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This is a Heretic deathmatch wad based on the great Markroom wad for DOOM! For deathmatchers only.

Markroom for Heretic
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Title                   : Markroom for Heretic   
Filename                : HMARKRM.WAD version 1.3
                        : (Previously MR4HTC.WAD and MR4HTC12.WAD)
Author                  : Penalty Shot (aka Mark Seybold)
Email Address           : <email removed>
                        : 73654,<email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : 3D Game-aholic, hockey nut

Description             : This is a Heretic deathmatch wad based on
                        : the great Markroom wad for DOOM!  
                        : For deathmatchers only.

GO TO ------------->    : Mark Griswold, for the truly cool Markroom
                        : wad for DOOM, on which this Heretic wad
                        : is based. (I've been too busy [lazy] to 
                        : make that killer "from-scratch" level 
                        : I've been dreaming up.)  :-D

And of course, to ----> : id and Raven Software for awesome games


* Version Info*

4/6/95 -- Version 1.3 released.  OK, unless someone finds a big fat hairy bug,
this will be the last version.  Things changed/added:

        1.  One of my friends discovered that, by flying into the area with
        the false wall (I won't give the secret away), he could open a door
        there and get into the secret area with all the good powerups.  He
        did this continuously and was unbeatable.  No one had figured that out,
        including me, until that match.  So I made the door one-way only, so you
        can't get in from the other side.

        2.  Wings moved.  I didn't think it was a big problem, since I always 
        get shot down when I'm flying <g>, but since the wings were out 
        in the open on a platform, my friend found that he could fly around,
        collect all the stuff, then fly over and snatch the wings up again 
        after they respawn, over and over.  He managed to fly around througout
        the whole match!  Another flaw that went undiscovered until now.  
        So now the winged creature is happily flapping in its own 
        little birdcage :-), with a nice view of the surrounding walls and 
        body of water (plus some shameless recognition of the author <g>).  See 
        if you can figure out how to get into the bird cage.

        3.  Aligned some misaligned textures, changed some other textures,
        added some decorations.

        4.  Renamed the wad Hmarkrm.wad instead of Mr4htc13.wad (too awkward).
3/25/95 -- Version 1.2 released.  Basically, I made one of the pillars 
larger, and changed the mace ammo from hefty to wimpy, so the guy with the 
mace doesn't have an unfair advantage for too long.

3/22/95 -- Version 1.1 released.  Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

3/20/95 -- Version 1.0 uploaded to Internet.  Quickly replaced by 1.1.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #                    : E1M1
Single Player                          : Just to check it out, I guess
Cooperative 2-4 Player                 : Nope
Deathmatch 2-4 Player                  : YOU BET YOUR MACE BALLS!
recomended # of players (deathmatch)   : Any number, but 4 is most fun
Difficulty Settings                    : Not implemented
New Sounds                             : No
New Graphics                           : No
New Music                              : No
Demos Replaced                         : None

Monster types : None.  Most deathmatchers play with -nomonsters anyway.

* Construction *

Base                    : Modified from MARKROOM.WAD by Mark Griswold
Editor(s) used          : HeeP 6.13, Gatekeeper D2H Importer
Known Bugs              : The occasional "sliver" on the screen,
                        : the result of having a lot of tight sectors.
                        : This is something inherent in the Heretic engine.

Story : There are some enemy scumbags in the room with you.  Kill 'em. ;->

Miscellaneous Info:  This all started when I was dinking around with the D2H
Doom-to-Heretic converter.  The weapons and other things didn't get changed
to their equivalents very well, and even if they would have, I felt it would 
need more than that to make it into a worthy Heretic deathmatch level.

So I started tweaking the level with HeeP (the BEST Heretic level editor, in
my opinion).  A few things about it, if you're interested:

1.  All of the weapons are here.  A couple are hard to get to.  The mace is
available, and pretty hard to find, but not impossible.  Some people think
the mace should not be in Heretic deathmatch levels.  I disagree -- it's cool
to watch your opponent get blown way across the room by a huge metal ball.  
I made it a bit of a secret to find (...what's that noise in here?...), and a 
little hazardous to pick up.  The hellstaff is pretty easy to get to but 
there's no extra ammo for it so it runs out pretty quick. I always hated DOOM wads 
that had too many plasma gun cells lying around.

2.  Some of the architecture of the platforms (steps) were changed.  Some
things simplified, other structures added.  Some sectors have environmental
effects unique to Heretic.

3.  To get to the morph ovum, think -- how does a bird get to its nest? ;-)

4.  Sometimes being a chicken is a real advantage. (Hint, hint.) 

5.  There is only one tome of power, and it isn't super-easy to get to.  
I don't particularly like deathmatches where everybody's powered up 
all the time.

6.  I put a pod (spore) generator in the room, 'cause I like spores, though 
it can be argued that spore deaths aren't legitimate frags (like the barrel
controversy in DOOM).  I think it's fun to push spores around and position 
them. If you have a Heretic level editor, you can take the generator out, 
of course.

7.  I moved the "end level" switch from the original Markroom.  It is now
in a cubby hole in one of the walls.

8.  Enough reading!  Play the thing and tell me what you think!  Praise, 
suggestions and constructive criticisms welcome. ;)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels.  Mark Griswold, in the original Markroom info, said he doesn't 
"care about this copyright stuff," which allowed me to make this 
modification.  This is not a wholly original work; it is a modification of
an uncopyrighted work, so tweak it all you want.  If you distribute this
level in its original form, though, please include this text 
file *unmodified*.

(Note to Mr. Griswold -- I tried reaching you at your listed address,, but it came back "return to sender".  Anyway, I hope you
like what I've done.  Give me a holler and tell me what you think of this.)

* Where to get this WAD *

Looks to me like you already got it, chum. :)  But if you feel the need to
add again to my download count, it's at:
CompuServe Action Games Forum (GO ACTIONGAMES)
CompuServe PC World Entertainment Forum (GO GAMING)


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