2, 3 and 4 player DEATHMATCH level

Load (The Adrenaline Crash)
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                 D O O M  ][     D E A T H M A T C H   P W A D


Title                  : Load (The Adrenaline Crash)
Filename               : LOAD.WAD
Release Date           : April 1998
Creator                : Danny Lancashire
Previous Levels        : PRESS F1 with the wad loaded to find out ...
Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : 2, 3 and 4 player DEATHMATCH level

                         Once again, I felt a slight change of direction was
                         needed to produce this level. I always like to try
                         and achieve/provide something new each time around.

                         In terms of gameplay, you need to think quick, and
                         be able change your tactics if need be. Plenty of
                         shots (BFG, Rockets etc) are all in there. 

                         I like to think this plays well, and is varied
                         enough to keep you playing regularly. I've also made
                         sure you can get some silly frags. I think it's cool
                         to see a body slither along a lava channel or fall
                         to pieces while flying through a window  ;-)

                         Also, looks and overall build quality are areas
                         where I feel you can always improve. I don't really
                         know why, but I get a kick out of that side of
                         things. One thing I have done is to give the level
                         more 'depth'. Although the extra dimension is not a
                         part of the gameplay, it helps to add a theme.

Additional Credits to  : YETi (playtesting)
                         Metallica (for providing Fuel for my Fire)

GREETS                 : Thanks to the authors of the programs I used to make
                         this level, plus a BIG HELLO to :

                         JAKE BULLET
                         JACK FORSK
                         BOB TURRET

                         and not forgetting ...

                         CHIEF INSPECTOR ALAN TURBO
                         COMMANDER TERRY BELTER

                              * Play Information *

Level number           : Map 1
Single Player          : To have a wander. Try -ALTDEATH (respawn points)
Cooperative 2-4 Player : RAM IT
Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : Yeah, suited to 2 players (3/4 should be great!)
Difficulty Settings    : DM1 is best, with skill 4 (as usual)
New Sounds             : YES - many new samples
New Graphics           : YES - walls/floors and some custom stuff
New Music              : YES - 'Fuel' by Metallica (in-game)
                               'Mama Said' by Metallica (interpic)
                               snippet of 'Sad But True' by Metallica (intro)

Demos Replaced         : A short demo is built in.

* AMBIENCE *           : Now when you're playing you can HEAR the level
************             speaking to you. If you're standing near a
                         tunnel-type area the wind will howl. Open areas
                         also sound like they should. Check out the running
                         waterfalls and chilling 'drip' effects :)

                         For ambience to work you must have monsters
                         ENABLED. Press fire in the level to set things off.

                         Hey - be a True Warlord and hammer those barrels !

                              * Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch 
Build time             : 1 month
Editor(s) used         : DeeP '97 and WinTEX 4.3
Known Bugs             : This is getting tedious, but near enough all my
                         more recent levels crash the Doom engine because of
                         the minimal amount of 'Visplanes' it handles. I have
                         to chop bits out to release them (or they would crash
                         when you got to certain parts of the level).

                         However, during the development of this level iD
                         software released the Doom source code, which has
                         led to various 'ports'. One which stands out is
                         presently called "Doom Legacy", and amongst some of
                         it's excellent features is an increase to the
                         Visplane limit (by double?). Yummy !

                         Needless to say, since most Deathmatch Doomers use
                         the original 1.9 version of Doom 2, this map is
                         completely fine when played in that version. Yet
                         again I've had to cut down the detail in various
                         places, though.

                         Still awake ?  Good ....

                         At this present time, I'm unsure whether my future
                         levels will support standard v1.9 Doom, or if I try
                         and cater for the extra features in ports such as
                         Legacy (the 'SKY' resource will look crap until they
                         sort out how to map the extra pixels for MLOOK...)

                         * Copyright / Permissions *
If you want to distribute this level (or put it on your web page), then send
me some e-mail *first* please.

Any additional comments on LOAD would be greatfuly received, too.

                          * Where to get this WAD *

WWW.ZONE.U-NET.COM - under the "WADS" section. This site also has plenty of
fantastic deathmatch levels, so go and check it out (plug-plug)  *:O]

This section still sucks elephants, giraffes and the odd zebra ...



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