The ultimate deathmatch.

MEGADETH Version 2.2
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Title:                          MEGADETH      Version 2.2
Author:                 Jaswant S. Hayre  <a.k.a. BLADE>
Location:               Kent, UK
E-Mail Address:         CompuServe  100070,3233

Description:    The ultimate deathmatch.

This level is specifically designed for DEATHMATCH play.
It comprises 4 zones: the ATRIUM (centre); JSH ZONE (East);
ARENA (West); and the WARP ZONE (North). There are also two

Each zone has its own theme, strategy and secrets. Note
that the skill levels (1-5) also have a major effect on
the strategies.

MEGADETH is designed to be played with monsters present.

MEGADETH incorporates the use of enhanced weapons.

Story:          After defeating the Demons in Hell on Earth, you finally
discover the truth of DOOM. The original invasion of the
Phobos moonbase by the hordes from Hell was only possible
because of a human traitor - an officer in the Space
Marines like you. You have tracked him down after
discovering his picture in the ARENA, and now one thought
is foremost in your mind - to scatter his atoms to the
depths of hell!

This will be your toughest mission yet - an assassination
- and you will have Earth's most advanced weaponry
available to you: guns with laser sights and silencers!

Earth is counting on you. The final War of the Worlds is
about to begin on Mars - Earth vs. Hell - prepare for
M E G A D E T H . . .

Gameplay:       MEGADETH is designed solely for deathmatches although all
other modes are supported. It is a highly strategic level
designed first and foremost for depth of gameplay. This
level rewards the strategic player who takes the trouble
to learn its secrets.

Weapons:        MEGADETH is an assassination mission and therefore gives
you access to enhanced weapons. These incorporate silencers
for the pistol and chaingun, and laser sights for the
pistol, shotgun and chaingun. (Laser sights are optional.)

The silencers only muffle the shots enough for you to hit
your target without him hearing you  :)

The shotgun and plasma rifle have enhanced sounds.

The laser sights are not used for the rocket launcher,
plasma rifle and BFG9000 because these weapons have a blast
radius and do not need precise aiming.

The laser sights will auto-dim when you enter darkened areas
to avoid giving your position away  :))

Like with the real thing, if you keep the trigger down on
the pistol, shots will tend to wander after the first one.
It is best to release the trigger after each shot. This also
applies to the chaingun. Short controlled bursts of fire are
most effective.

Additional Credits to:  The programmers at ID for DOOM.
Ari Koivisto whose zzone.wad was used as the basis
for the ATRIUM.
Hoss for the reddot files.

* Play Information *

Episode and Map #:              E2M7
Single Player:                  Yes - boooring
Cooperative 2-4 Player:         Yes - yawwwn
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:          Yesssssss - the ultimate deathmatch WAD!
Difficulty Settings:            Yes (1-5)
1)      Lots of weapons + power-ups
2)      As on level 1
3)      Few weapons
4)      Few weapons + extra monsters
5)      NOT advised if you want to live!
New Music:                      Yes
New Sounds:                     Yes
New Graphics:                   Yes

* Instructions *        To activate the LASER SIGHTS, type "LASERON" at
the DOS prompt. This will work for all Doom levels.
To switch the laser sights off, type "LASEROFF" at
the DOS prompt.

To try out the level in single player mode, type
"DOOM -FILE MEGADETH.WAD" at the DOS prompt. Then
start your game as normal. When you enter a level,
type "IDCLEV27".

* Play Guide *
This WAD should not be judged by playing it in
single player or cooperative modes, but if you
insist on playing it this way then try skill
level 4. On Deathmatch, for an action oriented
"kill everything that moves" game try skill
level 1. For a more strategic game try skill
level 3 (recommended).

The WARP ZONE is not designed as a combat zone
and is best used as a means of access to weapons
and power-ups.

The level is designed so that if you listen to
the monsters and warp sounds you can judge where
your opponent is.

* Construction *

PC used:                Accelerated 486 DX2 66
Build Time:             80 hours
Editors used:           DoomEd The Real Thing, V 2.60 Beta 4
Deu, V 5.2
MIDI2MUS, V 2.04
DMAUD, V 1.1
Paint Shop Pro V 1.01
Known Bugs:             None
Slowdown:               None on development machine (full screen, high detail)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels but must give credit.

