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The ZDoom DeHackEd version of the popular Immoral Conduct. Doesn't contain reloading, and half the weapons are missing, but it's still a blast. -Wi...

Immoral Conduct - ZDoom Edition
1.2 MB
WAD Type
Immoral Conduct ZDoom
By Cory Whittle
<email removed>


ZDoom.exe -file icd-deh.wad

Add any extra parameters you usually use for deathmatch as you see fit.

Immoral Conduct was designed for deathmatch, and works with any retail Doom iwad
(Doom, DoomII, Final Doom, etc.), as long as you use ZDoom to play (obviously).


I needed to use a ton of frames, so I borrowed them from a number of Doom2 monsters.
Namely the Pain Elemental, Hell Knight, and most Zombie splatter / respawn frames.
What this means is that some monsters have no ressurect animations, and the zombies
all share the same splatter / respawn animation. Hell Knights look like Barons, and
Pain Elementals look like Cacodemons, and Wolfentstein guys look like troopers.
This is meant to be deathmatch only anyway, so the loss of certain monsters is not
a concern of mine.
I added a few little differences, so you can tell them apart: Pain Elementals are
smaller than cacodemons and slightly translucent. Hell knights look like mini-barons,
and barons themselves are taller. Wolfenstein guys react quicker, and move faster than
standard troopers as well. All the changed monsters still have their old sounds, though.


Immoral Conduct is an urban style deathmatch game. No plasma guns or hellish artifacts.
Stuff like Megaspheres, and partial invisibility haven't changed in function, but they
look more... "earthly".

Only weapons have changed for the most part, everything else (gameplay wise) has remained 
like traditional Doom.


 Powerful, quick action. Hold the attack button to make quick left jabs, or let go
 of the attack button to make a devastating right sweep. Extremely effective with Berserk.

-Combat Knife
 Very deadly, and can easily shred a cornered victim within seconds. Has a more consistant
 attack than the fists, but comparably powerful.

-Dual Wield .45 Pistols
 Tap the trigger for accuracy or go crazy up close.

-Pump Action Shotgun
 Slow action, but fires a very large spread of pellets. Use up close for insta-kills.

-Automatic Shotgun
 Fires a much smaller spread of pellets, but with a quick action to pick away your target.

-Uzi Submachine Gun
 Fires an accurate burst of 2, or an extremely fast spray of automatic. Use up close
 for best results.

-Grenade Launcher
 Shoots bouncy grenades that detonate on contact with people. Aim upwards to get
 more distance.

-Assault Rifle
 Can be used 2 ways. Tap the trigger for a very powerful accurate shot, or go automatic
 and tear the flesh off your target in seconds.

-Sniper Rifle
 Extremely powerful accurate shot, but a slow action. Only the healthiest and most armored
 can survive an attack from this weapon. Use with an FOV hack for zooming...


-Small Medikit (stimpack)

-Medium Medikit (medikit)

-Large Medikit (soul sphere)

-Large Medikit with Combat Armor (megasphere)
 Looks like a health box with blue armor next to it.

-Light Armor (green armor)

-Combat Armor (blue armor)

-Antibiotic Pill (health bonus)
 Looks like a rotating blue pill.

-Stamina Pill (armor bonus)
 Looks like a rotating green pill.

-Light Amp Goggles
 Looks more like goggles / headset now.


-Painkillers (invulnerability)
 Looks like a small pill bottle.

-Experimental Drugs (partial invisibility)
 Looks like a medicine bottle with a syringe.


There are no levels supplied with this.

If you want to make a level for Immoral Conduct, go ahead! Just try to keep with the theme;
that is, urban or light sci-fi style areas.

