MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire'

MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire' is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM2

MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire'
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WASTELAND: MOUNTAIN OF FIRE (version 0.9) (position E2L2)


This level is the sequel of `Dead Base' and MUST be played after that
level, otherwise you will never have enough ammo to complete `Mountain
of Fire'. The best thing would be to download `Dead Base' immediately
(filename DEADBSxx.ZIP, xx = version number), but there is an alternative:
in order to allow you to play this level as a stand-alone WAD file
I placed the ammo needed to play the level near the start point.
You simply need to turn around 180 degrees and walk back 'outside':
you will find all the equipment you need......

ANYWAY, the *REAL* player will play Dead Base and WON'T NEED to pick up
any more ammo to play this level.... :-)

(The required ammo is something like 400/100/43/560, this means to play
Dead Base without wasting too many rockets....)


Maj. Barowsky slowly advanced in the dark cavern, sneaking carefully
towards the dimly lit room where the cave guided him. He stood still for
a moment, to let his eyes adjust to the reduced lighting, then pulled his
out the chainsaw and started it. `Whatever lurks in here will have to come
close to attack' were his thoughts as he approached the flickering torches.
As soon as he entered the large cavern a growl emanating from the right
made him shift quickly towards the left corner of the cavern.
He turned towards the source of the growl. Nothing moved in the dark, but
still inhuman growlings emanated from some point closeby.
`Damn! Those bastard spectre-like beasts are invisible
in this low light.' he thought as he placed the chainsaw in a defensive
position. He had the impression of a moving shadow when something
hit his weapon. Firmly grasping the chainsaw he let the gas go. The
machine changed from an ill coughing to a frightening roar, its
steel teeth biting the ghostly flesh of the abomination and ripping
it apart. The horror's attack ended abruptly as the roaring blade
cut through its brain, sending the hellspawn back where it came from.
Then, still holding the chainsaw in position, he examined the room
carefully and saw several dead bodies lying around. He walked towards
one of them and knelt down to investigate it closely.
The corpse lay face down in a pool of blood, its smell that of burnt flesh;
he turned it on its back with his foot and noticed a large burnt area
in the chest, clearly the result of a direct hit from a plasma gun.
`This is the work of Lt. Morrison' he thought `I wonder why he didn't
report his findings to the starship.'
He pulled out the transmitter.

``Maj. Barowsky to Wanderer starship'' he said into the microphone.

``Computer ready to receive transmission'' replied the metallic voice
of the starship's on-board computer.

``The Prometeus Base is clear from the unknown hostile force which
had taken it. The force seems to be composed of semi-human beings
and unknown monsters which look like they have come directly from hell.
I have located the source of the evil to be in the volcano near the base,
I will explore the mountain and then report again. You should contact
Gen. Vitesse, send him this report and ask for support.'' Barowsky said.

``Affirmative'' replied the machine.

``Up to now I have been unable to find out where the population of the

base is, nearly six hundred people can't just have vanished
into thin air. Over and out.'' and switched the transmitter off.

He advanced towards the partly open hi-tech door, a strange object
to find within a volcano, and pressed the switch. Nothing happened.
`Damn! The mechanism is jammed. Let's see if this helps...' he thought
as he stepped back and aimed his shotgun at the door.
The shot shook the door, partly freeing the mechanism and making the
door slide up just enough to let a man pass. Nothing moved in the
dark corridor beyond the door. No sound came from the cave.
`I feel like I'm walking straight into a trap....' he thought.
He pulled out the map he had found in the Secondary Control Room
of the Prometeus Base and examined it.

Their                      |
Area                       |   PROMETEUS                Our
                           /   UNDERGROUND COMPLEX      Area
             CRATER       /
               /---\     /       --------\
              /     \   /      /---\/  \ |/--\ 2ndary
              |     |--/       \---/|  | |   | Ctrl Room
              \      \     Stores   \--/ |\--/
               \----\ \-\          Ctrl  |
                 |   \  /------\   Room  ( BRIDGE OVER CHASM
                 |    \/        \        |
                 |   Observ.     \-------|
                 |   Area                |
                 |             /-\      |
                 \-------\     | |     |
                         |     \ /    |
   CITY?                 |      |-----/
                         |      \__
                         |         \
                         |      ENTRANCE

`Ok. First of all I will visit the underground complex and have a look
at the computers. Hmmm. First tunnel on the right. Ok.
Another promising place is the Observation area....
Let me see, it can be reached directly from the tunnel near the bridge,
good. What I can't understand are this `our area' and `their area',
maybe the population of the base has split in two groups.
I must also check what this city is. According to the starship computer
the Prometeus Base never received the order to build an underground city
in the volcano. Maybe the Complex's computer contains some more info.
Well, time to go...'
He placed the map back into his pocket and, holding the plasma gun in
attack position, sneaked inside, towards the underground complex.


