Jenesis, Pt. 3: "Abysm"
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Title                   : Jenesis, Pt. 3: "Abysm"
Filename                : jenesis3.wad
Release date            : 2 November 2011
Author                  : James "Jimmy" Paddock
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : Blocks of Doom II, Omega mutator, turbotwo.wad.
                          And of course, jenesis1-2.wad.
Misc. Author Info       : His cousin is a meerkat of strange angles.

Description             : The third and final part of my solo megawad.
                          Part 3 of 'Jenesis' adds 12 extra maps to the
                          first twenty (which have all also been modified
                          for the better in some way or another) and
                          replaces the final map, as its predecessor did.

Additional Credits to   : - My beta testers, Mechadon, Baratus, MegaDoomer,
  hawkwind, [WH]-Wilou84 and Anima Zero.
                          - Many musicians whose work I've used in this
                          project, and whom I've credited below.
                          - TheCupboard and worst-vd-plas, for the modified
                          zombie marine monster from their WAD, The Great
                          Bicycle Mystery 2. I stole the DEHACKED code, but
                          I think they were okay with that. :P
                          - All those mentioned on the CREDIT screen.
                          - hawkwind, who helped me out tremendously with
                          the very technical feedback he provided. He also
                          made edits to the maps where appropriate.
                          [Unfortunately the changes he made to the
                          starting room of MAP18 presented problems in the
                          source ports I tested them in. I simplified the
                          area in the end, because the room would simply
                          not work properly no matter how much he and I 
                          changed it. This did unfortunately mean reworking
                          many of his changes. Sorry, buddy - it's nothing
                          personal. All your help was immensely appreciated
                          - thanks a load. :D]
* What is included *

New levels              : 32
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes - mostly original
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : No
Other                   : ZDoom MAPINFO for jumping/crouching disabling
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2
Map #                   : MAP01-32
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : A few weeks + the time it took to build Part 1.
Editor(s) used          : Doom Builder 2, SLumpEd, Cakewalk Express
Known Bugs              : Hopefully none. This was tested to smeg and back.

May Not Run Well With...: - MBF and Eternity - not fully tested. But there
                            is still time to address this - please contact 
                            me before the full megawad is released if you
                            encounter any problems.
                          - Any complevel below 9 in PrBoom(+).
                          - Any ZDoom compatibility mode other than
                            "Default", "Boom" or "Boom strict".
                          - The "Find Shortest Textures Like Doom" flag
                            seems to screw stuff up particularly bad when
                            set to "yes".

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no

You MAY NOT include any of these maps in your own megawads.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: and mirrors
My Phenomer webspace:

* List of Changes Since Part 2 *

  - Eleven new maps: MAP09, MAP10, MAP16, MAP17, MAP18, MAP19, MAP22,
    MAP25, MAP28, MAP29, MAP30 (the new final map) and two new secret maps.
  - As before, some exit rooms have been modified to make for better
  - Some extra secrets have been added to the previous maps.
  - Six all-new songs by me: "Undisclosed Desires" (MAP09), "Abandonment"
    (MAP13), "Prototype" - a collaboration with stewboy (MAP17), "Airport
    Chant" (MAP18), "Memento Medley" (MAP22), and "Smells like Dark Halls"
  - General bugfixes/extensions to the already-existing maps.

* Level List *

MAP01  -  Treatment Plant
  : Music - "Into the Fire" by Nick "Theshooter7" George / 'War and Glory'
  : Par Time - 2:00
  : Build Time - 10 hours (?)
  : A huge refining and storage facility on the surface of Phobos. This is
    where you have been dispatched to take out the initial hordes of
    demons. Uses Doom 1's E1 sky (naturally).

MAP02  -  The Canal
  : Music - "River" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 2:30
  : Build Time - 8 hours

  : An infested reservoir branching off the treatment plant, fallen into
    disuse and decay. Lots of rock, slime and water in this map. Uses
    Memento Mori 1's E1 sky.

MAP03  -  The Oasis Facility
  : Music - "Under the Waves" by James "Jimmy" Paddock / 'Pendulum'
  : Par Time - 2:20
  : Build Time - 12 hours
  : A kind of purification plant set in a watery outset on Phobos, which
    unfortunately allows demon life to flourish. Uses TNT's E1 sky.

