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E1M1, E1M2, E1M3

Title                : Lhet

       Dedicated to my father (yes, even hes an addict!)
       and all Heretic/Doom fans over the globe.
       Spread this Wad like wild fire!!

Filename             : Lhet400.Wad
                       (Lhet; being some kinda combination of my name and Heretic.)
       (400; meaning I was at about the 400th DCK session when it)
                       (was finally finished!!)

Release date         : Created June 1999-Dec 2000.     Uploaded June 2001.

Author               : Luke Daniel Hutchings

Email Address        : <email removed>

Misc. Author Info    : Born/lives in SouthWest England, U.K.
       Still haven't been abroad!

       Guitarist, Keyboardist, Sequencer etc.

                       I'm Just Music Mad basically!
                       J.S. Bach is God. Don't mess with him!
                       Pantera kick ass. Dimebag=ShreddMaster
                       I Mess around with programming a little too.
                       Nothin major just Assembly Demoz and stuff!

                       Romero+co are programming GODz too.
                       Check out Romeros old game (1990)
                       'Dangerous Dave'; boy, is it a tough platformer!

                       PLEEEEAZE Email me if you liked this Wad, I put
                       soooo much work into it.
                       Also, PLEEEAZE don't cheat unless your desperately
                       A lot of time and thought has gone into the design and
       puzzles of this level and I've weeded out 99% of level
       If you're stuck, you probably haven't looked hard enough
                       for that elusive switch or door, keep trying!

                       Anyone who has made Large wads will absolutely hate
                       this message:-
                       'Savegame Buffer Overrun!' <-- AAARRRGHHH!!!! Go away!

                       This level initially started out as a single MAP but
                       rapidly became so large that the Heretic Engine
                       couldn't handle it and bombed out to DOS with the
                       aforementioned error!!

                       So I had to split it into two levels.
                       Then guess what?

                       I got carried away again and had to split it into
                       three levels!!!
                       But these 3 levels are so big and complex that they're
                       probably almost equivalent to a complete episode!

                       I might upload a complete walkthrough .lmp demo at some

                       I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that anyone (besides me) can complete
                       this mini-episode (3 levels) WITHOUT cheating AT ALL.
                       You can accept that as a Challenge!
       Ammo is initially quite limited, so use wisely.
       You'll also need ur brain for this level!
                       If you're not proficient at using the side step keys,
                       don't even bother trying to get far on this level!

       To run the game copy Lhet400.wad into your Heretic directory
                       and type:-

       heretic -file lhet400.wad

Other files by author: None uploaded.

Additional Credits to: Id Software and Raven for these incredible
                       journies into other worldz!
                       And all authors of the WAD toolz especially Ben Morris
                       author of DCK.2.2 which I spent many an hour using!

                       Oh yeah, Kevin Schilder, for the original Hexen and
                       Heretic music. Its incredible, gives me the shivers!!
                       Boy, is that dude talented!

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #   : E1M1 to E1M3   for HERETIC
Single Player         : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player: not really
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : not really
Difficulty Settings   : No (Warning: This level is NOT for beginners!)
New Sounds            : No
New Graphics          : Yes!
New Music             : No (I didn't get round to it!)
                           (May re-release Wad with original music in future)                 
Demos Replaced        : Theres a short Demo of E1M2, Watch it!

* Construction *

Base                  : Started from scratch

Build-time            : Don't ask! 
                        Well, put it this way, I was 22 when I started
                        and 24 when it was finished!!!

Editor(s) used        : Almost exclusively DCK2.2, Ted, Win/Deutex.

Known Bugs            : As I said above, there were some major
                        'bombing out to Dos' bugs, (well they're not so much
                        bugs as they are restrictions of the Doom Engine!)
                        but I've tracked them down, I think there's
                        still one on level 2 by the Large Red Crucifix, so
                        save the game if you're in that area!

                        Theres also some visualization bugs on level 2 cos
                        the engine is having difficulty displaying so many
                        linedefs at once, however the game shouldn't bomb out
                        here, I've tested it, the graphics just go a little
haywire temporarily.

* Copyright / Permissions *

-> You MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels
-> You MAY modify this level.
-> Please give me due credit though!!

* Where to get this WAD *



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