It's a small map where you have to kill an assload of imps with each weapon. The more you kill (and the more you kill at once) the higher your score!

Imp Arena
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Date Completed         : December 10, 2003
Title                  : Imp Arena
Filename               : imparena.wad
Other Works            :
Author                 : Cyb

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : It's a small map where you have to kill an assload of imps 
 with each weapon.  The more you kill (and the more you kill 
 at once) the higher your score!

Notes/Credits       : It's pretty simple, just kill lots of imps and don't die.
 You have to get your kills to a certain number before you 
 get the next weapon (and lose your old one).  Here's the 
 0 - Pistol (start weapon)
 5 - Chainsaw
 10 - Bezerk Fist
 25 - Shotgun
 50 - Chaingun
 75 - Super Shotgun
 100 - Rocket Launcher
 150 - Plasma Rifle
 200 - BFG
 After you get the BFG you'll be on your own until you get 
 500 or more kills (depending on how many imps your last 
 BFG ball kills) at which point you'll die and see your 
 score and kill stats.
 The imps will drop three at a time with decreasing amounts 
 of seconds between drops.  Also when the imps drop you will 
 get some health.  Until you get the super shotgun you'll be 
 given medkits.  After that you'll get stimpacks.  Once you 
 get the BFG you'll get no health, so you'll have to work with 
 what you have left.
 Your score is the sum of your kills (which are displayed at 
 all times on the screen) plus additional points for special
 kills.  Special kills are as follows:
 2 kills in a second - Double Kill
 3 kills in a second - Multi-Kill
 4 kills in a second - Ultra-Kill
 5 kills in a second - Monster Kill
 In case you can't figure it out, those are from Unreal 
 Tournament, and the sounds and messages are played.  The 
 points you get for a special kill depend on the weapon 
 you make the kill with and go as follows:
     Pist Saw Fist SG CG SSG RL PR BFG
  DK   10   5   5   4  3   2  1  1  1
  MK   25  20  15  10  5   5  2  2  1
  UK   50  50  25  15 10   7  3  3  2
 MoK  100 100  50  20 15  15  5  4  2
 So in addition to the kills, for every (for example) 
 double kill you make with the shotgun you will get 
 four additional points added to your score.  You won't
 be able to see your score until the very end when you 
 Also note it's important that you don't hit respawn once 
 you die because then the level will restart and you won't 
 get to see your awesome score.

Thanks to:
- Randy for ZDoom
- Epic for UT, which I grabbed a couple sounds from
- id for Doom (dur) and Q3 which I also stole sounds from
- Ling, Arioch, Isle, and Squid for testing

* Play Information *

Game                    : zdoom.exe 2.0.55 at least is required, so if you don't have 
  that or higher, go upgrade:
  Aside from that you need a Doom2 or Final Doom IWAD (all three 
  work fine).
Level #                 : map01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No (maybe I'll add coop support in the future)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Nope

New Sounds              : Yes, announcer sounds

New Graphics            : No
New Music               : 'Far From Nowhere' by Fat Warrior

* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch

Editor(s) used          : Wadauthor, XWE, FLAC, UltraEdit

Build time              : Not very long, a few hours total over 2+ weeks

Known Bugs              : Should be good

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level and/or scripts as a base to build additional levels 
as long as you give me some credit in your text file.

Authors may use the resources in this wad as long as you give the original 
author(s) credit.

You may distrubute this file in any format (CD ROM, BBS, whatever) provided
that you include all files included in your distribution (as in, this text file).

Imp Arena (MAP01)

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