Anyone may distribute this PWAD, provided that NO charge of any type is made for it
and the following files are included unaltered:

-MEGADETH.TXT:          this file.
-MEGADETH.WAD:          the PWAD file.
-DMGRAPH.EXE:           the graphics editor.
-LASERON.BAT:           the batch file for installing the laser sights.
-LASEROFF.BAT:          the batch file for removing the laser sights.
-REDCHAIN.GIF:          the laser graphic for the chain gun.
-REDPISTL.GIF:          the laser graphic for the pistol.
-REDSHOT.GIF:           the laser graphic for the shotgun.

* Disclaimer *          I will not be held responsible for any damage done
to your hardware, software, personal relationships
or your state of mind by the use of any of these files.

+ Secrets *             WARNING - reading the following may significantly
enhance your enjoyment of this level :)

ATRIUM:         The ATRIUM has two lifts, operated by pushing one
wall on each lift. It also has a secret warp which
teleports to the top of a pillar sniper position.
The small building has a fake front wall which is
ideal for snipers. There are 2 hidden doors leading
to the JSH ZONE, 2 hidden doors leading to the ARENA
and one large hidden door leading to the WARP ZONE.

One lift is an octagon located in the NE corner. Its
NE wall is the switch. The other lift is a rectangle
located in the SE corner. Its S wall is the switch.

The warp leading to the top of the pillar (and the
BFG9000) is located at the E end of the large block
(facing the door to the WARP ZONE) at the North. The
only way to enter the warp is to enter it by moving
Southwards. (The approximate location of the warp is
at the NE of the ATRIUM.)

JSH ZONE:       The JSH ZONE has 2 fake walls which are ideal for
snipers and one hidden teleport (the end wall in
the "S").

ARENA:          The ARENA has many secrets. It has two lifts,
operated by pushing 2 of the angled sides. It has
a cyberdemon trapped by barrels (it is not a good
idea to let a stray shot hit a barrel!), and a
spider demon trapped with some of his buddies from
hell (don't get too close). There are two exits (one
to the Tower of Babel and the other to the Fortress
of Mystery). There is also a fake wall with a sniper
position and a secret tunnel leading from it. The
switch in this area raises the Spider Demon and the
warp platforms. Its generally not a good idea to use
it. There are four marked warp platforms.

The two lifts are located at the NE and SW corners
of the ARENA. Each has two walls which act as
switches. For the NE lift these are the angled NW
and NE faces. For the SW lift these are the angled
SW and SE faces.

WARP ZONE:      The WARP ZONE has a central area packed with
weapons, ammunition, medikits and power-ups. To get
to it you must follow the path created by the
barrels. The monsters are deaf here and will not
bother you so long as you don't start the fight!
Also, a stray bullet will destroy the barrel path
and you will keep warping if you try to reach the
goodies. Some warp points take you out of the WARP
ZONE itself. Two hidden warp points (South & East)
provide access to the two secret rooms.

As players were finding it frustrating trying to
navigate the path after the barrels were destroyed,
I have provided a faint visual path on the floor
which can be used as a guide. The entrance to the
path is on the East side of the WARP ZONE. The faint
path is most visible with low levels of gamma
correction. However, before resorting to this,
players can follow the temporary energy cell path.
There is also a short-cut route.

The warp leading to SECRET ROOM 1 is located mid-way
in the South of the WARP ZONE. It is the SW line of
the faint upside down V in the South. Access it by
moving North or NW.

The warp leading to SECRET ROOM 2 is located mid-way
in the East of the WARP ZONE. It is located to the
West of the soldier on the pole. Access it by moving
just South of the soldier and then moving West (about
300 degrees).

SECRET ROOM 1:  SECRET ROOM 1 is full of weapons and ammunition. The
floor is made of lava and inflicts a small amount of
damage (this prevents players hiding here). The warp
exit leads to three different locations.

SECRET ROOM 2:  SECRET ROOM 2 is full of body armour and power-ups.
This room is radioactive and inflicts a small amount
damage (this prevents players hiding here). The warp
exit leads to three different locations.


MEGADETH has been extensively play tested and should contain
no bugs. If you do find a bug, let me know so I can fix it.

A lot of effort has gone into MEGADETH and I would greatly
appreciate it if people let me know what they think - good
or bad. If there is enough demand I may write an update
featuring players' comments, or maybe even version 3.

* Remember - your feedback is greatly appreciated *



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