Jungle ][

This DOOM II map is a deathmatch wad with a jungle island theme. The setting and ideas are based on my favorite chat BBS, Jungle II, where it carri...

Jungle ][
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WAD Type
                  °                                           °
                 ÞÛÝ                                         ÞÛ
                ÜÛÛÝ                                        ÜÛÛÝ
              ÜÛÛÛÛ  JUNGLE ][ Pwad:  "Have a banana!"    ÜÛÛÛÛ
            ÜÛÛÛÛß      (DOOM ][)                       ÜÛÛÛÛß
             ßßß                                         ßßß

         Please type J2DOOM.EXE to patch the new sprite graphics.


Title                   : Jungle ][
Filename                : J2DOOM.ZIP
Authors                 : /³ n t and his Jungle ][ Pwad Production Crew.
Email Address           : <email removed> or <email removed>
IRC Handle              : Ant or AntDude in #doom channel.
Misc. Author Info       : Author of "Da Kills" DOOM ][ Pwad (A Partial
                          Conversion) DAKILLS.ZIP  -- the creation/pwad.
                                      DKSSHOTS.ZIP -- the screenshots.
                          * Both files are available on ftp.cdrom.com or
                            any good DOOM sites.
Description             : This DOOM II map is a deathmatch wad with a
                          jungle island theme. The setting and ideas are
                          based on my favorite chat BBS, Jungle II, where
                          it carries Game Connection. This map contains
                          new graphics, new sprites, new weapons, sound
                          effects, and a new junglish soundtrack. This
                          map should be used with deathmatch 2.0
                          (-altdeath) and respawning monsters (-respawn).
                          Be sure -nomonsters parameter is removed, so
                          that the map has man-eating sharks. And you
                          thought Gilligan's Island was fun to watch!
                          Wait until you laugh hard with this awesome
                          creation. :)

                          Map features:
                          * A big island surrounded by a shark-infested
                            ocean. Also, a tiny island near by. 
                          * Wooden and stone buildings.
                          * Munden's Bar.
                          * Overhead speakers that the players can use.
                          * Banana and palm trees with goodies.
                          * A wooden dock.
                          * Game Connection center with interactive
                          * Eidble/Usable food: Coconuts, bananas, and
                          * The Club with sexy hula dancers.
                          * Dark dungeon.
                          * Ladders.
                          * Players as hairy apes.
                          * Realistic bathrooms! You can hide too!
                          * Unbreakable windows that can be opened and
                          * Open windows with curtains.
                          * Shootable ceiling fans.
                          * A small lifeguard tower.
                          * "Well of Youth." Hint: Fountain of Youth.
                          * Sewer storage building.
                          * A grafitti wall that players can read.

Additional Credits to   : id Software for making the awesome game.
                          Barrasso and Zep -- Authors of MALL.ZIP.
                            Inspiration, and I had to steal some graphics.
                          Authors of BOOTHILL.ZIP -- Inspired me to make a
                            deathmatch pwad.
                          Wendigo -- His cool pwads, DESTROYR.ZIP and
                          Pit          -- Ideas, graphics, sprites, ANSI
                                          (endoom), J2DOOM.EXE, and

                          The Dragon   -- Sounds, ideas, and tester.
                          Grungy       -- Midi soundtrack and tester.
                                          (GMIDI was used).
                          Tarzan       -- Sound clips, tester, and SysOp
                                          of Jungle II BBS.
                          Python       -- Sounds.
                          Cricket      -- Proofreader of these texts. :P
                          Watcher      -- SysOp of Jungle II BBS.
                          2224 on Baud -- His funny coconut macros.
                          Azusa Pacific University -- My school and
                                                      internet account.
                          Rest of the DOOM Pwad Authors, excluding the
                            ones who created horrrible pwads.

