MOTRZDBT.WAD and (I can't think of a good title

The original MOTRBATH.WAD seemed a bit too simple

MOTRZDBT.WAD and (I can't think of a good title
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Title                   : MOTRZDBT.WAD and (I can't think of a good title
                          MOTRZDST.WAD (both must be run together)

 Either use a front end, or run as ZDOOM -file motrzdst.wad motrzdbt.wad
Or extract all of the files in this archive in your zdoom folder/directory
and click on MOTRZDBT.BAT

 this time :)                                                                                   ^=====this has no particular

Date Finished           : July 8th, 2005
Engine                  : Zdoom only/Doom 2                        
                                      Tested with Zdoom 2.0.96
Author                  : I'm me
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : I'm me

Description             : The original MOTRBATH.WAD seemed a bit too simple
and dry, so I added a lot of new stuff to it. This time, you are in a
sort of campground comminity. Also, there are many more areas to explore,
plus a railroad loading area.

 Brief overview of mission:

 - Find switch that overides the burned out controls
 for the bathroom's door.

 -Rescue marine trapped inside


 (it's not as easy as it sounds :)

Additional Credits to: ID, the makers of Doom builder, Wintex, Boom
sourceport and derivitives.


* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map 01
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : 2 player
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : untested
Difficulty settings     : Easy, hard


 If you go into the railroad inside of the base, be extremely careful.
The track has 3 rails. The middle one is electrified, and will hurt you
badly (if it were'nt for the suit you are wearing, you would be frozen there,
while your internal organs are being cooked) . If you cross the rail right next
to it, you complete the circut and the flashover will kill you instantly.

 Be *real* careful outdoors and near windows. A very bad thunderstorm is
starting up, and cloud-to-ground lightning is hitting in the immediate
area. If you are walking, and it seems like you bump into something,
or you see an arc form right infront of you, *BAIL*. Even with the
protective suit you are wearing, you will still be badly injured or
killed if you stand there too long.                                        
 Be very careful indoors, because there are peices of ceiling that could
fall on you.

New Sounds              : Yes, various ambient sounds. Thanks to for the thunder sounds!

New Music               : Nope
New Graphics            : Various modified doom sprites, new textures.
Also a bit of Dehacked and scripting.
Demos Replaced          : None.

* Construction *

Build Time              : Several Days
Doom Utilities used     : Doom Builder, Wintex, ACC, a few other programs..
Known Bugs              : I did my best to eliminate all of the little ones
I could. The only major one, and a very infuriating (to me) one at that, is
the appearence of slime trails over the roof tops of the cottages at some angles.
I don't know what causes it, and I tried everything to eliminate it, so well,
if anyone knows how, let me know.

  Authors may use this level to build aditional levels.
  You may distribute this archive as long as none of the files
 inside are changed.



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