A 16+2 level wad, technical reality + tactical fight

Infected Telecom Stations v1.21
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP16, MAP31, MAP32
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Advanced engine needed  : any advanced port (there are no special effects)
Primary purpose         : Single player

Title                   : Infected Telecom Stations v1.21
Filename                : telekom.wad
Release date            : 2005.12.23.  
Author                  : Karoly (Charles) Horvath
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   :  
Misc. Author Info       : 45 years old Doom fan

Description             : A 16+2 level wad, technical reality + tactical fight

Additional Credits to   : id software, SkyJake, Cheb, the authors of the editors, 
the members of the DooM2 retexturing project and everybody who keeps alive DooM
Mr. Zoltan Fenyvesi who take the photos of the equipments
and Giger (textures)
* What is included *
New levels              : Yes
Sounds                  : see telemus.wad
Music                   : see telemus.wad
Graphics                : Yes 
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes (only level names)
Demos                   : No
Other                   : 
* Play Information *
Game                    : DOOM2 v1.9 (tested with zdoom 2 and jdoom 1.7.14)
Map #                   : Map01-16,31-32
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, not fully tested 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Player starts only
Other game styles       : 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

* Construction *
Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build Time              : more than a Year
Editor(s) used          : Doom Builder, Deepsea, DeuTex, RMB
Known Bugs              : email me if you find (Map15 had no exit, fixed in 1.21.)
May Not Run With...     : older version of Doom2

Short story (Like the Doom2, but a bit modified) :
You know, that the "big red mirror" can create everything, what a man next to it wants an imagines....
You are Oleg Gontar, the Ukrainen superman connected to a military ROM module, 
which contains the American captain, A.A. Milne's personality and knowledge. 
You (or they) are fighting against the monsters created by the big "red mirror" in the planet Mars. 
This "red mirror", an UFO-made object is still in the order of the evil Mr. Fuentes, 
who  found out to send the monsters to the telecom objects in order to block the connection 
between your ROM module and General Longfeather. 
So that your task is to clean up this objects from monsters. 
After it you can speak with your commander, who will tell you, 
where the evil is and how can you kill him and destroy the red mirror 
that creates the horrible monsters imagined by Fuentes.  
The action begins in Hungary (it is my country). First the objects are more or less clean, 
but everywhere are some infected rooms, because the evil begins to transform
these to a rocky and marble-style,etc. hellish ones. 
You have killed a lot of monsters so far, but get wounds and faint. 
You have a nightmare about a monster executor what was installed in planet Mars 
by Mr. Blazkowitz, who gave you his super shotgun. But it was a dream, you awake
in a hospital. Unfortunately, it has been a Monster Hospital! 
Kill the monsters and go to the next level, what is a small town's downtown nearby the hospital. 
Go inside the movie, find a technical room, activate the switches, 
shoot into the air and then watch the monster show! 
In the next level a small airport have to be cleared. 
You may use the collected cells and the BFG-9000 here.
Than You must go to the Mars (via Moon). The spaceship is full of monsters. 
After killing a dozens of cacos the ship is hurt, 
you purge yourself from it in a lifecapsule, which falls down to the moon, 
near a spacetransmitter, so you have to clear it. 
Then robots take you to the Pluto Base, but you are not the first living form here...
After killing thge monsters robots transport you to the Mars. 
You have to switch on the turbinium generator here. 
Than you fall asleep and dream about strange nightmares.
Note that most of levels can be achieved starting with a pistol, 
but be careful with difficulty settings. If you choose skill 4, 
you will be faced with bosses in every level. 
Expect to not too small/big levels, lots of monsters, not too much and tricky secrets. 
You won't get too much ammos, so kill some former humans and sergeants and use shotguns and the Gatling! 
Testers say, that the levels are hard, but it is not my opinion.
You don't need luck and much saves, only keep your finger on the trigger. 
Good hunting! 

