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(Story) :You and your buddies are sent to an UAC WDS-- _________________ Union Aerospace Corporation Waste Disposal--

KILLSPR2.WAD "Da Kills" Pre-Release #2 (8/18/94)
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Title               :KILLSPR2.WAD "Da Kills" Pre-Release #2 (8/18/94)
                     Just came back from my mouth surgery. Ack! Not
                     fun! Ok, let's get on to this NFO! :O OW!!!
                     This PWAD is still INCOMPLETE. It still needs 
                     more work and testing to do. >:). Currently,
                     there is no exit to escape from this hell area
                     [g]. It will be added later.
Author              :Phillip Pi (/|nt)
Email Address       :<email removed>
                     <email removed>
Misc. Author Info   :A lazy person in his summer vacation, making 
                     this huge individual pwad before his college 
                     starts. ;)
Description (Story) :You and your buddies are sent to an UAC WDS--
 _________________   Union Aerospace Corporation Waste Disposal--
| MUST READ THIS  |  to investigate and terminate all so-called
| BEFORE PLAYING  |  "DOOM" creatures. No words from this "dead"
| OR YOU WILL BE  |  place for the last 18.73 days. You and your
| CONFUSED WHEN   |  gangs are ordered to go to UAC WDS. However,
| PLAYING MY WAD. |  your good old friend, who was the first to
|_________________|  discover the hell of DOOM, tells you that 
                     there are several teleporting openings from 
                     hell. They release tons of wild "DOOM" 
                     creatures. The UAC Hell Specialists tell you 
                     that the only way to block the teleporters is 
                     to destroy the site. You also have been told,
                     by the former workers of the site, that there
                     is a red nuclear core somewhere in the station.
                     The core can become unstable--to blow up the
                     plant--by removing its internal blue faced
                     supercharge sphere. This sphere controls the 
                     core to keep stable. Anyone who touches the 
                     sphere will temporarily become supercharged. Hell
                     teleporters and creatures must be destroyed. To 
                     get to the core, you need to access the computer 
                     controls and activate a hidden switch--located
                     in a computer room near the core. Lower its 
                     "support frames" all the way down (listen to the 
                     sounds from them) first, then press the switch to 
                     lower the red shielding. Do NOT stay on the hot 
                     core platform too long or else you will become 
                     dizzy, start seeing weird colors, and lose your 
                     life fast. There are security doors that will 
                     block your mission. Find the necessary keys and 
                     weapons to complete this critical mission. We
                     must stop HELL's respawn before it is too late!
Hints               :With caution, walk over computer controls to
                     access/activate the computers, but watch out
                     for nasty traps [evil grin].
                    :Ask your multiplayer buddies to help you out
                     in some of the areas, especially the core
                     area. Later, I will add an evacuation site 
                     where two or more players are REQUIRED. >:) If
                     playing with four people, split them to 2 groups
                     so the level can be finished early. Some parts 
                     will need to be accessed by keys though.
Deathmatch Tips:    :Some of the computer activations and traps can
                     be useful in a DeathMatch. Experiment these before
                     playing DM. For an example, lure your opponent(s)
                     to the multi-teleporters room. Since the exit
                     teleporter is close for 30 seconds. You can use
                     the regular teleporters to scare and attack
                     him/her (she can look sexy in that armor suit [g]
                     :)~.) since no one can get out for awhile.

Additional Credits to: Mark Jihanian (Nozzle)      #992  - Beta Tester
                       Levon Jihanian (Highway 61) #1289 - Beta Tester
                       Alvin Tam (S. Spiff)        #672  - Beta Tester
                                                           & His Former 
                                                           Home Layout.
                       Ian "???" (Futurist)        N/A   - Beta Tester
                       id (id)                     N/A   - You know...
                       All DOOM PWAD Creators      N/A   - For their 
                                                           cool tricks 
                                                           & special
                       All DOOM Editors            N/A   - Who knows...
                       Internet, esp. Infant2      N/A   - Leech! Leech!
                       [Names go on and on...] :)

* Play Information *                                                  

Episode and Level #     : E1M1
Single Player           : Yep! (Not fun as multiplayers mode) :P
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Ya! This level is huge so.... :)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Hell Yeah! (Purpose is to KILL!!!!)
                          Again, huge level.
Difficulty Settings     : All levels have the same number of
                          enemies. So, pffbt! This is exteremly
                          for DOOM advanced players :). Lots of
                          sneaky traps! Look out for the cemetery.
New Sounds              : Naw.
New Music               : Yepper! (Still looking for a better
                          one though.)
New Graphics            : Yee haw! New sky graphic & some new
                          messages on Computer Screen--You will
                          see them when you play deep into my eyes, 
                          er wad.
Demos Replaced          : SUB-ZERO!! Oops, too much Mortal Kombat. I
                          meant zero (0). Later, I will record two 
                          multiplayer action demos--one for 
                          cooperative and another for the bloody 
                          deathmatch. I will have to wait for id to 
                          release the new patches so I can use that 
                          new recording multiplayers feature! BTW, 
                          these demos will show two players--sorry, 
                          no access to networks yet.

* Construction *
Base                    : Does it looked modified? I think not.
                          New level from an imp's horrible 
Build Time              : Ask that ugly baron behind you.
Editor(s) used          : Deu v5.2 GCC, BSP v1.2x, MIDI 2 MUS
                          Converter v2.04, DOOM Music Editor
                          v1.0a, DOOM Graphic Editor v1.0, Paint 
                          Shop Pro v2.?, Windows 3.11, Paintbrush,
                          my brain cells--I need to rebuild my brain 
                          nodes [g]--hands, computer systems, etc.
Known Bugs              : DOOM v1.2 and lower does not let you
                          save the game--computer will freeze-- 
                          because of the save game buffer limit. 
                          Hopefully, v1.666 (Nice one, id!) will 
                          fix this bug. Come on, you don't need 
                          the save feature [g].
                        : Speed will be slow in some areas. Just
                          live with it. At least it is not bad as
                          the first Star War Deathstar wad. My
                          previous release was slow! It is now
                          optimized for speed. O:)
                        : In the core, there will be a weird
                          blue "blackout." If you know how to fix 
                          it, please tell me. Also, the annoying 
                          HOM effects when the red core is down and 
                          you are looking both at the window and the 
                          core area. Hopefully, id will fix these 
                          bugs in their later versions.
                        : If any other bugs, please report to me! I
                          must terminate them like killing an 
                          ant! :>
Do Me a Favor           : Please test the multiplayers (3+) since I
                          have no access to networks yet.
Comments by DOOMaholics : "I love this game." -- NBA Fans [g]
                        : "Your wad is too hard and slow!" -- Nozzle
                        : "I loved riding on those core elevators!" 
                          -- Futurist
                        : "[BEEP]! Damn, save game buffer overload!" 
                          -- /|nt
                        : "Quit making your wad so big." -- Nozzle
                          on telephone.
                        : "Hahahahahhaahahaha" -- Highway 1289 after
                          he killed me.
                        : "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" -- /|nt in a dm.
                        : "I need aids!!" -- /|nt in a cooper. play.
                        : "Ouch!" --S. Spiff. in a cooper. game.

* READ THIS! * Copyright / Permissions *
1. Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
2. You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
   no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
   format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
   I am sick of downloading new episode pwads that have old levels
   I have already seen and played before. :P

* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: (of course!)

BBS numbers: DAMN IT! Call any "GOOD" BBS.

Other: Your friends who are also DOOMaholics :).
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