MAP04  -  The Garden Terminal II
  : Music - "CCCool" by Lee Jackson
  : Par Time - 2:30
  : Build Time - This was started back when I used DeePsea. Years ago. :O
  : In many ways a slightly redone and expanded version of the original 
    Hell Revealed map, which still remains one of my favorite maps from the
    WAD. Uses the HR E1 sky, presumably by either Yonatan Donner or Haggay

MAP05  -  Submerged Refinery
  : Music - "Rusty Bridge" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 1:40
  : Build Time - 8 hours (?)
  : A UAC waste disposal outpost fallen into disuse, so excessive pools
    of toxic waste are abundant, and there are few radsuits to be found.
    Inspired mostly by Plutonia E2, partially by Simplicity, and partially
    by Doom E1. Uses the gray/green sky found in Skulltag and Simplicity.

MAP06  -  Waystation
  : Music - "Pistons" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 1:30
  : Build Time - 10 hours (?)
  : A control point in the middle of Phobos's poisoned ocean. It's a small
    outpost but the monsters are many - indeed, quite a few of them fly,
    allowing them to get the drop on you, pretty much no matter where you
    hide. Uses Doom 1's E1 sky.

MAP07  -  Dead Center
  : Music - "World Tournament II" by Jay "Zora" Reichard
  : Par Time - 3:00
  : Build Time - 2 hours
  : A small, evacuated storage facility set, ostensibly, in the middle
    of nowhere. Since evacuation took place, hellspawn have set up a
    seemingly permanent home inside and around it, and they'll throw
    everything they've got at you in their bid to defend it. Uses
    textures from Enjay's fantastic Marine Assault wad, and the Doom 2
    E1 sky.

MAP08  -  Plunge
  : Music - "Sewer Chase" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 1:40
  : Build Time - 8 hours

  : A sewer network far beneath the surface of the moon. Twisting
    corridors and vast rocky arenas filled with pools of toxic slime
    characterize this map. No sky.

MAP09  -  Slime Vaults
  : Music - "Undisclosed Desires" by James "Jimmy" Paddock / 'Muse'
  : Par Time - 3:15
  : Build Time - Freakin' ages

  : You travel even further deep into the moon, where a large toxin
    refinery resides. Looks like it'll be a little easy to get lost if
    you're not on the ball. Uses Scientist 2 E2 sky.

MAP10  -  Ruins
  : Music - "Garden" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 2:25
  : Build Time - Freakin' ages

  : Having escaped the underground slime caverns, you find yourself in
    a decimated village. Who knows what happened here, but right now
    you've got to get back on track and find a path to the UAC gateway.
    Uses Scientist 2 E2 sky.

MAP11  -  Devil's Industry
  : Music - "Crush" by James "Jimmy" Paddock / 'Pendulum'
  : Par Time - 2:45
  : Build Time - 4 days

  : A large, highly non-linear power plant on Deimos, crawling with
    hellspawn and full of mechanical hazards that have been subverted by
    the demons. Uses the foggy sky from Hexen.

MAP12  -  Highway of Destruction
  : Music - "Liar" by Yngwie Malmsteen
  : Par Time - 1:20
  : Build Time - 5 hours (?)

  : A tarnished highway plagued with hellspawn. Completely linear, but
    highly hectic gameplay. Uses Memento Mori 1's E3 sky.

MAP13  -  Transporter Station
  : Music - "Abandonment" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 2:30
  : Build Time - 2 days

  : A large teleport research complex which is in the process of being
    overrun and razed by the demons. Uses Scythe 2's E1 sky.

MAP14  -  Poisoned Ocean
  : Music - "Pathogen" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 1:45
  : Build Time - 8 hours
  : Takes place at an outpost set in the midst of a Martian sea polluted
    by all manner of foul chemicals. This once habitable locale is now a
    breeding ground for demons. Expect tricks and traps aplenty. Somewhat
    inspired by Alien Vendetta's middle episode, and Plutonia. Uses Doom
    1's E4 sky.

MAP15  -  Alchemy
  : Music - "Voyage I (Edit)" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 2:40
  : Build Time - 3 days (?)

  : A massive extraction facility set on a large liquid gold mine. Full
    of hazards, particularly due to the molten gold stored liberally
    throughout the facility. Uses Doom 1's E4 sky.

MAP16  -  Crestfallen
  : Music - "Cliff" (Edit) by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 2:45
  : Build Time - 2 days

  : A generator complex. What it's generating is unclear, but you have to
    get through it in order to reach the path to the overtaken gateway.

MAP17  -  Deadline
  : Music - "Prototype" by James Paddock and Stuart Rynn (collaboration)
  : Par Time - 2:10
  : Build Time - 12 hours

  : Back underground again - and it's a defective tram network underneath
    the generator complex. Because it's totally out of order, it looks
    like you'll have to take a largely non-linear route to the exit.
    No sky.

MAP18  -  Mineshaft
  : Music - "Airport Chant" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 3:20
  : Build Time - 2 days

  : Further underground, but not far from the gateway now. Fight your way
    through these weaving mines but be prepared for some hazardous terrain.
    No sky.

