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Anyone who's played Lock and Load knows what it's all about. To an extent. Lock

Lock and Load V3.0 Final Weapons Release
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Archive Maintainer      :n/a

Advanced engine needed  : EDGE
Primary purpose         : Single player slaughterfest!!!
Title                   : Lock and Load V3.0 Final Weapons Release
Filename                : locked3.wad
Release date            : July 2nth, 2002
Author                  : Pilottobombadier!
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : none that I wish to confess to releasing :P
Misc. Author Info       : Crazy cyclist, metalhead, Doom freak, 'nuff said.

Story                     Doom: The year is 2206, and earth has finally begun to exploit the resources
  of the solar system.  The first planet on the list is Mars.  The reasons
  are very obvious of course: One, Mars is the least hostile, and two,
  Mars is the most mineral rich planet at this system, as Earth has been
  nearly drained dry of resources, except in northern Canada and Russia.
  You and your battallion are stationed there to protect the interests of
  the conglomerate Union Aerospace Corporation.  From what, you have no 
  damned clue, because no one has screwed with the International Marine
  Corps. for twenty years.  Not only that, you have the best equipment in 
  the solar system, all supplied by the UAC, of course.  The UAC has been
  tinkering with gates on the Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos.  Fear and
  Madness...you laugh at the names, considering how tiny the moons are.  
  So, life on Mars is incredibly dull.  All there is to do is sit on your 
  ass and watch movies, and pray for something little to happen, which it
          doesn't.  However, at the end of your second month there, the alarms go off.
  something has gone wrong.  There's screaming over the coms that creatures
  are emerging from gates on the lunar surface.  Hideous beasts.  You thank
  the powers that be, without thinking of course, for this break in the droning
  lifestyle of a Martian soldier.  You and your men begin boarding the craft 
  and getting geared up to confront whatever these creatures are.  The shuttles blast
          off for Phobos.  On the way to the moons, you notice that there is only one moon 
  in the sky where there should be two...looks like the Phobos Hangar will be the
  the landing spot.  You are ordered to guard the shuttle, and the assault
  crews head out taking all the good stuff with them.  You look to the coms
  to see and hear what is going on...it's an absolute bloodbath. Your comrades
  are brutally slaughtered like lambs in a tight enclosure.  Blood spatters
  walls, intestines decorate the ground...and you can hear a faint crunching
  sound over the com.  Well, it's either kill or be killed.  After all, you're
  sick of sitting on your ass, it's time to kick some!

                Doom II:  You return home from the hellish nightmare of Mars and her moons, hoping
  for some respite and a lot of much needed r'n'r.  However, fate can be cruel.
  When you land, you find earth has been invaded by the very creatures which
  you slaughtered left, right, and centre on Mars.  People are running in terror,
  and are being rounded up by IMC soldiers onto escape pods.  However, the creatures
  are a lot smarter than they appear to be.  They've erected an energy field to
  prevent all take-offs and landings.  The remainder of humanity is trapped, and the
  only thing between them and the creatures is the remainder if the IMC troops.  You
  and the soldiers rally up to re-enter the starport for one sole purpose, saving
  humanity.  You, and them charge in headling, guns blazing, and the soldiers around you
  drop like flies.  Well.  Looks like it's you and them.  Again.  Payback's a bitch.

              Evilution:  Earth has been saved, and the Union Aerospace Corporation is in shambles.  And, as
  wonderful as that may sound (after all, they ARE responsible for screwing with the warp 
  gates), it's actually bad.  So, after a short depression, the world is back on its feet
  again, and the UAC is rebuilt as well.  Thankfully they're still supplying the renowned,
  albeit still greatly diminished International Marine Corps.  The UAC, like all conglomerates,
    is not one to sit on their laurels, however, and proceeds to Jupiter's moon.  But this time,
  they had the Marines stationed on site, and armed to the teeth.  And of course, Murphy's Laws
  are proven once again.  The critters return.  The bastards never learn, do they?  And of course,
  who's the leader of the defence team?  You, of course.  Talk about the shaft.  However, you and
          your troops know your stuff; you have the invasion supressed within an hour, and the gates are shut
  off from your end.  Time to breathe easy...or so you think.  Within a few weeks, the annual supply 
  ship comes in oh, seven months early.  However, the UAC is too busy working on their experiments that
  the disregard it.  Big mistake.  The ship opens up as it descends, and creatures begin pouring out.
  first a mass of Cacodemons and Pain Elementals, to secure the way.  And then, as it gets to around fifty
  feet above ground, the imps, demons, and worse follow suit.  It's an absolute bloodbath, and your comrades
  at arms are slaughtered like cattle.  You, however, were not on base, you were sent on an errand to the
  supply shed.  On your way back, however, you are confronted by an imp, who's face you gladly rearrange with
  your Beretta 2092.  Well...here we go again...

