hide
    misteryous pumps and machinery;
 5) Crypt, the most dangerous part of this temple.
 This map should have been part of a project by me and
 Tormentor667, who began the map (the first part, that
 is the Atrium, was made by him), but at last we abandoned
 that project for time reasons.
 Tricks and traps are few, but this doesn't mean that the
 level is a piece of cake! On the contrary the new Imps
 from the "Monster Resource .WAD" make this level really
 Enjoy the architecture of this level, unique in its theme
 and style!
 The .WAD contains ZDoom features, like additional
 monsters in DECORATE, and ACS Scripts, which make the map
 more interesting and funnier!
 So... you need ZDoom to play it!
 You need e2res.WAD, the resource pack of "Italian DooM
 - Episode 2: The Singulairty", to play it correctly.

Updates       : 1.1) I improved gameplay, by modifying the textures of
      some switches and by adding cameras and messages
      with ACS Scripts. I also added a new secret area.
      The placement of monsters and ammo was modified, as
      well as that of fuel supplies.
 1.2) Two new secret areas added.
 1.3) After 2 years since last update and almost 3 since
      date of completion, I kept almost everything as it
      was, but modified it to make it good enough as a
      single map, to be published alone with all the
      resource of the "Italian DooM - Episode 2: The
      Singularity" project: I removed the spaceship where
      the original start was and moved this in front of
      the temple; I changed the ending; I added some
      light sources; I modified balance of health and
      ammo; I fixed some minor bugs.
 1.4) fixed some bugs and modified few things according
      to Toranaga's suggestions after his beta-testing.

Statistics       : Vertexes: 11237
 Linedefs: 12759
 Sidedefs: 22921
 Sectors : 2066
 Things  : 871

Additional Credits to  : Id Software, for making Doom;
 Lorenzo "Toranaga" Davia, level-designer of the "Italian
 Team", for beta-testing and other help;
 Leonardo "BuzzBomber" Venturelli, level-designer of the
 "Italian Team", for the Zombie Imp and other things
 in the resource .WADs (mainly DECORATE stuff);
 Daniel Tormentor667 Gimmer, for the first part of this
 beautiful map (i.e. the Atrium).
 You, for downloading this .WAD. Thank you!


* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2 (ZDoom)
Level #                 : map01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : There are starts, all in the Atrium. The map
  wasn't designed for DM and wasn't tested for it.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

New Sounds              : No

New Graphics            : Yes, a lot! - In the resource .WAD.
New Music               : Yes (got_ds06.MIDI by Tolwynn)

Demos Replaced          : No. I'm waiting for your demos!

* Construction *

Base                    : Completely new level from scratch.

Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor;
  Wad eXtendable;

Build time              : I don't know! When I made this map, I didn't count
  how much time I spent on it!
Known Bugs              : You may experience some HOM effects near
  little polygonal sectors and light sources,
  but I am sure that I fixed all of them with
  BSP and Zennode. Should you find other
  errors please send me an e-mail!

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You may distrubute this file in any format(CD ROM, BBS, whatever)provided
that you include all files included in your distribution. 

Where to Get this wad:

The usual FTP archives

P.S.: I am an Italian student. If you find an error in these files written in
      English, send me an e-mail. Thank you!
P.P.S.: I like reading comments on my work. So send me e-mails with comments
on my levels!
IMPerious (MAP01)

IMPerious (MAP01)

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