Welcome to the second mission in the Wasteland series: Mountain of Fire.
In this mission you play the role of Maj. Barowsky as he proceeds
towards the source of evil which destroyed the Prometeus Base.
You will wander through the strange places which lies within the volcano,
fighting nameless evil to reach the underground complex.
Eventually, you will escape from the volcano and emerge in an eerie and
deadly place.

Title                   : MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire'
Author                  : Alberto BARSELLA
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       :

the setting is inside a volcano: there are corridors, rooms and
some larger areas. Overall the level should run smoothly on all machines.

The creation of this WAD was made possible by the two great programs
called DEU 5.1 and BSP 1.1 (dmgraph and wt helped, too).
In this WAD I continued my work in the creation of realistic
lighting effects. When you walk through corridors you will find
areas lit by torches. Don't expect any torch in natural cracks.....
Some of the rooms have objects (pillars, etc) which
cast shadows onto the floor and on the walls.
This level takes place in a volcano, volcanoes contain lava, and
lava is deadly. If you fall into the lava YOU ARE DEAD. There's
no way to get out of it. If you see dangerous ledges then SAVE YOUR GAME.
Special effects include: waterfall with sound, a couple of attempts to
recreate cave-ins, a fallen bridge and computer messages!
The difficulty is higher than Dead Base.

Additional Credits to   : Ben Jos Walbeehm for beta testing the
                          first version of this level (and preventing
                          me from releasing it) and for several corrections
                          in the English text.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E2M2
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes - not at its best
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (Only 'hurt me plenty' and 'Ultra Violence')
                          The difference is only in the number of monsters.
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes (5 128x128 patches)
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : 100+ hours
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.1/5.2, BSP 1.1, dmgraph, ART for the marble
Known Bugs              : 'Standing on a linedef' problems near sectors
                          which have very high floor/ceiling heights
                          (the crater, the lava-filled cracks and the
                           outside area)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels. You MAY use the new textures I created in your levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers: //

Other: my hard drive


I would like to know what you think of this level, what did you like,
what you disliked, suggestions, ideas, multiplayer/deathmatch comments,
anything else. E-mail me at

<email removed>

EPILOGUE (read after you completed the level)

(scroll down one page)


Maj. Barowsky walked to the mysterious door, now open, and examined the
bare room which lay behind it. No sound came from the area. He stepped
inside, noticing a hollow sound as his feet hit the room's floor.
`An elevator' he thought looking at the switch on the right wall.
He operated the switch, making the room slide slowly down
with the sound of complex machinery.
`Three and a half hour ago' he thought, the message of Lt. Morrison still
in his mind. `Three and a half hours ago Morrison recorded that message.
If I want to reach him I must move faster than this.
If we can meet and combine our firepower we'll have much more chance
to get out of here alive. I wonder where the monsters are coming from,
if Morrison was here three hours ago he must have cleaned both the corridor
and the complex, but still I found the places filled with horrors.
And the complex was empty, not a single men from the base was there.
Where are the six-hundred people? Did they get away? Why didn't they
communicate anything to the command?
I wonder if the semi-human monsters could be....., no, it can't be. This is no stupid videogame, this is real life,
and in real life people can't just become blood-thirsty monsters.'
While he was thinking the elevator reached the bottom of the pit and
stopped; a dark corridor, dug into the volcanic rock, departed from
the elevator, leading north towards a very lit area.
`Look like this leads back outside this cursed mountain, good.'
He walked towards the light, his shotgun ready to deal with whatever
might lie between him and his freedom.

Here ends Mountain of Fire, with Maj. Barowsky walking into the third
mission: Sands of Death.

Prepare yourself for the third mission!



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