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You like episode 1, level 5? I sure do, it is THE best Deathmatch level I have ever found. Even supposed "made for DM" levels by others c...

Let The Bodies Fall
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E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4
Title                   : Let The Bodies Fall
Author                  : Sufferin' Pup
Misc. Author Info       : Deathmatch fanatics everywhere!  I love DM, you
                          should to.  As soon as I got a modem, the first   
                          thing I did was play Doom!  This is my first 
                          shot(pun intended) at a level.  It is just a remake,
                          but it is incredible.  I have played as long as 
                          3 hours on this level alone!  I think you will too.
                          My next level will be all-new.  Taking what I have
                          learned from this, and adding much more, it will be
                          great.  Look for it, it is called: 
                          "Tricks of the Trade".

Description             : You like episode 1, level 5?  I sure do, it is THE
                          best Deathmatch level I have ever found.  Even
                          supposed "made for DM" levels by others can't stack
                          up.  It had problems, though.  I fixed those, plus
                          spiced up the graphics by adding many new textures
                          from the registered IWAD.  It is okay 1-player, too.
                          A little easy, but how else are you going to 
                          practice?  It is pretty fun on Nightmare, though.  
                          This PWAD will replace the first 4 levels of  
                          episode 1 with Let The Bodies Fall.  So if the level
                          is running low on health, or you want a true frag
                          count, just end the level.  The next level will be  
                          Let The Bodies Fall again, just refreshed!
                            Check out BODY.GIF for a complete map of the 
                          level, with some labels so you can communicate with 
                          other Let The Bodies Fall players easily.  There are 
                          few differences between E1M5 and this level, but the 
                          differences are important(some can only be reached 
                          in Deathmatch, or by using the cheat keys).

Additional Credits to   : Geridak: he was the main tester and idea guy
                          Tomor: for knocking some sense into me

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : First 4 levels in episode 1!  Play for hours!
Single Player           : Yes
2-4 Player Cooperative  : Yes -but not that great
2-4 Player Deathmatch   : Yes -THE best...if you find one better, give it here 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes -set it for Skill 1, Respawn for a perfect
Difficulty              : 3 out of 10, made for player vs. player...the 
                                monsters are just for ammo :>
New demos               : No
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No -sadly, I didn't have enough time to impliment
                                any.  I was playing too much!
* Construction *

Base                    : E1M5
Build Time              : Oh, maybe 10 hours plus endless playtesting :>
Editor(s) used          : WADED 1.23...
Known Bugs              : None, but it took me forever to get rid of them all
                            (Stupid Node Builders, only WADED 1.23's made it
                            work right)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute  this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

I UL it to many BBSs all over the USA.  

* Other Stuff *

I know this level sucks as 1-player, it is geared for Deathmatch.  Don't judge
this level by 1-player standards.  Many people will see the word "remake"
and push this aside.  Don't.  I only used the wall structure from E1M5, I
completely erased the things and replaced most of the wall and floor textures.
When I placed the Things in the level, I kept Deathmatch in mind.  That
Baron is not to be killed, but dodged as you get health and armor.  There are  
shotguns near every Deathmatch start, and other weapons are placed with care.
Enemies are for ammo, and to weaken and block the player's progress.  That
is why I suggest "I'm too young to die", but turn respawn on.  This is how I
designed the level to be played.  Just enough enemies to keep the ammo
flowing, and the players challenged while crossing the map(enemies are a good
way to track an opponent also: follow the dead bodies!).  Thanks for trying   
out this level, it was fun to re-make, and even more fun to test.  I am sure
I will be playing this level with others as long as Doom is around.  I hope
you will be playing it too.


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