The Plutonia Experiment:  You return home, finally on leave, and you hear the news:  The UAC has been fooling with the 
                          gates on EARTH, and something has gone wrong..."Geez, now there's a fucking surprise!", you yell out, right in the middle of the starcruiser
                          returning to earth.  You check the drawer below your seat, to make sure your pistol, shoulder holster and spare clips
                          are still there.  Yep.  Good, 'cause you're gonna need 'em.  As you look up, you see every face still turned to you.
                          Most of them are marines, the remaining survivors of the Jovian catastrohe.  You begin to seethe with rage.  The ship docks,
  and the soldiers all rush to the barracks.  But you do not.  You go to the commanding officer, and request that you be sent 
  to the disaster site post-haste, and with a little arguing and bribery, you get it.  One more time into the fray, this is it.
  No quarter shall be asked or given, ever again.

Description:  Anyone who's played Lock and Load knows what it's all about.  To an extent.  Lock
and Load, more or less, was always about weapons.  Weapons that could and would pulverise the 
Doom critters like nothing before.  Heh.  Well, this release is a weapons release only, but there
ARE new enemies planned.  The kind of enemies that would kick your ass at a moment's notice.
Well, not just planned, I have the whole wad compiled, I just have to DDF code it all.  Well...
JUST having to do that would be an understatement.  Anyway, there are several weapons here 
for your slaughtering pleasure that would give most gun freaks an orgasm at the mention of 
what they do...but I'll let you see what destruction the can reap for yourselves.

The weapons:

-HK Mk.23 SOCOM w/replication magazine - this is your starting weapon.  Not the weakest, 
not the strongest, but of all of your sidearms it has the larger magazine capacity.  
It comes in two flavours:  One pistol, or akimbo after you've picked up another one.

-Desert Eagle Mk. VII .50AE - this is the most powerful of your sidearms, but its magazine 
capacity blows at first.  There is an upgrade to bring the magazine from 7 rounds to 10.  There
is also a second one of these to pick up.  This weapon also uses replicator magazines.

-M16A1 - This is the most power of the weapons to use a replicator magazine.  It deals less pain
than the Desert Eagle, but has a high rate of fire and a larger magazine capacity.  Also comes in 
single or akimbo flavours.

-OICW Mk.5 - Also known as the Sniper OICW (it's not real, so work with me here, dammit!!), 
this is a powerful combination of a high-power assault rifle (firing 7.62mm instead of 5.56mm) and a 
.50BMG sniper rifle.  The zoom is high and so is the recoil.

-HK G3A4 GBAR - An old G3 super-modified to an extremely deadly mix between high-powered 
assault rifle and a high-powered sniper rifle.  The 3 lb. trigger has been replaced with a 5 lb.
trigger, and the standard barrel has been replaced with a heavy barrel for sniping.  Furthermore,
a high-zoom scope has been mounted as well. It has two attack modes, an automatic fire mode and a
semi-automatic shot with more hitting power and accuracy.

-Pulse Rifle - The uber-rifle is back!  Same as before with the shotgun and grenade launcher firing
modes, but there are now upgrades.  The first is an increase in the size of the rifle magazine,
doubling its capacity, and the second is a huge increase in accuracy.  Also, the shotgun's spray
is much wider than before.

-.50BMG Minigun - The "lightest" anti-equipment weapon, this high-powered machinegun spews out .51
caliber ammunition with absolute impunity with reasonable accurace thanks to hydraulic shock-
absorbers, amongst other things.  

