M2ALL v1.666
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E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M8, E2M9
Title                       : M2ALL v1.666

Filenames                   : M2ALL.TXT

Author                      : Magnus Vestli
Address                     : Lindebrate, 1464 FAGERSTRAND, NORWAY

Internet/E-mail address     : Not available at present time.
                              (I'll be back though).

File version/Date           : v1.0/April 17 1995
                              v1.1/September 24 1995
                              v1.2/October 22 1995
                              v1.3/October 24 1995                 
                              v1.4/October 29 1995 FINAL
Description                 : There are 16 levels in all. They have been 
                              created to fit all types of gameplay.
                              from Single to Multiplayer. I find it 
                              important to state that the levels are small
                              on purpose. I found the original DOOM levels
                              to be far to big for some hectic deathmatching,
                              especially with only two players, that's why
                              my levels are small. There are also very few 
                              "safe" areas, to increase the players 
                              adrenaline. I've created several circles, or
                              loops you might say, whichs enables the players
                              to run through the hole level, returning to 
                              their starting point without entering any room
                              twice. There are also very few dead ends, 
                              which forces the players to always watch their 
                              back since there is seldom only one entry to
                              a room. This I find makes the levels much more 
                              fun to play.
SPECIAL EFFECTS (or something like that)

- Enemies pop out from nowhere
- Walk in midair                   
- Teleporting barrels (a sudden death experience)
- Keys hanging in midair            
- Invisible force shield
- Sky put on the floor (without that crummy line through it found in DOOM2)                  
- Water                            
- Door which close horizontally    
- Invisible stairs                
- Mosaic glass with & without hole 
- Hanging Keen as lock on secret door (shoot Keen to unlock door) 
- Hanging keen disappearing through the floor


                          THE STORY SO FAR
June 6, 6am. Pain. Thick red fog. Disorientation. Slowly your vision clears,
you see...a grey open it. A gun, you pick it up. You are in a
small room with cement walls, the grey door closes, you see mountains in
the horizon.
   So she HAD the power. Next time be nicer to old female egyptian fortune
tellers who claim they know woodo, you think to yourself. Maybe if you had
paid her she wouldn't have changed her opinion of your future from that
nice version in the Caribbien, to the one about spending all eternity in Hell. 
Maybe if you had run out of her trailer before she threw that yellow dust in
your face, you would not be hell. You look at your watch which 
apparently "died" in the fall from your bed down to this place, it reads 
June 6, 6am.....666 - The sign of AntiChrist, a shiver run down your back, 
you are really here. You once read "To kill the flower, destroy the root". 
In other words, kill AntiChrist or spend all eternity in pain. The choice 
seems fairly don't know how, you don't know where, you don't 
know even if you'll make it......BUT YOUR NOT GIVING UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!!



DOOM Engines tested&working : DOOM  v1.9 - Ultimate DOOM 
                              DOOM 2 v1.9      
                              (users of other versions see known bugs)
Episode & Levels            : DOOM episode 2 levels 1-9
                              DOOM2 level 1-7
Single player               : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 player      : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 player       : Yes
Difficulty settings         : Yes.  The difficulty settings speak for 
                                    themselves. I wanted to reach the hole 
                              spectre of players, so the easiest setting is 
                              EASY, and the hardest is "kind of" hard, but
                              not so hard that you must play for an
                              eternity just to make one level. There are
                              thousands of WAD's out there, and if the ones
                              I try are too hard, I just TERMINATE them. I
                              really don't want this to happen to my levels.
                              I wan't the players to experience what I have
                              spent one and a half year building & perfecting.

New Graphics                : Yes.  Parts of the menu(including new skill
                                    levels, the end/startup pictures, new
                                    infobar called "techbar" created by
                                    Josh aka Phallus & I added those cool 
                                    Mosaic windows from Heretic.

New Music                   : Yes.  Took my favourite tunes from DOOM/DOOM2 
                                    added them to the levels I found 
                                    appropriate to create the MOOD.
                                    Also include one classic tune.

New Sounds                  : Yes.  A new Chaingun sound & new boss speech. 
                                    Taken from the four level BETA demo 
                                    of Hexen.

Demos replaced              : Yes.  Check them out if you get stuck, they
                                    might just give you a few hints.

Special Deathmatch info     : At level DOOM E2M1 & DOOM2 MAP4 there are
                              two arenas made for two player deathmatch. 
                              The first one is where you find the blue key. 
                              I call it the boxing arena, the other one is 
                              close to where the red key is on DOOM E2M1, 
                              you'll find it. They are both excellent 
                              to have fist or chainsaw fights in.
                              Further more I highly recommend DOOM E2M2 &
                              DOOM2 MAP3 for deathmatch play.


