Intense KAOS

6 QUALITY levels, new grafix, new sounds

Intense KAOS
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WAD Type
E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6
 ___   ___      ___   ___________  _______   ___      ___   ______   ______
\   / \    \   \   / |  __   __  | \   __ | \    \   \   / |  ____| \   __ |
 | |   | |\  \  | |  |/   | |   \|  | |_ \|  | |\  \  | |  | |____   | |_ \|
 | |   | |  \  \| |       | |       |  _|    | |  \  \| |  |____  |  |  _|
 | |   | |    \   |       | |       | |__/|  | |    \   |   ____| |  | |__/|
/___\ /___\     \_|      /___\     /______| /___\     \_|  |______| /______|
                __     __    ____       _____     ______
               \  |  /  /  /  __  \   /  ___  \  |  ____|
   ______       | |/  /   |  |__|  | |  |   |  | | |____       ______
  |______|      |   <     |   __   | |  |   |  | |____  |     |______|
                | |\  \   |  |  |  | |  |___|  |  ____| |
               /__|  \__\ |__|  |__|  \_______/  |______|

                    * Kreated by Fragman and The Bean *
                   'It took 6 days to create the Earth...
                        ..these levels took AGES.'


Title                   : Intense KAOS
Level name              : KAOS.WAD
Kreators                : Bazza Been and Fragman
Email address           : 100447,<email removed>
Compuserve id           : 100447,1334 (Bazza Been)
Misc. Author Info       : You'll see more of Fragman's art on trains.
Description             : 6 QUALITY levels, new grafix, new sounds
Requires                : Doom2: Hell on Earth


* Play Info *

Run these levels by copying the WAD into your Doom 2 directory and typing:


Map numbers             : MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : HA HA HA ;) You may well find out!
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Nope
New Graphics            : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : 6 new levels from scratch.
Build Time              : 13 all nighters and 6 quarter days.
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21, BSP 1.1x, DOOMED for Windows beta 2.60,
                          DMAUD 1.1, DMGRAPH 1.1.
Known Bugs              : African Dung Beetle, Wolf Spider, Bumblebee.
Staying awake stuff     : Nescafe, Pro Plus, Coke.
Dangerously hot stuff   : Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire and Doom.
Something quite painful : Pushing knives into your own arm and then sawing it
                          off without any pain-killers whilst having your
                          head crushed under the wheels of a 10 ton JCB.
Hurts even more         : Being forced to chop up your own ribcage, ripping
                          out your kidneys and eating them.
Paiiiiiin               : Not actually dying through all of the above, and
                          living forever in a dark chasm and being tortured
                          every day by a funny little man named Bob.
Abosolute Zero          : -273 degress Celsius or 0 degress Kelvin.

* The Storyline *

Oh what does it matter? It all ends up the same. We had this really wicked
storyline that went on for pages and pages, but we thought this was better:
YOU SHOOT, THEY F-(jolly well) DIE! :D :D :D :D YES YES YES YES!!

* Short and Sweet Level Info *

Start all the levels without all the previously collected items, unless
you're really crap.

Level 2 is so rad for deathmatch. Level 3 has this really sneaky method of
killing that Cyber .D. find that out for yourself. On Deathmatch in Level 5,
everything centres around the Plasma Gun, that's if you know where to
find it ;)

MAP04 was not designed for Deathmatch although there are starting points. It
really is too shite for that and has too many narrow corridors, and is too
linear.. no, it IS linear. You'll see..

It is possible to do the first three levels with just a pistol, starting each
with no armour, 100% health and 50 bullets. If nobody believes me, mail Bazza
and I'll do an LMP.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use these levels as a base to build additional levels.
You may distribute these WADs to whoever you like. You may distribute this
WAD file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc). Blah blah blah
blah.. this, that.. blah blah. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

In my own words:  This a patch WAD, not eternal life, free beer or Claire.
You are free to mess around with anything contained in the WAD - levels, sounds,
grafix, whatever. Distribute to anyone, do whatever you want.
Only thing is: I take absolutely jack responsibility for anything screwing up,
if shit happens, MY RESPONSIBILITY = 0, squilch, nothing.

* Difficulty *

These levels aren't that hard to complete once you know the layout. UV and
Hurt-Me are the same, except level 4 I think, which has a few more enemies.
Don't-Hurt-Me and ITYTD without cheats, are very very very hard, and I'm
talking Cyber DemonS in the plural sense here. That's just a lesson for all
the pussies out there. Nightmare is quite hard, although I've only ever tried
it twice.

* FAQs *

Q. What is the famous IDDQD invincibility cheat where you type in IDDQD
   whilst in the game and become invincible?
A. I have no idea.

Q. I bought Doom in a shop, is it illegal?
A. Blah blah blah.. 1-800-IDGAMES.. blah blah.. outside Canada.. blah blah.

Q. Why won't my Gravis UltraSound work with Doom?
A. Because Jupiter has eclipsed Saturn, and Mars has passed over someplace
   and all this weird shit is happening with the Earth and your star sign.
   It's all really complicated.

Q. Tell me every single secret thing in Doom and Doom 2, draw MAPS!
A. Stick your genitals in a food processor.

Q. What's radder, Doom or Claire?
A. Doom.

Q. Really?
A. Yeah.

Q. Jeff has two banannas, Sue has one bananna, and Dinah has three banannas,
   if Dinah was to eat one, then take Sue's bananna, how many banannas has
   Jeff got?
A. Jeff has two banannas.