-18.5mm Autocannon - One of the deadliest weapons to come to the battlefield is the Autocannon, 
a heavy anti-armor machinegun that uses a suspension arm to handle recoil thus making it 
man-portable.  The rate of fire, at 600 RPM, is very high for a man-portable weapon of such a
large calibre, and depleted uranium slugs.  But, it certain can and will lay waste to just about anything on the 
battlefield in short order.

-30mm Anti-Tank Rifle - Firing a depleted uranium slug that is 30mm in diameter and 250mm in 
length, this is one of the most powerful weapons ever made.  However, only the strongest of
individuals are capable of both carrying and using this weapon, as its recoil is EXTREMELY high.
However, this weapon will send a slug right through the heaviest of tank armours - and right 
through the other side of said tank, if the round doesn't explode on its own first.

-Railgun - An assault rifle that fires titanium slugs using electromagnetic acceleration.  
Obviously, projectile velocity is quite high.  Now, can it fire through critters?  Some.  
It also has a reasonably high rate of fire, but its ammo use is extremely high.

-HK69 40mm grenade launcher - Anti-personnel grenade launcher that fires either high-explosive
or napalm/incendiary grenades.  The latter attack is more for holding enemies at bay, as opposed to 
killing them, but it will certainly deal with lesser enemies in very short order.  The former 
attack, however, is purely offensive.

-RPG/FAE - a missile launcher that either fires standard HE warheads or the extremely deadly 
Fuel-Air Explosive warheads, at much, much higher ammo cost.  But, it'll certainly lay waste 
pretty damned quick.

-Laser Sniper Rifle - a sniper rifle that fires a pulse-beam about the diameter of the average 
fist.  It also has a tendency to bounce around like crazy, so you're best to watch where you 
fire it!

-Automatic 12ga Shotgun - A fully automatic 12 guage shotgun with a 12 rd. mag.  
It's quite powerful, though, but is best used for very close encounters.

-Flamethrower - Old Toasty's back!!

Additional Credits to   : The EDGE Team, Marc Pullen(Fanatic) for all his help regarding EDGE,
Covert Ops team, id Software for the Doom series, 3d Realms, Stephen Browning for all of his 
free graphics and guidance (remember my old Fpower mod?  Steve gave me some suggestions with that!), 
The guys that developed Nam (your M-16 is great in Doom! :D), the innumerous movie sound wads 
and theme wads creators, and to the Doom community itself for stayin' alive!  I would also like to
credit Justin Fisher for the Smart Gun, and that's all.

Special thanks to: Cory Whittle for his Immoral Conduct wad, which is the greatest inspiration
   behind my work, Marc Pullen for his guidance with DDF problems I had when I
   started this project over a year ago, and Cacodemon Leader, BigBadGangsta, and 
   The_Bloody_One/Darkstorm for their friendship, guidance, sharing of ideas, 
   inspiration, and publicity.  Also, Cacodemon Leader for ripping some graphics 
   for me, and whomever else I have not thanked already.  All help given has been 
   greatly appreciated!  ALSO, I would like to thank the Doomworld community
   (except for a few individuals that piss us all off) for being there...After 
   all, I have to have SOMEONE to enjoy all this, right? 8-P

* What is included *

New levels              : none
Sounds                  : Yes 
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes 
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : just this textfile.
Other files required    : EDGE 1.24 ONLY.

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM / DOOM2 / Final Doom
Map #                   : n/a
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other game styles       : n/a
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented.

* Construction *

Base                    : Modified graphics
Build Time              : Too fucking long...Did I say that?  I meant WAY too fucking long!!!
Editor(s) used          : Wintex, NWT, DEUTEX, Wordpad for the DDF's, Paintshop Pro, Sound Recorder.
Known Bugs              : Yeah, when you finish the last boss the game will crash.  I guess
  the explosion frames have one too many frames.  either way, it's the 
  end of the game, so does it really matter?
May Not Run With...     : WILL NOT run with anything that doesn't support EDGE 1.254's DDFs

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse IF they ask me first.  IF you have downloaded the older version,
you can do whatever you want with it.

You MAY NOT sell any part of this alone or with a compilation.  This is a free add-on and shall
remain as such.
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