MAP19  -  Subterranean Labs
  : Music - "In Space" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 1:50
  : Build Time - 1 day

  : This infested underground laboratory is crawling with monsters, and the
    lava-filled caverns will certainly not help your escape. No sky.

MAP20  -  Into The Gate
  : Music - "Duke's Domain" by Jenna Ramsey
  : Par Time - 2:40
  : Build Time - 12 hours
  : A big gateway control complex on Deimos, positively overrun by
    demon swarms. Expect a lot of resistance. The gateway technicians
    have been possessed by demons, and they appear as a new enemy. Very
    much inspired by E2 and Plutonia's MAP23. Uses Doom 1's E2 sky.

MAP21  -  The Other Side
  : Music - "Deevine" by Xaser Acheron
  : Par Time - 0:40
  : Build Time - 6 hours

  : A very small Scythe 2-inspired map, serving as the introduction to the
    Hell episode. Mud and blood everywhere. Uses Doom 1's E4 sky.

MAP22  -  Haunted Halls
  : Music - "Memento Medley" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 2:25
  : Build Time - 1 day

  : A ghostly marble and brick fortress inhabited by some pretty strong
    hellspawn - hope you're well-prepared. Uses a custom sky by Mechadon.

MAP23  -  The Atrium
  : Music - "Distant Tranquility" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 2:40
  : Build Time - 3 hours (plus all fixes)
  : A hellish stone castle on the outskirts of hell, surrounded by a
    huge moat of molten lava and guarded by a veritable army of
    hellspawn. Dark corridors, treacherous walkways and trap after
    trap await. Uses Doom 1's E2 sky.

MAP24  -  Hades' Wall
  : Music - "Sunset Over Babylon" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 3:30
  : Build Time - 3 days

  : A rocky canyon bordered by a large Hellkeep. Once again, large moats of
    lava are abound, and hellspawn stalk every nook and cranny of the area.
    Uses ravagefox's Doom 1 E3/E4 sky combo.

MAP25  -  The Carcass Pit
  : Music - "Going Nowhere" by Revenant
  : Par Time - 1:20
  : Build Time - 1.5 days

  : You're not out of the rocky peaks yet - you'll have to brave a huge
    slaughtering ground first. Here's where things start to get pretty
    hectic. Uses Memento Mori's E2 sky.

MAP26  -  The Savage Abyss
  : Music - "Song in the Key of TNT" by Jamie Robertson
  : Par Time - 4:30
  : Build Time - 14 hours STRAIGHT
  : A great yawning chasm set in the center of Hell itself, the
    surroundings of which are caked in lava, fire, marble, and infested
    with hellspawn. This is the boss map, as it were - it's
    unquestionably the hardest (and largest) map in the whole set.
    Uses a modified (and hopefully -improved-) version of TNT's E2 sky.

MAP27  -  The Vulcanum
  : Music - "Fallen" by Simone Mularoni / 'Symphony X'
  : Par Time - 3:30
  : Build Time - TOO LONG

  : A massive hellish gauntlet - a bathing hole for demons. This map has
    slaughterfest written all over it (mainly because it's Scythe-inspired)
    and very little ground is available, so you'd better be careful.

MAP28  -  Baphomet's Keep
  : Music - "The Greater Good" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 3:50
  : Build Time - A few days

  : This looks like where Baphomet and the worst of his legions are hiding.
    Storm the castle and kill that bastard for all time! Uses Plutonia's E2

MAP29  -  Mutant Jenesis
  : Music - "Moonlight Bloodbath" by Henri "Icytux" Vuortenvirta
  : Par Time - 3:00
  : Build Time - Way too long
  : With Baphomet destroyed, you are catapulted back to Phobos.
    Unfortunately your return is not a welcome one. Uses Scythe 2's E1 sky.

MAP30  -  Abysm
  : Music - "doombg" by ynxyg
  : Par Time - 3:20
  : Build Time - ???
  : Good luck, marine. You'll need it here.

----- ( SECRET LEVELS ) -----

MAP31  -  Duality
  : Music - "Smells like Dark Halls" by James "Jimmy" Paddock
  : Par Time - 4:25
  : Build Time - 2 days
  : A hellish peak guarded by a terrible monstrosity that as yet, remains
    undescribed. Best of luck with this ordeal.

MAP32  -  Reprise
  : Music - "River" by Stuart "Forty-Two" Rynn
  : Par Time - 4:10
  : Build Time - Quite a few days, but this was done several years ago
  : The strangest feeling of deja-vu sweeps over you...


































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