Maps (Difficulty setting: 4)

Map01 - Amplifier station - (It is my town) Typ: see left for the shotgun, 
after that when you open the woodden door, 
first shoot in the dark window against! The monsters will recognize you. 
It is important, because there are two Cacodemons and you won't have enough ammunition to kill them. 
In this way, turn right and go to the border. The spiderdemon guards will shoot over between 
the two buildings and if you are enough tricky, 
they will wound the Cacos and the monsters begin to fight against each other. 
It's high time to go into the building in left, and if you are good, you will find other shotgun, 
some health and the blue key. If you survive the beginning, you deserve the continuation. 
There are a Spider Mastermind and a Cyberdemon, but don't worry. 
They would fight against each other and you don't need to kill them, 
but it is possible without a shot (Cyd would kill the Spider, after that it can be trapped in a crusher...
It is my first DooMII level (not a well-designed one), but I kept it because its good playability.         

Map02 - Hidden arena -  Offices, WC-s, canteen, telecom rooms, an arena which is a not too secret room, 
an outer place. Cyd and Spider Mastermind exists, but if you show yourself to them, the movie will begin....

Map03 - Digit 2 floor-   a bit Similar, but there aren't big arenas. 

Map04 - Network Management - E1-style with a hellish arena

Map05 - Stairway to Hell- Keep away yourself from the cyberdemon and the wall...

Map06 - Whitecastle- Technical rooms, court, rocky area, you should make Cyd kill the Mastermind!

Map07 - 1460 military object - try to find (and reach) the radar control building, which is inside the object.

Map08 - Monster Executor - Activate all switches before you enter into the control room, 
where find out how to control the killing of the monsters and your protecting shield! 
(from that it is a strange kind of doom level!)

Map09 - Hospital - You have to heal from some wounds, but the hospital became a monster's hospital!*** 

Map10 - Monster movie - Find the mechanic's room to activate some switches in order to see 
how the spiderdemon kills a lot of cacos. Next to the Post/Telecom building, in the courtyard a
cyberdemon is waiting for you. You can make it kill a lot of another monsters..

Map11 - Lost Airport - You jump off from the helicopter because you have to fly away with a plane. 
The station have to be cleaned from the monsters- it is the way of DooM. 

Map12 - Space Cacotransport
Target: Planet Mars, the originate of the monsters. Teleporters were closed, 
so you are forced to go with the Earth-Moon service flight as a single passenger first. 
Starting from the captain's bridge it become obvious, that the monsters followed 
you here. There are Imps everywhere and Cacodemons look after the upper airspace. 
Fortunately there are guns behind you and there are some ammunition and health at 
the upper region. Unfortunately, the sound of the gunshots make the monsters come to you, 
so it is quite hard to go out. While monsterkilling you can chart the spaceship. 
Ahead, the narowing part is the captain's bridge. There are three corridors lenghtwise; 
two at the edges and one in the middle. The doors open from this corridors. First the stuff's rooms can be found. That ones can be opened without a key (exept one). There are teleport rooms in them; 
the silver ones lead always back to the captain's bridge, the red ones 
lead to the workplace of the owners. 
Be aware that there are a sigle way teleports and you may not go back without getting a key. 
(Keys can be found in the workplaces)
The rooms (exept the bridge):
- Computer technic, navigation mainframe room (blue key to go out)
- Biohazard area, medical room (red key here)
- Telecommunications (local and space), air supply and condition (red key)
- Meteor-prevention shield generators (yelow key here- you will need it to go out)
- Driving-gear generators (the door located at the end of the central corridor; can be opened with a switch in the centre of the climate room (red keydoor at the end of the left corridor)
You will need radiation suit in the biolabor and in the driving generator room.

Map13 - Moon Space-transmitter
"I broke off from the Earth-Moon service flight. I had to be landed at the spaceport, 
but the final fight with the arch-vile caused a fault in the lunar module's controller, 
so I had to do a forced landing at the radio station near the spaceport. 
A long moonwalk was not planned, so a decided to go in..."