* Construction *

Base                        : ALL levels buildt from scratch, except DOOM2
                              level 6 where I "borrowed" some small amount
                              of leveldesign from the original DOOM2.

Build Time                  : Over a YEAR now & still going strong! Can you 
                              belive it? Well I'm a perfectionist so things 
                              I do takes time. I started June 1994, and I 
                              just finished it today, October 29 1995. 
Editors used                : Deu 5.0, Deu 5.21 32-bits version, Deu2 5.21
                              for DOOM 2, Dmaud v1.0 & v1.1, Dmgraph v1.0 
                              & v1.1, NWT v1.3, & Bsp v1.0.  

Known bugs                  : I have playtested M2ALL a LOT, & I am pleased
                              to announce that there are NO level errors that
                              I can find (errors = it crashes ++). If however
                              M2ALL does crash, or it run's slightly slow, 
                              check your RAM or graphic card. It works fine 
                              on my (now soon to be upgraded) 486DX2-66Mhz 
                              with 8 RAM. Which is the machine M2ALL has
                              been optimized for. I have decided to only work 
                              with the versions DOOM v1.9 - Ultimate DOOM & 
                              DOOM 2 v1.9, and so I have NOT tested any 
                              other versions.

History (upgrades)          : v0.9 - My very first Wad. Made for DOOM E2M1.
                                     Just a bunch of Barons really. This 
                                     level was dumped after a short while, 
                                     and never made any later release. It 
                                     didn't quite "do it". 
                              v1.0 - Consisted of an amazing 1 level
                                     (level 2 2). It started out as a
                                     true copy of my own house, it 
                                     changed though (the level I mean), into
                                     something completely different.
                              v1.1 - The amount of levels where expanded to
                                     9 (a hole episode). + bug fixes on 
                                     level 2 2.  
                              v1.2 - Major bug fixes on all levels resulting
                                     in creating a hole new level for level
                                     2 3 (the old one just didn't do it).
                                     created 6 new levels for DOOM2.
                              v1.3 - FINAL VERSION. Added A Story, Graphics, 
                                     Music & Demos. Finally I wrote this file.
                              v1.4 - FOOLED YOU, actually I fooled me. How
                                     could I for one second belive I would
                                     be finished with levelmaking? Well 
                                     enough about v1.3 being "FINAL".
                                     For this version I REMOVED all music, 
                                     demo's & graphic's(not the story), 
                                     since I wasn't happy with them in the 
                                     first place (will create new ones 
                                     for v1.5). Changed the name from v1.3's 
                                     M2ALL - Death by entry. 
                                     To ASH(to ashes)pt.1/2 - M2ALL DOOM v1.4
                                     & ASH(bashes)pt.2/2 - M2ALL DOOM2 v1.4
                                     I TOTALLY renewed the DOOM2 levels, 
                                     making them far better. Changed the 
                                     names of the M2ALL files from M2ALL.WAD
                                     ,M2ALL2.WAD and M2ALL.TXT to ASH.WAD,
                                     ASH2.WAD and ASH.TXT. I also updated
                                     this file to "file v1.1".
                              v1.5 - New and FAR better graphics. Added 
                                     graphics for parts of the menu, 
                                     skill levels, start & intermission
                                     pictures. Cool mosaic windows & a grave.
                                     Old graphics from v1.3 which was not 
                                     deleted has been finetuned to fit 
                                     v1.9 of both games. New sounds taken 
                                     from the beta demo version of Hexen. 
                                     Sounds include Chaingun sound, elevator 
                                     sound & new boss speech. Level 1-6 for 
                                     DOOM2 are now "probably" in their final 
                                     version. Music has been altered & is 
                                     now far more adjusted to the "feel" of
                                     the levels than before. The title has
                                     been changed yet again. Now it's called
                                     EVIL - M2ALL DOOM v1.5. The files 
                                     ASH.WAD, ASH2.WAD and ASH.TXT, have been
                                     altered to EVIL.WAD, EVIL2.WAD and 
                                     EVIL.TXT. This file has been updated 
                                     to "file v1.2", and "file v1.3". 
                                     EVIL - M2ALL DOOM v1.5 was completed:
                                     24 October 1995.
                            v1.666 - FINAL FINAL FINAL FINAL FINAL VERSION.       
                                     This is I just stated IS the final 
                                     version, and it brings my DOOM level
                                     creating mania to a close. Added another
                                     level for DOOM2, level 7, bug fixed DOOM
                                     levels & created a hole new level for
                                     DOOM 2 7. Added the ending to the story.
                                     Added some graphics, plus included Josh
                                     aka Phallus' Techbar patch. This title
                                     stuff was making me crazy. M2ALL is thy
                                     name, as me again and I'll tell you the
                                     same. It has always been & always will
                                     be M2ALL that is the original and 
                                     correct name. Nothing more to say on
                                     the subject. The files have been changed
                                     (for the last time) from EVIL.TXT, 
                                     EVIL.WAD & EVIL2.WAD to M2ALL.TXT,
                                     M2ALL.WAD & M2ALL2.WAD. The last 
                                     finishing touch to M2ALL was updating
                                     this file to "file v1.4 - FINAL" which
                                     took place : 20.15 - 29 October 1995.
                                     M2ALL is finished.

