A strictly Deathmatch level (the ONLY way to play Doom!). Try single player and you'll die of boredom instead of demon attacks. Here's a basic rund...

KILL 'EM! v1.2
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Title                   : KILL 'EM! v1.2
Filename                : KILL_EM.WAD
Doom Version            : DOOM (1) version 1.666 or higher
Author                  : Martin Cox
Misc author info        : 16, an English ex-patriot living partly in France, 
                          partly in the U.S. of A. Doom does NOT take up my 
                          whole life. I like other games too, and I'm 
                          starting out in car racing.
E-mail Address          : <email removed> 
                          Any feedback on the level will be greatly 
                          appreciated (except computer virii).
DISCLAIMERS             : I didn't do anything. It's not my fault. (They seem
                          to be pretty good disclaimers).
Misc level info         : My first ever playable PWAD for Doom (my first
                          ever WAD consisted of three rooms, a door, and 
                          a HOM effect). This is the best Deathmatch level 
                          ever. Seriously.
Description             : A strictly Deathmatch level (the ONLY way to
                          play Doom!). Try single player and you'll die of 
                          boredom instead of demon attacks. Here's a basic 
                          rundown of things you will and won't find in this 

                           Will find:
                            Perfect texture alignment
                            Nice lighting effects
                            Plenty of items, but nicely placed
                            Tricks to play
                            Hiding places
                            Large dark room, and dark niche in tunnel wall,
                            both great for hiding and ambushes.
                            New music and sfx
                            10 Deathmatch starts
                            Hole in time ("hey, is it 1 a.m. already? I could 
                            have sworn that I've only been Deathmatching for 
                            half an hour!")
                           Won't find:
                            New graphics
                            Places to commit suicide (crushing ceilings, 
                            ooze, or barrels)
                            Death traps (places you can't get out of)
                            Split teleporter pads (bad floor alignment)
                            Nice people who aren't trying to blow your arse 
                            GRAY4 or STARTAN3
                          This level contains a jail, which I thought was a 
                          novel idea until I saw WADODETH.WAD. Still, you 
                          can't see out of mine to defend yourself, so I 
                          think that at least that much is original. You 
                          can also escape, but it's not as if you're going 
                          to have time to do so, what with your opponent 
                          waiting for you with a loaded rocket launcher...

                          You start with a weapon right off the bat, or at
                          least within runnin distance. All weapons appear on 
                          all difficulties. Either -ALTDEATH or Nightmare is
                          suggested, for ammo reasons. For health, there are
                          five medikits, a soul sphere (be careful getting it,
                          though), a beserk pack, and about 20 health potions. 
                          Those should heal you. 
Older versions:         : v1.0: Original version for DOOM v1.2
                          v1.1: Added room inside pillar,, changed lifts to 
                          operate together, removed jail's shoot-to-escape 
                          routine due to v1.666 becoming standard.
                          v1.2: Lifts changed to Fast (need v1.666 to work),
                          added cut in ceiling by jail, new exit/entrance 
                          in dark room, item placement completely revamped
Additional Credits to   : Daniel Sz”ll”si-Nagy (a.k.a. Dunee); 
                          Raphael Quinet and Brendon Wyber; id Software; 
                          Bill Neisius; my father Geoffrey; and Terry 
                          Pratchett (author of the Discworld novels).
Silly thought           : If you use DEU II to edit DOOM II's secret levels,
                          are you DEUing the Reich thing? :)


* Level Stuff *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1
Single Player           : Er, there's a Player One starting point.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : You can shoot each other... Starts are placed away 
                          from each other for this purpose.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Oh YES! Kick your friends back to whatever black 
                          pit they crawled out of! Best with four players.
Difficulty Settings     : Nope
New Sounds              : Yes. Replaces most weapon and player noises. 
New Graphics            : No. Sorry. Maybe next time.
New Music               : Yes. Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust". Rather 
                          appropriate, I thought.
Demos Replaced          : None 

* Useless info on building *

Base                    : New level from scratch. Why do otherwise?
Build Time              : Probably about 20 or 30 hours in front of DEU, 
                          and that includes the learning curve. Took me a
                          while to translate from DOOM II to DOOM, as there
                          are no utils to do so.
Editors used            : DEU 5.21, DMMUSIC 1.0 and DMAUD 1.1.
Built on                : 486 DX/33 VESA, 8Mb RAM, 1Mb VRAM, SB Pro
                          Pentium 75 PCI, 8Mb RAM, 1Mb VRAM, SB Pro compat.
Known bugs              : Ant, Mosquito, Cockroach, Housefly.
Less-known bugs         : The Himalayan Abominable Snowbug, and my sister.
Known bugs in level     : None. I'm perfect. 
I'm not only perfect... : I'm literate, too. You try to find a spelling 
                          mistake or grammatical error in this text file!

* Tactics * 

 WATCH YOUR BUTT! There are no rooms where you can't be snuck up on! You can 
easily, especially in three or four-player games, be ambushed, chased, 
cornered, and turned into a bloody mess on the floor. There are some tricks 
to surviving, though. Here they are. 

 The northern-most transporter pad on the pillar in the main courtyard is an 
escape route. Take a flying leap, and you're gone. 
 Jail: If you get your opponent to chase you down the a certain passage (the
one with the red torches), you will end up outside the jail, with him in it!
He can't either see or get out, but you can see in. Now you can shoot him at 
leisure. Grin. If someone in the main courtyard activates a lift, the jail
opens for a few seconds, allowing anyone inside to escape.
 Hiding place in the room with the jail: Hide behind the dead cacodemon in 
the corner, or behind one of the impaled humans.

* Just thought you'd like to know *

I hate text files that don't have any detail to them (I could have said: 
"Deathmatch level, really cool, replaces E1M1, enjoy, bye"). I prefer ones 
with a bit of personality, humour, and stuff like that. That's why this one 
is so long. And I keep deleting pages of it at a time.

* Copyright stuff *

You may use this level as a base to build others. Why you would want to is 
beyond me, though. If you do build and release a level based on this one, all 
that I ask is that you mention me in your text file that goes with the level.

Do whatever you want with the sounds and music. Stick them in your own 
levels, stick them in other people's, stick them in your main DOOM.WAD,
you can even stick them up your nose if you like (don't, it's uncomfortable).

Distribute this WAD like crazy. If you do distribute it, please distribute 
it with this file intact. You may also put this WAD on a BBS, Diskette, 
or CD (or whatever else). I need to know that the world is playing my level. 
In whatever way you choose to distribute it, please include this text file. 

Thanks, and until next level release,
Martin Cox

* Where to get this WAD * 

If you're reading this, you've already got this WAD (distributing this text 
file without the level sounds stoopid). So WHY do you need to know where to 
get it??? Also, why has no-one yet thought of the stupidity of telling
people who download the level where they can get it?

* By Same Author *
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Just about anything, really. A Deathmatch level will take about five hours
to build, so just hold on, watch the INCOMING directory, and see what comes 
out next. 


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