Q. Where does your soul go when you die?
A. Jeff has two banannas.

A. Jeff has two banannas.

Q. What's all this with banannas all of a sudden?
A. Your mum.

Q. Eh?
A. Oh just shut up.

* Thanx and Creds *

iD Software naturally, for creating TOTAL RADNESS. Lookin forward to Quake.
Bill Neisius, author of DMAUD and DMGRAPH, two invaluable Doom utils.
Geoff Allan, Doomed guy. Easy, smooth, flexible and slick level editing.
Colin Reed, he did our nodes builder BSP. Well, er, it WORKS.
Shaun Cadogan for taking the time to test these levs.

* Mentions about where we nicked the sounds from *

Enemy spots player: All of these were from those rad Evil Dead snippets.
Death Sounds: Off a royalty free sample CD. One was mixed with the new Doom2
Player Dead sound cos I thought it sounded gnarly.
Weapon sounds:
Pistol - Shameless extraction from the Lost in Paris sound WAD, left intact.
Shotgun - This NEWSHOT2.VOC found on the internet somewhere. Mixed, cut and
messed around with by me. Sounds different now.
Rocket Launcher - Authentic Newie V that we sampled ourselves, mixed with one
of the Doom explosions (not really noticeable, as it is played really quietly
over our sample, but I thought I'd better mention it).
Plasma Rifle - Cut from a larger file in a royalty free sample CD.
BFG - Extracted from the rocket explosion in the STARMUSFX3 group played back
50% slower. Sounds nothing like the original.

The rest were just 'too explicit'. AAAAAAAAAARGH!

* Basking in our glory *

Of once that was one are now seperate.. oops, that was just part of Adam's
rather shite poem that he wrote. He's Bazza's bro you know, they may look the
same but Adam couldn't do a Doom level to save his life. Plus, you should
never lend him money. He once had this fight with Barry, and almost knocked
him out, but Bazza smashed in Adam's toe and he was limping around for a
whole week. HA HA HA HA HA!

* Basking in the sun too long *

ED went to FUERTVENTURA all christmas and came back with a perverted keyring
and several dirty postcards for everyone, what a nice chappie.

* Basking in Doom E2M2 with just a fist, on UV *

Ah, well, I'm not one to brag, but.. y'know, it just has to be sed.
THE FRAGMAN - E2M2 on Ultra Violence with JUST A FIST. 100% everything!
I challenge you to better that! (Perhaps in Nightmare - yeh right).

* Sinking hevvily in this principle thing *

We weren't allowed to upload our first version of the WAD file or the
accompanying text file ANYWHERE. Oooh f..
- My great logic is: Doom 2 is an 18, even if you're under 18, if you could
watch some person being splattered across a brick wall, what's the
occaisional F word gonna do to your brain? ..and what's BFG again?
I had to remove our only proper graphic aswell as some sound files, just so it
was 'acceptable'. Censorship sux eh?
Bazza on the other hand, he doesn't even care. Just doesn't understand.
LITTLE OLD ME :(              - 0

* How to become immortal, according to Chris *

Kill two infants under the age of 12, rip out their hearts and burn them. Put
the ashes in a glass of 200 year old red wine and drink it. Bingo.

* How to become immortal, according to Fury *

Kill a virgin by slitting her throat from ear to ear whilst chanting a sacred
pagan thing, then set her on fire and the power is yours.

* The REAL truth guys, wait for it.. *

Sorry to upset you, but: WE ALL DIE at some stage in our lives. Welcome to
REALITY. Wake up and smell the roses.

* The GATEWAY, as experienced by Jake *

"There was this really bright light, and.." [SNIP!] Oh give me strength.
Jake reckons he had a near death experience after taking some major drop from
the vert ramp down Radlands. Yeah yeah, I believe him.

* Interesting theory *

In the universe there is an infinite amount of space, we can therefore assume
that there is an infinite amount of planets. If there is an infinite amount
of planets, then there is an infinite amount of people. If there is an
infinite amount of people, there is an infinite amount of chances. Soooo,
somewhere, someplace, Doom is reality, and reality is Doom. Spooky.

* FACT! *

One carton of Ribena contains over 20 sugar cubes! It's true, Abi sed so, and
if Abi sed so, then it MUST be true.

* Lets get all weird freeky and spacey time *

Given that time is governed by the movement of the universe, if the universe
is of an infinite mass.. er, lets not get all weird and freeky actually.

* Wot we did *

The idea                                : Bazza Been
The new 'acceptable' name               : Shaun
The list he nicked it from              : Fragman's gnarly rad single words
Grafix, Sounds                          : Fragman
This README                             : Fragman
Levels 1,2,3,5,6                        : Fragman
Level 4                                 : Bazza Been
Excuse about doing some 'textures'      : Adam
Intense level testing                   : Bazza, Adam, Shaun, Fragman, ED
Intense radness                         : Claire
Cutting all the F words out of this doc : Shaun, Fragman
101 shite uses for a metaphor           : Adam

* Outro *

Ah well, I'm off to get some real sleep |) I'm shaking like a leaf.
Later all, and all that. Mail us with any comments blah blah blah..
See y'all in hell.

           * INTENSE KAOS - By Fragman and The Bean *



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