You wake up in the middle of a prison, somewhere in the far reaches of Hell. Can you stay alive long enough to escape? With several ambushes and a...

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Filename                : stvcage.wad
Date                    : 07/11/96    
Title                   : Imprisoned!
  Copyright @1996 by Steve Wilson

Author                  : Steve Wilson

E-mail Address          : <email removed>

Other Files by Author   : stvdm.wad - great Deathmatch levels

Additional Credits      : My family and girlfriend for their patience.
: Al Howe and Billy "Blaze" Price for helping me
  playtest these and all my other levels. 
: All the authors for all the editors and other
  utilities I used for creation.
: Everyone at Id Software for allowing people like
  me to create my own world!  Not to mention a great

Description             : You wake up in the middle of a prison, somewhere  
  in the far reaches of Hell.  Can you stay alive
  long enough to escape?  

  With several ambushes and a maze-like layout,
  you'll have fun figuring out where everything goes,
  especially if you find some of the secrets.
  Its appearance ranks a 7.

  Try starting with just the pistol and see how far
  you can get.  On Ultraviolence, it ranks a 7 for
  hardness.  I can do it with 3 100%'s and GOOD 
  health and armor in about 40 minutes.

  This level is a great 1-player, co-op, and
  deathmatch level.  It's a little big for 2-player
  deathmatch though.

Instructions            : Put STVCAGE.WAD in your DOOM 2 directory, type
  "doom2 -file stvcage.wad -warp 1 -skill <#>"
  Yes, it really is that easy!                                

Disclaimer              : I'm sorry if these levels cause you any problems,
  but I'm not responsible for any problems you might
  experience related to the use of these levels.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map01
Single Player           : Yes          : Tested fully
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes          : Tested fully
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes          : Tested fully
Difficulty Settings     : All
New Music               : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
Demos Replaced          : No

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : 2-3 months 
Editor(s) used          : DoomEd for sector creation until it started crashing
  DMapEdit for everything else 
Other Utilities         : DOOM II by id Software
  RMB 2.1 by Jens Hykkelbjerg (made them faster)
  NWT 1.3 by TiC (exporting and importing music)
Known Bugs              : None  :)


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this WAD as inspiration for other WADs, but you may NOT 
modify this WAD.  If you think any changes need to be made, please Email me 

If you distribute this WAD, you MUST distribute this WAD with NO 
modifications, and with this text file included.  You MUST distribute these 
files, in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc), for NON-PROFIT 
purposes. (For instance, you may include it on a CD that comes free with a 
book or magazine.) 

You MAY NOT distribute this WAD on any commercially released CD collection,
any shareware CD, or any other CD for which you charge a fee of any
sort without my prior permission.


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-  Be careful, there's a lot of bad WADs out there, good luck.


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