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A collection of jazz MIDI files I have in my collection. I suggest merging it with the main IWAD if you like it. DeuSF included. To merge, copy Deu...

Jazz Doom
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WAD Type
Title:                          Jazz Doom
Filename:                   jazzdoom.wad
Version:                     2.0
Author:                       Bill Koch
Email Address:           <email removed>
Misc. Author Info:      14-year old who likes jazz music
                                  Last name pronounced "Cook"
Description:               A collection of jazz MIDI files I have 
                                  in my collection.  I suggest merging 
                                  it with the main IWAD if you like it.
                                  DeuSF included.  To merge, copy DeuSF.exe
                                  and jazzdoom.wad to your Doom II dir, 
                                  and at the MS-DOS prompt type:
                                  deusf -merge jazzdoom.wad
                                  To restore:
                                  deusf -restor
Additional Credits to:  Id Software, of course 
                                  Owen Atkin - A few of the songs
                                  Olivier Montanuy - Author of WinTex
                                  The author of midi2mus
                                  Serge Smirnov - Author of CLEANWAD

* Play Information *

Game:                         DOOM II
Level #:                      Music replaced on every level
Single Player:              Yup
Cooperative:               Of Course
Deathmatch:               Way
Difficulty Settings:       Umm, yeah, the ones originally in DOOM II
New Sounds:              No
New Graphics:            No
New Music:                 Yes, the only modification
DeHackEd Patch:      No
Demos Replaced:       None

* Construction *

Base:                          New WAD from scratch, plus a bunch of MIDIs
Editor(s) used:             WinTex 4.3, midi2mus, Voyetra Software's MIDI Orchestrator Plus!
Build Time:                  First version, about an hour; Version 2.0, about 20 minutes.
Known Bugs:              None

* Changes from Last Version *

A few annoying, really short songs replaced.
New music added for map31+32.
WAD completely cleaned with CLEANWAD.

* Song Replacements *

Note:  Some names are listed as unknown, because they have a general name, like "jazz04.mid".
Others with a filename not so general are listed as "filename.mid".  Ones with a definite title
have the title listed instead of a filename.

Title:  002-sati.mid
Intermission:  work_day.mid
Read Text:  breakout.mid
Map 01:  Baker Street
Map 02:  blckstry.mid
Map 03:  blues1.mid
Map 04:  blues2.mid
Map 05:  father.mid
Map 06:  Funky Town (not the disco "Funkytown")
Map 07:  Unknown
Map 08:  Unknown
Map 09:  Eye of the Tiger
Map 10:  Unknown
Map 11:  Unknown
Map 12:  Unknown
Map 13:  Unknown
Map 14:  Unknown
Map 15:  Unknown
Map 16:  Unknown
Map 17:  Unknown
Map 18:  Unknown
Map 19:  Jive Coffee
Map 20:  love.mid
Map 21:  Mark Harry Bay Blues
Map 22:  Miss You
Map 23:  mood.mid
Map 24:  rockum.mid
Map 25:  Unknown
Map 26:  Blowin' Smoke
Map 27:  stelmos.mid
Map 28:  Virtual Insanity
Map 29:  school.mid
Map 30:  Striving
Map 31:  Another One Bites the Dust
Map 32:  Blues Brothers Theme

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:  ftp.cdrom.com
If you're reading this file, the zip ought to be right next to it in the FTP directory.
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