Theme changes dramaticly from level to level, ie. E1M4 is completely "clean". E1M6 used to be nice little nuclear town before hell broke ...

Industrial Techware Doom-Part I ver 2.0
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E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9

      Industrial Techware Doom - Part 1            Version 2.0
      ITD.TXT                                November 20, 1997

    This is Part One of the Industrial Techware Doom ver 2.0

Title                   : Industrial Techware Doom-Part I ver 2.0
Filenames               : ITD.WAD
Author                  : Micah Harwell aka The Doctor
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Job: 3D Animator (3DS MAX kicks it!)
                        : Music taste: Techno, Industrial
Hardware Required       : You should have a Pentium 100 or faster,
                          especially for E1M7.  But you don't HAVE to..
Description             : Theme changes dramaticly from level to level,
                          ie. E1M4 is completely "clean".
                          E1M6 used to be nice little nuclear town before
                          hell broke lose...
Additional Credits to   : My good friend Brett who saw that I was spending
                          too much time making Wolfenstein-3D levels.
                          Rob Crawford for some helpful and very insightful
                          tips, suggestions, and also writing the ITD
                          story. To Jeff Kieke (<email removed>) for
                          creating ITD2 for Doom2 1.9.

Game                    : Ultimate Doom v1.9
Episode and Level #     : E1M1 - E1M9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, the levels have been play tested on a network
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, the levels have been play tested on a network
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes, E1M1 - E1M9
New Graphics            : Yes, but just a few
New Textures            : Yes, many new textures have been added
Demos Replaced          : Yes, demos are made for v1.9
                        : Yes, this line just looks good

Base                    : All new, all good.
Software used           : DETH 3.92 by Antony Burden & Simon Oke
                          DEUTEX 3.6 by Olivier Montanuy
                          ZENNODE .98a by Marc Rousseau
                          MIDI Orchestrator Plus by Voyetra
                          (for the music)
                          MIDI2MUS 2.04 by Digital Expressions Corp.
                          ENDOOMER v1.0.1 by Zink the Dink
                          MS-DOS 6.22 by Billy Bob Gates... >:-/
Known Bugs              : I'd love to say none, but there seems to be a
                          problem when going from E1M4 to E1M5.
                          Occasionally, some computers will freeze
                          up and display some funky junk on the
                          screen (actually this problem only exists
                          on my machine that I know of, it doesn't
                          happen on others I've played on). I'm
                          not sure why this problem exists, and I'm
                          trying very hard to correct it... Once this
                          problem happens, you must reboot your machine
                          to get it out.  So before you exit E1M4, save
                          the game, quit Doom, reload Doom, and then
                          load your saved game.

    If you aren't VERY good, then DON'T play on Ultra-Violence.  UV is
    designed to have a smegload of monsters.  It's tough even for me, and
    I'm the designer!  I know you will get frustrated if you keep dying
    on UV, but don't say it's my fault.

    Read the story. It makes everything fall into place.

    Most of the time, teleport senders are red and teleport recievers
    are white.  This is not always the case, occasionaly telports will
    both send and recieve.

    You don't have to kill all the enemies yourself, let them kill
    each other.

    Doors that require keys are well marked.  But remember which doors
    require which keys.  This will keep you from spending too much time

    Most secrets are either obvious, or in a place which would be a
    logical place for a secret.  You'll get the hang of it.

    Be perceptive and look at the AutoMap.  It can show details you
    wouldn't normally notice.

    Water doesn't hurt you.  Which makes sense.  However, in E1M9 there
    is a secret water processing room, in which you will get hurt, not
    because of the water, but because of the radiation to process the
    water in that room (if you go in, you better get out in a hurry...).
    For the same reasons, blood usually won't hurt you either.

