My first try for a DM level (and the first published try at all!). It is small but has some obstacles ("Jumpin'") and many many teleports...

Jumping Jack Flash
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WAD Type
Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom (CSDoom, Skulltag) highly recommended
Primary purpose         : Deathmatch
Title                   : Jumping Jack Flash
Filename                : jjflash.wad
Release date            : December 2000
Author                  : "ewing"
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : None yet
Misc. Author Info       : Studying mechanical engineering, bad player, 
                          level-designer newbie

Description             : My first try for a DM level (and the first 
                          published try at all!). It is small but has 
                          some obstacles ("Jumpin'") and many many 
                          teleports ("Flash") that teleport in a 
                          different way if you enter them in a 
                          different way. I designed the level with 
                          extensive jumping in mind, so you should 
                          play it with a source port capable of 
                          jumping high enough, or you'll find the 
                  level useless. 
                          If you are into fast fragging and 
                          telefragging, you should really give it a 
                          try. Tactics are important, too.

Additional Credits to   : Of course id Software for Doom.
           supporters/developers of 
                          ZDoom, CSDoom, Skulltag, DCK and WinTex
                          Everyone who let me use his/her sound files
                          (see below)
                          John Bishop for his beginner's guide
                          and all in the community with a positive 
                          attitude :)
                          and finally, Killer-Ameise for beta-testing

* What is included *

New levels              : one
Sounds                  : Yes, credits see below!
Music                   : Yes, rearranged version of Def Leppard: Women 
                  by Johan Treptow of
Graphics                : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : No
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II (ZDoom and ports based on ZDoom)
Map #                   : 1
Single Player           : Player starts only
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Player starts only
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Designed for
Other game styles       : Try it, I don't know
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented


* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : about two weeks from idea to Beta, 
                          two more for the release
Editor(s) used          : DCK 3.62
  WinTex for the music/sound integration
                          SoundForge for manipulating the wavs
Known Bugs              : none (yet?)
May Not Run With...     : Useless with a port not capable of jumping.
  Legacy seems not to be able to jump high 
                  enough. Making the jumps smaller would have 
                          made it too easy in ZDoom.


* A bit more about the level*

So what do you have expect from my first serious wad? 
Surely not overwhelming detail, although I think it is quite nice to 
look at. Design is pretty much square but allows to get to a certain 
point in the map in different ways. The teleports are plentiful. 
Be aware of Telefraggers and campers at respawn points. 
But if you get to know the level better you will see that it should 
be possible to get into the back of every camper. However, as camping 
is so dangerous in this level, I would regard it as legal, but 
decide for yourselves
There should be enough ammo for everyone. 
But there is only one MediKit, so be prepared to battle for it ;)
As this is my first serious wad, I need your input to get better.
So please tell me what you dislike. 
Oh, and the sounds: I like them, but they may be a bit strange...


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level to build additional levels. 
Please give me a call if you do so.

You MAY NOT reuse any of the sound/music files without the permission 
of the people who gave it to me. That are:
**Johan Treptow of 
  for the great version of Def Leppard's "Women"
**Kim of
  for explosion.wav, 9mm.wav, wind.wav and multshot.wav
**Dai of 
  for gate.wav and slurp.wav
**Nik of
  for fall.wav

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format 
(BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  
I have received permission from the original authors of any
modified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.
BUT only if you don't make ANY money of it.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: and mirrors
Web sites:  (maybe non-permanent)
FTP sites: none, except for ;)


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