Kowalski's Building Hell Ultra - 1999 Update
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Title :                 Kowalski's Building Hell Ultra - 1999 Update

Author :                Michael Hopkins (aka Kowalski, now Digital Thought)
                        email: <email removed>
website :
ICQ : 3454700

Filename :              KK-BUiLD.WAD

Author Info :           Ex-Cosysop of Fortress BBS - It has closed now :(
                        Currently doing gfx for god knows what - hopefully
a game that will be known as Zinjanthropus. If you're
a DirectX coder and can do 3D(fx) stuff, drop me a line.
                        Author of numerous other PWADS including A1-SNiPE
                        OUTSIDE/2, and various other small deathmatch WADs,
                        usually preceeded by KK- for easy identification :)
Level Description :     Let's see... there's a Building... and Hell...
                        oh, and the super enhanced Nuclear Warhead
                        Basically, travel thru a building, into hell, then
                        destroy civilisation + aliens / bad hell thingos
                        with the nuclear warhead.


Yeah yeah, it's only December 23rd 1998, but hey! Close enough.
This 1999 edition has been fairly extensively updated
and tweaked, just on the first level though. Even though
I have a P2/400 with a 12meg Voodoo2 card, there's just
SOMETHING about Doom that keeps drawing me back. I guess it
could be that for many, including myself, Doom was a way of
life. No other games have EVER managed that in recent years.
With the release of the DoomOpenGL beta, maybe this level
as well as the many other superb efforts that are out there
will get another look. Or maybe I'm just being wishful.
Though I hope I'm not...
! Warning : !Due to the size and complexity of these levels, if you
*!*!*!*!*!*!*try to save your game, Doom will HANG. I guess that
just makes it that little bit trickier for those lamers
who save/die/reload again and again and again >:)
If you want to complain, complain to iD - see if they'll
release a patch. But that's not my problem. Because the
source is now free. Alternatively, ask the glDoom author
to fix it for glDoom. So there you go.

If the level hangs your computer -- well I don't know what
to say. Because it works fine on my computer. BTW, you'll
need v1.9 of Doom2 for best results - any less and you get
a couple of VIS_PLANE overflows I would imagine. Oh I hate
those things. THE MEMORIES!! NOOOOOO!!!!
Preamble :-

This PWAD replaces numerous textures and also MAP01, 02 and 03. It is designed for
single player, but I've tried to make it co-op friendly as well. So eg, you can still
open the barrier that blocks you from leaving the office level by the way you came in,
from the outside. But it will close once you're in. To get back inside.. well, I can't
remember that much ;) -- for co-op play in Medium or Hard modes.

DEATHMATCH IS supported - "How!" you scream. Well, if you examine the map with any decent
editors (I used DETH, BSP and RMB (using -perfect) to build these levels) you'll notice
that in EASY, MULTIPLAYER mode, barrels of fire appear as do heaps of weapons, health, and
ammo. So if you want deathmatch, you will be penned into a certain area by barrels,
this should make it playable. Just remember - SKILL 1. To exit, it is a mutual operation.
There are marked switches on each level, and marked exits. One goes to the switch, the other
to the exit. One pulls the switch and the exit is revealed. Then the other can exit the

The music is taken from sites that are believed to be FREE.
This PWAD has taken a total of well over 100 hours to make and tweak so far. So it is
very good. Yes, I really am a perfectionist ;) It was built from scratch and is entirely
my work and design. So I guess you can say it is (c) 1995-99. There.

Just think of all the substitute teachers I had to convince that the maps I was scrawling
on paper during class, that the maps I used to work these levels from, were actually for
the subject "Graphics" (Which is of course, Graphic Communication. Which I love. But Doom
is not Graphics. Obviously.). Suckers.

Copyright Shit:

You CAN'T... repeat... CAN'T re-distrib any modified versions. Sure, feck it
up completely on your own system, but just don't copy it. Easy.
You may not take ANY credit for anything you steal from this PWAD. Nyer. If you wish to

You must include all the four files in any redistribution. That is, this file, the two
KK-BDESC's and the >unmodified< PWAD itself.

You can stick this >unmodified< ZIP file on a CD if u like.
You can upload it to ftp sites - I've already put it on FTP.CDROM.COM and thus
all the mirrors associated. So don't waste their time uploading it again. Thx.
You can distribute it on your website.
Or anything really. You could print it out in binary and scan it back in and see
whether you could use OCR accurately with non-standard characters, although I guess
that would fail because some ASCii characters are white, including the spacebar.

If you should review this PWAD, >PLEASE<, drop me a line. I'd love to know what you
think. Or just send me some email! Yeah! What a REVELATION!

Well, that's just about it. Need help then email me.
Couldn't be *stuffed* making a quake version. Woo. Brown. Or a Duke version.
Woo. The editor's just crashed again. Or an Unreal version. Coz I can't get
the editor to work. Damn it. :(

However, If all goes to plan, expect a Quake2 version of A1-SNiPE to be released - yeah! :)

That's just about it from me. I'm tired. I have to work. Goodbye.

--Small white mouse named Quentin... what the HELL was I on???


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