The second episode in the KILL!Zone saga. It consists of seven large PWAD's. The maps are well constructed, with attention to; texture alignment, f...

KILL!Zone II, Episode #2: "The Lust for BLOOD!"
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07
           ллллл     лллллл                                     мллл     
           ллллл    лллллп    АБллллм    АБллллл   АБллллл    АБллллл
           ллллл   лллллп      БАлллл    БАллллл   БАллллл    БАллллл
           ллллл  лллллп                 БАллллл   БАллллл    БАллллл
           ллллл лллллп       АБллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл    БАллллл 
           ллллллллллп        БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл    БАллллл
           ллллллллллм        БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл    БАллллл 
           ллллл лллллм       БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл     БАллл  
           ллллл  лллллм      БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл      АБл   
           ллллл   лллллм     БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл           
           ллллл    лллллм    БАллллл    БАллллл   БАллллл   АБлллл 
           ллллл     лллллл   АБллллл    АБллллл   АБллллл    БАлллл  

      ллллллллллллл                                            плллп плллп
               мллл    Бллллллл    Блллл  Бллл  Блллллллл       ллл   ллл      
             млллп  Бллл    Бллл  Бллллл Бллл  Блл              ллл   ллл
           млллп    Бллл    Бллл  БлллБллБллл  Блллллл          ллл   ллл 
         млллп     Бллл    Бллл  Бллл Бллллл  Блл               ллл   ллл
       млллп         Блллллл     Бллл  Блллл  Блллллллл        млллм млллм

        **** KILL! Zone II v1.5 [Episode two] "The Lust for BLOOD!" **** 
                           Created by: Don Howard 
                           Music by: Mark A. Klem
        --==* These WAD's are for DOOM II: Hell on Earth v1.666+ *==--
WAD Title               : KILL!Zone II, Episode #2: "The Lust for BLOOD!" 
WAD Filename            : KillZon2.wad  
WAD Author              : Donald R. Howard / Heuristic Software
Email Address           : <email removed>, <email removed>, 
                          <email removed>

Misc. Author Info       : A hopeless "DOOM Addict".
Version                 : 1.5
Date                    : 3/31/98

Description             : The second episode in the KILL!Zone saga.
                          It consists of seven large PWAD's.
                          The maps are well constructed, with attention 
                          to; texture alignment, free from errors, 
                          game content, and playablity.                 
                          Designed for serious Doomer's and those who 
                          appreciate a challenge, while having fun too.  

Changes in (version 1.5): Fixed areas in maps 1,4,& 6 that supported visplane
                          Changes in some monsters and textures, in all 7 
                          Changed and added new areas in all 7 maps.

           (version 1.0): Beta version ..... not released, (Testing only).  

Other DOOM2 Wads        : "Vile-Lab" ( Vilab_10.exe or )  
  by Author               "KILL! Zone" ( or )

* "The Story"  *        : Decoded message .... 1st Tactical Command
                                               3rd Marine Division
                                               221st Battalion    
                                               Alpha Strike Force Leader
                             "TOP SECRET" .... "Your eyes only!"
                          This is a ... "Priority 1" ... mission .....
                             The enemy has seven new bases, and their 
                          using them as camps to train new hell spawn.
                          We cannot allow them to organize and assemble 
                          a highly trained force.
                             "They must be stopped at all cost." 
                          "They must be destroyed ........... All of 
                          them ....... Let none survive!" ....... 
                          ...... "Death to the Spawn!"

                                              General A.Hardass
                                         C.O. 1st Tactical Command
                            You're a marine, tough, highly trained, and  
                          devoted to your country.
                            Ha! ... That's what the Brass thinks ....
                          If they only knew ..... what it is you're really 
                          fighting for. 
                            The BLOOD, the thrill of the hunt, the BLOOD,
                          the suspense, the BLOOD, the terror in your Enemy's
                          eyes a split second before you snuff out his 
                          insignificant life, and the BLOOD!
                            Yes ..... KILL! KILL! KILL! ..... Aaahh! 
                          "The Lust for BLOOD"................       