Title history               : Understand the title? NO? Then I will explain.    
                            * For v0.9 & v1.0 there wasn't really any title
                              at all.

                            * For v1.1 the title M2ALL came to life.
                              The M stands for Magnus, the 2 stands for    
                              episode 2 and ALL stands for all levels.
                              I used names as m21.wad,m22.wad,m23.wad to
                              recognize my levels. When I grouped then
                              M2ALL.WAD came natural. Call me old 
                              fashioned but when you work with something 
                              for a year, you kind of get attached to the 

                            * For v1.2 the title didn't change.

                            * For v1.3 I added a subtitle to make it.....
                              ...well, better. The new title was now:

                                     M2ALL - Death by entry

                              "Death by Entry" just sounded cool really.
                              Besides, if you`re a "less experienced"
                              player you WILL die pretty quick at the
                              harder levels anyway.

                            * For v1.4 M2ALL has become the subtitle.
                              The new title is now:

                                ASH(to ashes)pt.1/2 - M2ALL DOOM v1.4
                                ASH(bashes)pt.2/2 - M2ALL DOOM2 v1.4

                              I belive this looks far better than the old
                              title. ASH is the name of the character you
                              play, & "from ASH to ashes" means that Ash 
                              fry the demons he(you) kill so badly, there's 
                              nothing left but ashes. "ASH bashes" means
                              that he(you) woops the enemies ass REAL GOOD!

                            * For v1.5 M2ALL is still the subtitle, but
                              the main title has now been changed to
                              The new title is now:

                                EVIL - M2ALL DOOM v1.5

                              It's evil because evil is what surrounds you.  
                              It's why you're here, it's what you need to
                              destroy to survive.

                            * For v1.666 M2ALL has become the only, & true
                              name. What it stands for, read above.

                              (This is all very interesting isn't it).

Play information            : Unzip M2ALL.ZIP. 

                              Start DOOM with:
                              DOOM -FILE M2ALL.WAD
                              Start DOOM2 with:
                              DOOM2 -FILE M2ALL2.WAD

The author wishes to thank : * Id Software
                             * Raven Software
                             * The creaters of Deu, Dmgraph, Dmaud & NWT.
                             * Bj›rge Vestli (my brother) who many a night 
                               has been forced to playtest M2ALL in 
                               multiplayer by his big brother.
                             * Buckaroo who many a night...ahem...who has 
                               also been sort of a test rabbit.
                             * Josh aka Phallus for Techbar.
                             * Anyone who enjoys M2ALL.

* Copyright / Permission * 

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute these files, provided you distibute ALL of the files
together with NO modifications. You MAY distribute these files in any 
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as all files are included
and intact.

The author will not assume responsibility for any damage that might result
from use of these files. Although Virus free when they left the authors
computer, he can not guarantee that they remain that way.

All specific names included herein are trademarks: DOOM, DOOM2, 
Id Software, DEU 5.0, DEU 5.21 32 bits version, DEU2 5.21 for DOOM2, 
Dmaud v1.0 & v1.1, Dmgraph v1.0 & v1.1, Bsp v1.0, NWT v1.3,  
Heretic, Hexen - Beyond Heretic, Raven Software, M2ALL v1.666.
Any Tradmarks not mentioned here are hypothetically acknowledged.

These files are (C) Copyright 1994/1995 by Magnus Vestli. All rights reserved.


Note      : I would appreciate any and all feedback about M2ALL.

Yours Sincerely

Magnus Vestli


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