Notes                   : Ant did the map, J2DOOM.TXT, J2DOOM.BAT, and
                          the FILE_ID.DIZ. He is the producer and
                          director of this special production. Also, the
                          file operator on Jungle II BBS to host the
                          DOOM/Heretic/id Software's file libraries. The
                          BBS is not affliated with id Software. Also,
                          the lastest entertainment files from internet
                          for other file libraries (ie. playable game
                        : The BFG still has the same graphic. Bananas
                          do not look good from a BFG :). Let's say the
                          banana juice was squeezed and mixed to make
                          that green stuff. Hehehe. [vomits]
                        : This map was designed on a 486DX2/66 with 16
                          MB RAM. I have done my best to optimize this
                          map for speed. With DSHRINK, I only gained
                          very tiny improvement in speed.

Tips                    : Explore all places. Use your map (TAB) to look
                          for hidden spots.
                        : Watch the two recorded 4-players demos.
                        : In the Game Connection room, use the computers
                          to control things with your space bar key/open
                          doors key. Lights will turn off/on and doors
                          will open/close. Walking on the computers will
                          not work (if you remember that from DA KILLS).
                        : Use the sharks to trap players in the ocean.
                        : Use the dark dungeon as your bunkers to snipe
                          players with regular shotguns. The doors close
                          to protect you for 30 seconds.
                        : Hide behind curtains and snipe players.
                        : Hide in the bathrooms.
                        : Hit your space bar/open door key behind those
                          unbreakable windows to open and close. Inside
                          Munden's Bar, not outside. These windows can
                          be useful.
                        : Make sounds by hitting walls and jumping off
                          high places. Make the zombies flush the toliets
                          to distract players.
                        : To exit the map after agreeing with all the
                          players, one player must be near the stone wall
                          with the exit signs. The other player must hit
                          the switch where the green radioactive acid is.
                          It is inside a wall. This exiting is called a
                          "cooperative exit."
                        : To improve the speed of the game and the pwad:
                             1. Defragment your HDD(s).
                             2. Get more memory.
                             3. Use a disk cache if you have the memory.
                             4. Check your modem settings.
                             5. Upgrade your computer system.
SirDOOM Quick-Setup     : Use these settings: DOOM 2.
                                            : Ultra-Violent
                                              (skill level).
                                            : Deathmatch 2.
                                            : -respawn -file j2doom.wad
                                               (these belong to ARGS).


* Play Information *

MAP #                   : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes. Only to look around.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No way! Play Ant's DAKILLS.ZIP for that.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes! (-altdeath -respawn) Do NOT use -nomonsters!
Difficulty Settings     : No. ULTRA-VIOLENT all the way!
New Sounds              : Yes.
New Graphics            : Yes, including new sprites.
New Music               : Yes.
Demos Replaced          : Yes. 2 v1.9 4-players deathmatches.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.
Editors Used            : DEU v5.21 and hacked DEU ][ for DOS
                          BSP 1.2x
                          NWT 1.3
                          Neopaint v3.0/3.1

Build Time              : 4 short weeks. (School is around the corner!)
Known Bugs              : Hall of Mirrors (HOMs) when far away in the
                               ocean. My map is too big. Sorry :). 
                          I hope there are no bugs. I am a bug, but please
                               do not raid or step on me.

* Quotes During Deathmatches and Production *

/³ n t     : "This is so cool!"
           : "How about naked Tarzans?"
Pit        : "I need to fix that."
             "Those coconuts are scary!"
Tarzan     : "Penis."
           : "Coolness."
The Dragon : "Give me the file!"
           : "Sit down."
Grungy     : "I need a WRK to MIDI converter." -- Not in deathmatch play.
             "Does the music loop?"            -- Same as above.
Kid        : "Squeezable bananas!"             -- Not in deathmatch play.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file


* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites : ftp.cdrom.com/pub/doom/ ...
            Any DOOM mirror sites.
BBS's     : Jungle II BBS: (818) 914-9010. Must have an account there.



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