October 5, 2002
-started re-planning from scratch

October 7, 2002
-started the wad
-Added double pistols + sounds
-Added single pistol
-Added pump shotgun + sound
-Added assault rifle
-Added beginning animations for shotgun and single pistol
-tweaked durations of certain frames
-added preliminary uzi

October 8, 2002
-added uzi sound
-added sniper rifle + sounds
-added grenade launcher
-added beginning animation for double pistols
-added explosion
-added knife + sounds
-Added fists
-Managed decals per weapon

October 9, 2002
-Added a temporary sound for the 40mm grenade launcher...
 there must be a way to get a seperate bounce sound.
-Got the uzi animation perfect
-Slowed down the sniper rifle animation
-Added punch and radio sounds
-made the sniper sound louder
-made assault rifle shoot 4 shots instead of 3

October 10, 2002
-Added a different uzi sound
-changed the behavior of the 2 shotguns' attacks
-started adding item and weapon icons
-Added beginning animation for 40mm
-Added automatic shotgun
-Started adding blood and ricochet sounds to the wad
-Added some more sounds
-Began converting the dehacked patch to Bex format
-Began adding zdoom effects

October 11, 2002
-Fixed some stuff
-Miscellaneous tweaks
-Playtested with bots
-added very cool decals for bullet weapons
-lowered maximum ammo values slightly

October 12, 2002
-decreased rocket ammo by half
-added a few more ricochet sounds
-added some blood puddle sounds
-got ahold of zdoom five-teen beta
-fixed some bugs occurring in said beta (although found more...)

October 13, 2002
-added a new item respawn effect and sound
-added a powerup sound
-changed the health sound
-increased the speed and translucency of the teleport flash
-made doom1 play dsradio for chat sound
-added new menu sounds
-cleaned 7 megs out of the wad

October 17, 2002
-fixed bright soul sphere
-scaled some of the other powerups just a bit

October 23, 2002
-Worked on fixing the stealth hell knight bug, but still needs work
-Slowed down the action of the pump-shotgun slightly
-Tweaked animation of the automatic shotgun (and cycle rate)
-fixed animation of the assault rifle
-tweaked 40mm animation
-quickened the pistols' rack animation
-added more pistol ammo to start with
-made auto shotgun recoil a little more violent (even with the shoulder brace)
-increased initial punch speed just a fraction
-Fixed the stealth hell knight issue, now to work on the 3 zombies
-Fixed all the stealth monster problems. No mo crashy.
 Props to Enjay, for discovering this bug and telling me how to fix it.
-tweaked the shotgun decals
-changed the sniper rifle decals
-added a better(?) uzi noise
-changed the look of the auto-shotgun (possibly temporarily)
-reduced pain radius of the ricochet sparks
-increased speed on bullet decal fade out

October 24, 2002
-Decreased Assault Rifle delay by one tic
-Gave monsters enhanced bullet decals
-Made sure zombieman and shotgun guy use the new weapon sounds
-Made the cyberdemon shoot railgun blasts instead of grenades
-Decreased dimensions of the bullet puff and spark things
-Made a custom decal for the cyberdemon's railgun blasts
-Changed some of the multiplayer death obituaries
-Changed the health and armor pickup sounds

October 25, 2002
-Changed all the pickup sounds around a little bit

October 30, 2002
-Changed the auto-shotgun even more... now for the load animation

October 31, 2002
-Enhanced a lot of the monsters to make them more of a threat in single player
 -They have faster projectiles and less reaction time, some are also faster, and
  have faster attacks
-Gave the shotguns better flash frames
-Scaled down the pain elemental a bit so it looks a bit different than the cacodemon
-Changed DSSAWIDL to DSNULL and subsequent sndinfo entries as well

November 3, 2002
-Vice City hasn't arrived in the mail yet (I H8 CANADA!!!!), so I worked on this a bit..
-Added a better sprite for the "experimental drugs" item

December 27, 2002
-Seeing as how I want to release this soon, I started working on it again:
-Changed the intro animation for the automatic shotgun. It's not great, but it will do.
-Removed some unused sprites and sounds.
-Renamed grenade launcher sound + sndinfo entry
-Used the better pistol clip sprites from icd-se.
-Used the newer grenade launcher with doomguy hands from icd-se.
-Removed a bunch more unused sprites.
-A couple little tweaks re: the ssg animation
-Changed the ssg icon
-Made the pump shotgun select slower
-cleaned 1.3 mb out of the wad
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