Map14 - Pluto robotbase
The commander of the UAC base had wished to create a new base on planet Pluto before he was 
killed by the evil Fuentes near the big magic red mirror. It has not been known, 
that the mirror created the base or not - so far.
"After clearing a moon radio transmitter, I was catched. I am transported to the planet Pluto at the moment 
- robots are asking me continuously. They say, that they began to search the humankind- 
it was the part of their program- they are referring to the name of the dead UAC base commander. 
First they began to search in the planet Neptunus, Uranus, Saturnus, Jupiter and their moons. 
But lifeforms have been found only in Mars so far. Deimos and Phobos have not been investigated yet. 
I was the first in this species to transport to the Pluto. But the robots, Leo1 and Leo2 say, 
that you will not be the first living type in Pluto, they are several other forms, but the base commander, 
Einstein and Joker (who is responsible for the communications) say, that they may not be humans. 
They are floating red balls and spheres, big ones with horns and hoofs, several half-robotic 
and half-living mechanoids, but some of them look like humans. (what do you think about them?) 
It was impossible to communicate with them. I was the first who were able to use the "short way"
 and answer to their questions. So that they wanted to ask to me a lot of things.
While the space transporting I am informed about the Pluto base. 
Einstein is the name of the control computer, the others' responsibility are:
Joker: communication and the unexpected events
Maxwell: carrying out space trips, meteor prevention and annihilation
Kepler: astronomy, meteor storm forecast
Curie: Energy supply
Leonardo: producing robots (they are called LEO+ a number), machines and appliances
Mengyeleyev: Producing all of the elements from the mined substances
(This was written by Peter Zsoldos in his book "Counterpoint")
You arrive in the automatic base Pluto, and will see the computers, and- Cacodemons, Spiderdemons, etc! 
Robots collected almost all monsters to examine them! It seems, that the wish was unfinished- 
missed the information, that the monsters have to be terminated by the robots! 
My task changed- not to answer some questions, but to kill the monsters and after that 
try to report that there is a new UAC base- General Longfeather should send computer programmers 
to set up the robots for the monster killing! Now the basis helps me to open doors, 
activates lifts, switches on lights- but it is not able to kill the monsters.
After clearing the station a spaceship (producing controlled by Maxwell) is ready to transport you onward."

Map15 - Mars Equator base 2.
After killing the monsters in the Pluto, Maxwell carries you to the Planet Mars, which is still the target. R. Einstein adviced you: 'try to land on the abandoned base called Equator 2'. Hopefully there won't be monsters, only ammunition and guns. But it seems, to err is
human (or robot)...
You will see here a small swimming pool, rooms for the human staff. Here was found an another 
alien-made complexum, the turbinium-generator (Total Recall). Dont forget to go over the hand-shaped switch. 
The aim to start the generator and collect enough cells here to destroy the big red mirror.

Map 16 - Area of 666 Sectors <BR>
It was my first WAD-a DooM E1M1 level. I converted it to DoomII added some DooMII textures.
It is a practicing level- While making circles kill the former sergeants first than the remainders. 

Secret levels
Map31 - Music pubs like 108 
You have to rest after work. Falling asleep, you dream about your favourite music pubs on Earth. 
(My son is a bass-guitarrist and I am the car driver& technician- I don't drink) 
But the dream turns into a nightmare, 
because the pubs are full of monsters and some landlord seem to be a secret Adolf-admirer!

Map32 - Wolfenstein at Balatonkenese   
You have an another nightmare: your favourite holiday hotel at lake Balaton turns into an SS general headquarters 
and the monster meetings.    
Modifications if you have the old telekom.wad file:
Added new levels Map12, Map13, Map14, Map15, MAp31, Map32.
Added new textures
Old levels were slightly redesigned (modified lights, ceilings, door lights) 
They seem better in zdoom.
Please, send me an email what do you think about this wad.  
(I don't have Internet access, only email, so I can't get any info back from the websites)
You will see more about levels at my website 
(it is a "free" site, I won't get money if you see it and I don't want to be "famous"; I know: I am still beginner...)
***Sorry for my bad english, I haven't used it for ages***

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.   
You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. This file may not be used for any commercial purposes without the
author's agreement.* Where to get the file that this text file describes *
The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrors
*You will see more about this levels at my website : http://www.oldanimal.freeweb.hu*


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