You're in a mansion.

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WAD Type
Title                   : Mansion1
Filename                : Mansion1.WAD
Author                  : Tim Nelson
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Wait until you see my Quake boards!!

Description             : You're in a mansion.

Additional Credits to   : Trent Rapp, Steve Jackson, Dan Benedict,
                          and Chad Comer for cool ideas.  I'd also
                          like to thank Tim Nelson, without whom this
                          WAD wouldn't have been possible.

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II (Is there any other game?)
Episode and Level #     : Map 7 (So when you kill the last Mancubis something
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (But not tested.)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (Four player rocks!)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None (Too many game versions out.)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Edmap 1.23, Edmap 1.24, and Edmap 1.31 (They're
                          the best).
Known Bugs              : Yeah right.
Build Time              : See below 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

Other: AOL (hopefully a couple days after this was posted)

* Other Stuff *

        For all you would-be WAD authors out there, I documented every step
of building this WAD.  Hopefully it will give you an idea of the work that
goes into a well-built WAD.

6/25  10:45 PM  Started it all!
      12:00 AM  Have one staircase, one hallway with rug and other hallway.
6/26   6:15 PM  Going to work on other staircase and elevators.
       8:00 PM  Have other hallway with rug, other staircase and elevator!
                Must eat now.
6/27  12:15 AM  Will put in other elevator, lamps, and banisters.
       1:00 AM  Tested lamps, one banister, problems with banister's inside
                textures, will fix at final build.  It's looking very good!
                Still only one elevator.
       6:30 PM  Will put in other banister and mess with other elevator.
       7:00 PM  Taking break to eat. Have other banister and elevator 
                textures are done.
6/28  12:00 AM  Took monster break.  Will put in other banister and elevator.
       1:40 AM  Messed around with build step thing but couldn't figure it
                out.  Put in other banisters and elevator.
       3:00 PM  Going to mess with other hallways, steps, and elevators.
       3:35 PM  Got one more elevator and part of another hallway.
6/29   1:45 PM  Work on a room!!
       3:45 PM  Have protolibrary.  Had to stop because of storm.
       5:55 PM  Work on lighting and library.
       6:55 PM  Fixed textures in library but did little lighting.
6/30   2:00 PM  Work on hallways and lighting.  Maybe another room.
       3:45 PM  Have secret room and a preliminary cellar.
7/6    1:05 AM  Had good 4th of July weekend.  Going to make some steps and
                perhaps another hallway.
       2:20 AM  Made one door and fixed a couple textures.  Stairs I wanted
                didn't work out.  Shit on me!
7/7    1:30 AM  Going to try other type of stairs.
       2:30 AM  Made other hallway and stairs.  Looks pretty cool!
7/9   10:45 PM  Going to make a meat locker and another room.
      11:45 PM  Started on a garden.  Textures suck (as in to align)!
7/10   7:30 PM  Going to make a balcony in garden and railing and trees.
       8:00 PM  Made railing and one tree.
7/26  10:50 PM  Had to take a break, I was burning out.  Going to do much.
      12:35 AM  Did mostly lighting and made a meat locker.
7/28   1:45 AM  Work on garded, balconies, and one staircase.
       3:30 AM  Fixed one staircase, made a garden balcony and worked on
                secret room.  Listened to Badmotorfinger and Danzig 4.
7/31   7:20 PM  One word:  Banisters.
       8:05 PM  Did some banisters and a window.
8/1    1:20 AM  Will make more windows and perhaps a room.
       3:05 AM  Made a walkway, windows, and Wolfenstein stuff.
8/2    6:15 PM  Trees 'n' stuff.
       7:30 PM  No trees, just Wolfenstein stuff.
8/3    5:40 PM  Map stuff and hallway.
       6:00 PM  Did little map stuff and no hallway.
8/4   12:45 AM  Now hallway and stuff.
       1:45 AM  Going to take an MK2 break.
       2:15 AM  Hallway and stuff.
       2:55 AM  Added hallway and another elevator.
      11:00 PM  Rooms and hallways.
      11:30 PM  Did a room with crates.
8/5    1:40 AM  Finish crate room.
       1:55 AM  Having huge Edmap problems!
8/6    1:40 AM  Just going to hope Edmap doesn't crash!
       2:00 AM  Edmap kept crashing!  Fixed some staircase textures, though.
      10:30 PM  Got Edmap 1.31.  Seems to work.  Working on storage room.
      11:00 PM  Going to take a break.  Edmap is working!!!!
      11:35 PM  Finish up crate room.
      12:45 AM  Did crate room and a balcony.  Going to wrap it up soon.
8/9   12:45 AM  Make another crate room.
       1:30 AM  Made crate room and fixed all staircase textures!
8/11  12:15 AM  Make a balcony and acid room.
       2:00 AM  Did what I said I'd do!!
      12:50 PM  Work more on acid room and secret room.
       1:55 PM  Made a secret room in library and other very cool BFG secret.
8/12   4:55 PM  Work on sacrifice room.
       6:05 PM  Didn't make it to sacrifice room.  Did hit 400 sectors and
                some more exits out of the library.
8/13   6:30 PM  Made boot disk so I have tons o' memory.  Going to fix floors
                and ceilings and make sacrifice room.
       8:00 PM  Did major texture, floor and ceiling fixes!
8/15  11:35 PM  More texture fixes and maybe sacrifice room.
       1:05 AM  Did texture fixes!!
8/16  12:50 PM  Maybe sacrifice room.....
       2:35 AM  Texture fixes and beginning of cathedral.
8/17  11:45 PM  Fix HOM in main room and work on cathedral.
       1:00 AM  Fixed HOM and did big cathedral work.
8/24  12:35 PM  Put in beasts.
       1:55 PM  Did some item and beast placement.
8/25  12:30 PM  Going to mess with keycard 'n' stuff.
      12:40 PM  Didn't do much!!
8/27   2:00 AM  Layout!
       3:30 AM  Did layout!
      11:25 PM  Cathedral work.
      12:40 AM  Did mostly cathedral work.
9/1   12:35 AM  Got the beastly Edmap machine.  With Win '95, I have tons o'
                memory.  Do cathedral work.
       1:20 AM  Did mild cathedral work.  I mostly playtested.
9/5    3:40 PM  Hopefully finish structure.
       4:30 PM  Taking a break.  The viewer ain't working.
       5:15 PM  Now finish a little more.
       6:45 PM  Finished structure!!!!
9/6    2:00 AM  Work on textures, beasties, and items.
       3:55 AM  Aligned many textures and put in lots of items and beasts.
                Just need to tweak it all now.
9/7    2:15 AM  Going to mess with a lot.
       4:00 AM  Did all textures.
       8:10 PM  Playtesting!
       8:40 PM  Did just that.
      11:25 PM  More playtesting.
      12:25 AM  Did it.
9/8    2:00 AM  Lighting.
       3:30 AM  Did lighting, but mostly textures and a little playtesting.
                Almost done.
9/9    1:15 AM  Playtesting.
       2:45 AM  Mostly textures.
9/13   2:50 AM  Do stuff in library.
       3:05 AM  Did just that.  I'm done Tiny E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I leave you with the fact that my board took 56 hours to create.
Although that is just the time spent at the computer.  That doesn't include
time spent dreaming up all the stuff to put in it.  If you enjoyed this WAD,
please E-Mail me.  As long as I'm not swamped with E-Mail, I'll respond to
your message.  Also if you enjoyed it, upload it like crazy.  That's about
it.  Just keep your eyes peeled for Quake boards engineered by your's



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