Mainframe Complex

A moderately-sized SP level that shows off many of Risen3D's capabilities. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!

Mainframe Complex
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Now at version 1.1

Fixed ....

- If you dive underwater while the water level is rising, some textures will move with the water level. 

- Thunder sound if running at 44100Hz.

- DED bug fixed for later versions of Risen3D, and now included in the wad. As such the original ded file is not included.

- In version 1.0 , the player could exit the level WITHOUT destroying the complex ... now the player has to "finish" his mission ... ;)

- Minor cosmetic enhancements here and there.

- The original .bat file is included but is now outdated. Suggest making a new .bat file via the Launcher.

- Use R3DLauncher to install the wad.

- Recommended to use with Risen3D v2.2 or greater ...

Many thanks to Catsy for allowing the wad to be uploaded to the archives.

Uploaded by hawkwind ...

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Title                   : Mainframe Complex
Filename                : mfc.wad
Version                 : 1.0
Date Finished           : 10/16/2004
Author                  : "Catsy" (Brandon Bannerman)
Web Page                :
Email Address           : Private.
                          PM me on New Doom (
Description             : A moderately-sized SP level that shows off many of
                          Risen3D's capabilities. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!
Credits goes to         : id Software for DooM(tm), and for Quake 2 sfx
                          Rogue for the Strife textures
                          Looking Glass Studios for System Shock 2 textures
                          Valve for Half-Life sfx
                          General thanks for random graphics and sounds of
                          unknown origin. If it's yours, consider yourself
                          hawkwind2 on New Doom Forums for an insane amount
                          of volunteer playtesting that helped maked this
                          level what it is.
                          Graham Jackson for Risen3D, without which parts
                          of this map would simply not be possible.
                          Jack Vermeulen for DeePsea, worth every penny.

* Play Information *

Map #                   : MAP01
Sourceport: Risen3D v1.6.57 or newer.
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes!
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : No, recommend you run with -nomusic
New Graphics            : Yes

* Construction *

Source                  : New level from scratch
Build Time              : About two weeks, on and off
Editor(s) used          : DeePsea, Paint Shop Pro 7 
Known Bugs              : Minor

- If you dive underwater while the water level is rising, some textures will move with the water level. There is presently no fix for this.
- Some silent teleport transitions will be audible due to a difference in nearby ambient sounds. I have tried to work the level design around this wherever possible, but occasionally it will be noticeable.
- It is possible, in a few places, to get stuck in the floor if you're not careful going down a ladder. This is an issue with the way R3D handles ladder linedefs (it performs no floor/ceiling clipping); the only workaround is to not have a wall near the side of a ladder and this is not always feasible in the level design.
- Frame rates will take a significant hit in rooms with lots of 3D lines, most notably the namesake "mainframe" areas with the grilled walkways. A 1Ghz processor or better is recommended for anything resembling playable fps in these areas. Sorry.

* Description *
You've been sent in to destroy the central mainframe of an infested military base, lest the information be used for nefarious stuff. For reasons known only to the author, the only way to do this is to shut off the cooling system that keeps supercomputers like this from going boom. Sounds easy, right?


        This level REQUIRES that you have dynamic lights turned on, and it is recommended that you keep them at their brightest level while turning the ambient light to zero. This will ensure that the environment displays as intended. I make almost no use of sector lighting in this level, relying entirely on dynamic lights for illumination. I think I've managed to do so pretty conservatively; as long as you have at least a 1Ghz processor this should be playable.

I also strongly recommend the use of MD2 models if you can afford the processor/video overhead. On more than one occasion you will have enemies directly above and/or below you, and we all know how pants that looks with sprites.

I intend this map to be difficult. The average player should not be able to beat it on UV. In fact, if you play it on UV and do not die at least once, I haven't done my job. :)

Finally, you should know that certain parts of this map require you to have jumping turned on.

* Other Information *

Where to Get:

Packing List            : mfc.bat
                          R3DGames\mfc\mfc.txt (this file)

Installation            : Just unzip into your Risen3D folder. Make sure you extract it with the paths intact. You can use the mfc.bat file in the Risen3D folder to play, or look in the UDIR section of the Launcher. If you load it manually through the launcher, make sure you load the DED file--the level will not be playable otherwise.

Copy Information: You may NOT use this level as a base to build your own. You are, however, free to use it to learn how to do some of the cool stuff of which Risen3D is capable. Editing techniques and such are fair game, of course. Do whatever you want with the dynamic light definitions in the DED file.

                          Feel free to use any of the textures I made, just credit me in your text file. These are: DISPxx, BSPLAT1, WINx, RAINx, CAUTION, D_PURGE, MAINTACC, RAILING, RAILING2. There are a few others in there that I modified from Strife or SS2 textures, feel free to use those too.


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