One DM level to fulfill your fragging desires that was lacking in FFi because it didn't have the promised 12th level (I hope not!)

Lost FragFest Arena
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                      The Parallel Team presents
                          LOST FRAGFEST ARENA 
                 "The missing unfortunate little level"

Hello everyone! Of all surprise comes this level from us, the Parallel Team!
And it didn't even take long to finish! Can this be real? The Parallel Team
releases a single level DM wad, and says that it took a week to finish!?

Remember, when before releasing FFi we told you that nitro had gotten his
computer formatted, and along all the porno pics our final level for FFi,
"FragFest Arena" was deleted, and that FFi would have only 11 levels?
We also said that in the future we're gonna make things up for you by
releasing the last level as a single WAD, and here it is! The lost level
of FFi!

This medium-sized DM level is also our first "only ZDoom" level. PennyWise
has finally figured out some of the ACS scripting, so don't try this with
Boom, ok? Because the level isn't really small, the fun may not at its
fullest when played with only 2 players, but already with 4 it should be a
That's all for now, for this summer we're pretty busy with our
Skull Tag levels, so take care! (Oh, and here's a sneak info: BuckaZoid will
be working with us on those levels too!).

So that's all, and remember to send us anything: comments, complaints, ideas,
anything! Did I say anything? Well, you can forget those nude pictures of
yours... we've got enough of them!

=============================LEVEL INFO======================================

Title                   : Lost FragFest Arena
Filenames               : lostffi.wad: The level itself
                          lostffi.bat: Batch file to run the level easily
                          lostffi.bex: Dehacked changes
                          lostffi.txt: This file 
                          lostffi.acs: ACS scripting used in this level
Author                  : Parallel Team
Email Address           : <email removed>
Homepage                :
Misc Author Info        : Creators of The Parallel Dimension and FragFest
                          Initialized. Need we say more?
Description             : One DM level to fulfill your fragging desires
                          that was lacking in FFi because it didn't have the
                          promised 12th level (I hope not!)

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II
Port                    : ZDoom (1.17c or above)
Episode and Level #     : Map01
Single Player           : For looking around
Cooperative             : Erm, if you don't kill each other, not much is
                          going to happen
Deathmatch              : Yep, you got it
Difficulty Settings     : Nope
New Sounds              : None
New Graphics            : Textures
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None


* Construction *

Base                    : A new level made entirely from scratch.
Editor(s) used          : Zeth, Wintex, Warm and ACC.
Build Time              : About 5 days (20-25 hours). Yes, we don't believe
                          it either! Is this the Parallel Team we're talking
Known Bugs              : Well, I can't get the 3 "WATERMAP TEXTURE NOT FOUND"
                          messages off from the start, but I guess that's it.
                          Of course you can report to us if you find some.                                        <email removed>!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors other than Parallel Team members may NOT use this level as a base
for their own work. Thank you.

=============================END OF DOCUMENT==================================

Lost FragFest Arena (MAP01)

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