    As you numbly awaken to the hiss of incoming air your mind fills with
the memories, and the expectations.  You, an ex-Space Marine, transferred
out several years ago to obtain a more scientific position--one with a
quickly rising company known as Industrial Techware, a company developing
software and hardware used in ongoing space exploration.  Having teamed
with UAC in a joint venture, it now had the funding to bring its focus on
its prime pinnacle--manned exploration of the Stars.
    And so was born Jump Station Alpha, a desolate planetoid manufactured
from asteroids, space debris, and bio-environments shipped from Earth.
Inhabited by scientists with one purpose--to build and launch the manned
vessel that would soon begin exploring the galaxy.
    Your destination.
    You'd wondered when your transfer would be granted--to be one of the
builders of the great vessel.  Meanwhile your co-workers, one after another,
got here before you, while you were left behind hearing and seeing the news
vids and ads proclaiming "Industrial Techware and UAC--Helping Humanity
Reach Tomorrow's Stars--Today!!"
    And then it came--the roster for the first crew to ship to Alpha for
the sole purpose of manning mankind's first ship to hit the stars.  Congrat-
ulations--you win!  And the last thing you recall, among the flurry of
vid-cameras and microphones, was the glass casing sealing you into suspended
animation for your two-year flight to Alpha.
    And by now the medics should have come, awakened hours ahead of you
and the rest of the crew for monitored awakening and help from the freeze-
tubes. But nothing's happening.
    You place your fingers against the plasti-glass hood, press up gently.
Nothing.  Feeling a panic rise up within you, you stab at the manual-open
button--no response.  Grasping for the emergency crowbar crowded in beside
you, you pound gently on the glass until a small crack appears, growing,
breaking the seal.
    As the hood snaps up with a whoosh you sit up to find the ship
deserted. One quick look confirms it all:  All other monitors show negative
vital signs.  No one left up here...except you.
    You glance out the port to see your destination floating peacefully
out there, getting slowly closer with each second.
    Bzzzzaap!!  You start around suddenly, the main screen coming alive
with an incoming message...
    On the screen you see a mass-confusion of flickering lights, your
former co-workers covered in blood and smashing machines and lab equipment.
A face appears, taking up the entire screen--it's Amos, eyes wide in sheer
terror, with one warning:  "Go back.  The teleporters have been going
berserk...  Don't let the ship take off, go back, goback, goBA--"
    The message is cut off as a fist appears out of nowhere, knocking the
man to the ground.  A twisted, ugly face appears for a moment, wearing a
sinister, gnarly grin.  "See ya soon," it says, then knocks the camera
off-line with a mighty CRACK!
    Adrenaline rushing through your veins, you start on the ship's
navigation system...You need to establish an orbit, need time to think...
    Words begin appearing, generated all by themselves, on your computer
    "NO CHOICE..."
    None of the manual helm instruments are functioning.
    Your altitude indicator becomes active, the numbers descending...
    "...AND THE VERTICAL..."
    One quick look out the port tells it all...The rock known as Jump
Station Alpha is coming at you fast.
    With one quick rush, no time to rethink, you grab for the nearest
service revolver and head toward the emergency teleporter.  In the midst of
the red battle-lighting and the hideous sound of emergency alarms it looks
    Swallowing hard you thrust yourself in...

E1M1-You hear an all-too-near explosion as the shuddering Entryway to Jump
Station Alpha appears, and an all-too-ready welcoming committee.  Your
mission here:  Obvious.  Stay alive.  And while your here, you might notice
some of the nice work Industrial Techware has put into this place to make it
more livable. Watch for signs leading to unexpected places.

E1M2-As you drop in from the aboveground exit you find yourself in a large
hall cut directly out of the floating rock.  You quickly notice others are
here as well...

E1M3-Out of the frying pan into the fire...No, really.  Welcome to Alpha's
Bio-Lab Complex.  Meant for different animal experiments in a deep-space
environment--come see what's growing down here now, like, say, the planetoid
itself?  You might also notice the temperature meets the action down here...

E1M9-If you've jumped into the right 'porter, you'll find yourself in a
regular armory.  There are lots of challenges awaiting you here, so look
alive, Marine, and trust your instincts.  You'll notice you've ended up
down-river from the water recycling center, with many places to see and
people (and other things) to do in...

E1M4-Next stop, the Command/Data Collection Complex.  Large places to store
much data as it is to come in from the Starship.  Only, other-lings from the
teleporters seem to have taken over the whole place--wonder if that explains
the turning of the giant reception-transmission dish turned directly toward
Earth, instead of the great beyond...(You'll also notice a small Water
Recycling plant behind the place...No drinking, and swim with caution...)

E1M5-Next stop, the Asteroid Mining/Fuel Refinery Center. Much nukeage.
High Technology.  Stay alive...

E1M6-From there we'll forage into the Nuclear Reactor Complex.  There's lots
to see in the Front Entrance to the facility, and a real reactor with real
signs and everything.  Just don't take too long to look, until, you know,
after you've made the place a little safer to breathe in.  And use your suits
                      -Rob Crawford