* System Requirements * : Pentium recommended. A fast 486 should due the job
                          but, may run a little slow. 

* Additional Credits to : id Software, Ben Morris and Zerius Development,
                          Colin Reed, Jens Hykkeldjerg, Olivier Montanuy,
                          Jack Vermeulen, "Zink The Dink" (THANX ZD!).
                          Rickey Glisson, Marie Howard, Sal Santora, 
                          Bill Sasscer, John Brennan, Shorty Flores,
                          Willy O'Callaghan, Jarrod, Mark A. Klem.

* Special Credits to *  : Mark A. Klem, for writing the excellent music you
                          will hear in KILL!Zone II. 
                          Mark has composed many songs for several projects.
                          Check out his web site for a list of his work and
                          listen to some great music. ( <email removed> )
* Legal Notice *        : [ These songs are copyrighted and are the sole 
                          property of Mark A. Klem. To use them without 
                          the author's permission is illegal. ]


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 through MAP07
Single Player           : Yes, primarily designed for single play.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, four starts in each map. 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Maps 1-6, four or more starts. (Maps 1 & 2 are best). 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes 
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes, by "Mark A. Klem". 
Demos Replaced          : No  

* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch
Build Time              : 700+ hrs. (Including testing & modifications)
Editor(s) used          : DCK22: Doom Construction Kit v2.2 / Ben Morris &
                                 Zerius Development
                        : DEEP: Doom Enhanced Editing Program v8.84 / Jack
                                Vermeulen & Sensor Based Systems Inc.
                        : Wintex43: Windows texture editor v4.3 / Olivier
                        : RMB30: Reject Map Builder v3.0 / Jens Hykkeldjerg 
                        : EnDoomer: End DOOM editor v1.0.1 / Zink The Dink 
                        : BSP22X: Node Builder v2.2 (dos extended) / Collin
                                 Reed, Lee Killough
                        : PSP: Paint Shop Pro v4.0 / Jasc Software

* Known Bugs  *         : None known. 

* Known DOOM problem *  : You may have an occasional "visplane overflow"
                          error. The occurrence of this error is only
                          occasional, saving often will allow you to
                          continue with only a slight inconvenience.
                          I have spent many hours trying to avoid this 
                          DOOM problem, without loosing special effects. 
                          KILL!Zone 2 has been tested with the following
                          DOOM ports; Boom, Legacy, MBF, and ZDoom.
                          Running KILL!Zone 2 with one of these ports is
                          the only sure way to eliminate visplane overflow.                          

* Copyright / Permissions *

  You MAY distribute these PWAD's, provided you include all files. 
  You May distribute these PWAD's in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette,
      CD, etc.) As long as you include all files intact.
  You MAY NOT sell for profit, these PWAD's, without permission from
      id Software and Heuristic Software.
  You MAY NOT attempt to change or make any modifications to PWAD's or this
      Documentation, nor take credit, without written permission from
      Heuristic Software.

* Where to get this WAD *

  FTP sites, ( and its mirror sites), Heuristic Software.

* Contents * contains the following files:

                         KILL2.bat ....... (Starts KILL! Zone II Episode)
                         File_ID.Diz ..... (File description and Story)
                         KillZon2.Txt .... (Text file) (You're reading it.)  
                         KILLZon2.Wad .... (MAP01) through (MAP07)

* Disclaimer *

I disclaim all warranties as to this software, whether express or 
implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of 
merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality, 
data integrity or protection.

* Installation *

UnZip it to your DOOM2 directory. 
To start game, type KILL2 or Doom2 -file killzon2.wad [Enter],
KILL!Zone 2 will start.
Choose a difficulty setting, then begin playing. Enjoy! 

* Important *

I would like to work on a compilation or TC project. Preferably with someone 
who is serious and who is interested in doing above average work.
Anyone interested, please e-mail me at ( <email removed> ),
Thank you.

* PS *

Please e-mail me with any comments, criticism, or questions you might have.
I would like to hear from you. Thank you.


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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