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Just Death
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Title                   : Just Death
File Name               : JUSTDETH.WAD
For                     : DOOM II

Author                  : Scott Smith 
Email Addresses         : <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Other works             : ARCHDETH.WAD, ORIGDETH.WAD,
                          WESTDETH.WAD, MEDIDETH.WAD,
                          MINIDETH.WAD, CYBRDTH2.WAD,
                          CYBRDETH.WAD, E1M1SAS.WAD,
                          E2M1SAS.WAD, LMP20.EXE

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map 1
Single Player           : Nada.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Cooperative play is for old ladies.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yayuh!
New Sounds              : Yes.
New Graphics            : Yes.
New Music               : Yes.

Additional Notes        : This levels should be played WITH
                          monsters. You'll never see them, but
                          you WILL hear them!

Credits:                  Everyone who helped me beta test this
                          level, including Deleos, ScottG, Yyz,
                          Gary Mikolai, Mike, Adelusion, Dweller
                          in the Cellar, and the TIMinator.

                          Don, the Sysop of the Greaser's Palace
                          BBS in Tampa, FL, which is THE most
                          happenin' BBS in the Bay area. If you
                          want to check out the BBS, give it a
                          call at 813-462-5351. We're waiting
                          for you... <G>

* Description *

This PWAD was intended to be nothing more than a test bed for my
electronic wall map concept (more on that later) but I couldn't
leave well enough alone and continued to edit it after I had
proven that my concept would work. The result of about 4 days
worth of editting and countless hours spent trying to think of a
way to implement my wall map is a really cool DeathMatch level
with some very unique features.

The first unique thing about the PWAD is that there is an
active electronic wall map displayed on one of the walls in the
main building. This wall map is linked to numerous motion sensors
throughout the level. When a motion sensor detects movement, a
small blue light will flash on the wall map, showing you where
the movement was detected and you'll also hear a soft ::PING::.
Located in the same room as the wall map are two arrays of tele-
porters, positioned relative to the layout of the wall map, that
will take you to various parts of the level. The trick is to
watch the wall map for movement and then jump into the teleporter
that takes you to the closest map location; if you're lucky, you
can even get some teleporter frags this way. Note that by trying
to walk into the map itself, you will be teleported to the
section of the level shown at the top of the map.

Another cool thing in this level is the TURBO lifts at the tower.
There are three of them, two of which are marked with small stone
arrows on the ground. These lifts are either UP or DOWN; there is
absolutely NO in between state. Using these lifts, you can get to
the top of the tower in a split second... a great trick for
avoiding rocket or plasma fire. If you're into PWAD editting, try
figuring these lifts out from the linedef tags; they make no
sense at all! Raise for lower and lower for raise!? HUH!? <g>

I spent a CRAPLOAD of time doing the lighting and shadows for
this PWAD and I think it really gives a more realistic feel to
the place. If you do nothing else, at least walk around and take
a look at the way the sun hits the walls and casts shadows
(especially through the doors and windows) and how the shady side
of the building has a more gloomy look without the sunlight
coming thru.

And finally, there's the occasional thumping heartbeat and demon
voices that seem to come from nowhere, adding an air of
creepiness to the PWAD. You'll have to play WITH monsters to hear
these SFX, but you'll never actually see any of them (probably
for the better!)
* How To Play *

To load JUSTDETH into the game, copy JUSTDETH.WAD to your DOOM II
directory and enter:

   doom2 -file JUSTDETH.WAD

To play it over the modem or on a network, consult the game docs
and the FAQ.

** NOTE!! ** Some shell programs load PWADs without also loading
the internal graphics. If you launch this PWAD from one of those
shells, it will be unplayable! Launch it from the command line,
* Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels without giving me credit for the original version, as
well as stating the changes made within a text file. Also, 
please don't recycle the JUSTDETH name with your modified 
version. I've found a few modified versions of my other levels 
being passed around with no mention that I created the original 
version, and that SUCKS! Please have a little respect for the 
time involved in creating this WAD by at least mentioning the 
original author!

You may distribute JUSTDETH.WAD in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this text file INTACT. 
If JUSTDETH.WAD is to be distributed under the JUSTDETH name,
the embedded ENDOOM directory entry MUST be included (that's the 
credits that get displayed after quitting the game. If JUSTDETH 
is not mentioned there, someone has been screwing with the 
level! Contact me and I'll send you a new copy).


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