1.0  Initial release
    2. Levels included are e1m1-e1m4 and e1m9
1.1  :10-22-95
    1. Sounds are now clean (no pops or cracks)
    2. A couple of new Textures and Patches
    3. The old e1m1 was canned.  I made a newer one because the old
        one was not that fun.
    4. Some levels added to: 1. e1m2 - the room behind the RED key
                       door has added stuff.
                 2. e1m4 - better lighting effects
                 3. e1m9 - added area to get BFG!
                 4. e1m* - added entrance doors to all
    5. Texture alignment problems have been fixed, especially in
        areas with stairs.  Most fixes were in e1m2 and e1m9.
    6. Misc enhancements: torches, ammo for dif. skill levels, etc.
    7. The levels should run FASTER now.  I've used RMB on each one
        to speed up Doom's REJECT calculations.
    8. Of course the documentation has been modified too.
1.2  :1-14-96
    1. MUSIC for all the levels so far (e1m1-e1m5, and e1m9)
        it's all composed on a Sound Blaster AWE 32, so if you have
        one, you're in for a REAL treat.
    2. Everything is now in a single WAD - ITD.WAD instead of small
        individual WADs.
    3. All levels are Cooperative and Deathmatch tested on an IPX
1.3   :4-28-96
    1. Completely finished the e1m5 level.
    2. Added TITLEPIC and modified the STDISK graphics.
    3. Modified music for more variation.
    4. A few more TEXTURES and PATCHES placed in strategic positions.
1.4   :7-25-96
    1. Level e1m6 is done.
    2. Changed music on e1m9 to a more fast-paced song.
    3. Added some credit screens.
    4. Added the ITD.lmp just because I could.
    5. The UV and HMP skill levels are harder than before, they
        have more monsters.
    6. Added a few more guns and ammo, esp. in Muti-Player mode.
    7. Now using Zennode to construct NODES, BLOCKMAP, and REJECT.
    8. Rob Crawford wrote the ITD story, all levels have been modified
        to reflect details in the story.
    9. Keep a look at the guy in the status bar... expecially when
        you pick up a new weapon or you are getting hurt...
    10. There are now only two text files... the main ITD.TXT and
    11. Now using DEUTEX 3.6 as opposed to DEUTEX 3.4
    12. Main documentation is now called ITD.TXT
1.5   :internal release only
     1. Finished level e1m7.
     2. New level and music for e1m8.
     3. Texture corrections made in E1M2 and E1M5.
     4. Added ENDOOM resource.
     5. New Status Bar
     6. Added various ammo and health throughout the levels in multi-
        player mode for easier co-op play.
     7. Named all levels. (You can see the level names now in the
        intermission screen, but not on the AutoMap).
2.0   :11/20/97
Final Release
     1. All levels complete.
     2. All music complete.

    Thank you id Software.  Not for just making a wonderful game, but for
        also designing it with an open architecture.  And for
        making the SUPPORT3 texture, you'll be seeing a lot of it.
    Thanks to Antony Burden & Simon Oke for making DETH 3.92.  It is by
        far the BEST editor.  Period.
    Thanks to Autodesk 3D-Studio for allowing me to make some of the new
        wall textures (fans, etc.)
    Thanks to my friend Brett for getting me in to making these levels
        and out of the dark ages of Wolfenstein.
    Thanks to Rob Crawford for some very bizarre and creative ideas for
        some of the special effects.  And also for writing the ITD
        story that tells you what you need to know, and is
        entertaining also.
    Thanks to IBM for starting personal computing in the first place. And
        also for that nifty motherboard in the background of the
        end screen (let the demos play at the beginning to see it).
    Thanks to whoever I got the pictures from in the E1M7 picture
    To Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode, Recoil) for giving me something to
        listen to while making these infernal levels.
    To Matt Fell (writer of the Doom specs)
    To Hank Leukart (writer of the Doom FAQ)

Any PWAD (but not IWAD) author may use the work of any of the Industrial
Techware Doom levels with one condition: The author must give credit where
it is entitled.  Just use common sense.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include all files.  You may
distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc)
as long as you include this file intact.  Please update the FTP site and
BBS number lists appropriately.

* Where to get this PWAD collection *
FTP sites:          None yet.
BBS numbers:
World Wide Web:
            Check this out for the latest and greatest projects
            and such. Also, if you need to contact Industrial
            Techware, the web site is the best way.
email:              <email removed>
Snail Mail:         Industrial Techware
            in care of Micah Harwell
            8500 Kern Canyon Rd.  #24
            Bakersfield, CA  93306

Industrial Techware means many things to many people.  To some, it's a local
industrial/grunge band.  To others, it's a computer assembly/repair shop.
And a 3D animation studio.  And a techno group.  And a bunch of guys that
sit around and make Doom levels. Well, it's all of the above.
    Here are the members...

    Micah Harwell       aka       i387
    Brett Kieke         aka       Warlord
    Lucas Holowczak     aka       Luke
    Jeff Kieke          aka       Smegholio
    Bryan Elrod         aka       Colonblow

Depeche Mode is in no way related to this project or the music in it.

If my levels crash your system, it's not my fault. Play at your own risk!
    I haven't encountered any fatal problems on my system, but just as
    computers are different so are the problems that go along with them.
    I repeat - Play at your own risk.

                          - Micah Harwell
                            Industrial Techware


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