MarsDoom preview

These are eight levels of a whole set of Doom ][ levels by Berthold Becksch??fer and Thomas Lokum. In contrast to many Wads abroad, this one has be...

MarsDoom preview
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MARSPR9C - DOOM: THE MARS MISSIONS (Preview version 0.9c)
10 single-player levels for DOOM II featuring: some new monsters,
modified weapons, music, sound, and lots of new graphics.

This is a slightly modified version of MARSPRV9.ZIP (version 0.9).
The only real change is that this version is in pwad format whereas
the original version required 50 MB to create a whole new iwad!

Original Authors  : Berthold Becksch�fer   <email removed>
                    Thomas Lokum           <email removed>
Version 'B' Update: Sparky of KISS Software    <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- the original version contained 836 files and required you to make
  a completely new iwad using your doom2.wad as a base.  This version
  just uses a standard pwad and contains only 3 files:
    marspr9c.deh  marspr9c.wad  marspr9c.txt
- removed about 1MB of wasted space from the original resources
- removed the modified cheat codes from the DeHackEd patch
  (but remember, you're a loser if you use them!)
- removed the lines in the DeHackEd patch which modified the filename
  of the Doom II iwad (doom2.wad) and caused an error when used with
  'Plain Vanilla' Doom II.
- appended the original documents to the end of this text file.

To use MARSPR9C with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2 you'll need to create a
replacement exe file using DeHackEd v3.1 and marspr9c.deh.  You'll also
need to add the extra Doom sprites to marspr9c.wad using a program
such as DeuSF, WinTex, NWT, etc.  For example:  deusf -as marspr9c.wad

A MUCH better method is to use a Doom Source Port which can import
DeHackEd patches and pwads containing sprite data; such as:
  Boom, PRboom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, ZDoomGL, Legacy, etc.

Patching is not required with these Source Ports, for example:
  Boom/MBF/SMMU/ZDoom/PrjDoom:  -deh marspr9c -file marspr9c
  PRboom:           -width 800 -height 600 -deh marspr9c -file marspr9c
  Legacy:           -deh marspr9c.deh -file marspr9c.wad

- MARSPR9C contains no source-specific features, hence will work just
  as well with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2 as with the above-mentioned
  Source Ports (although, there's no high resolution graphics with
  doom2.exe v1.9 or Boom v2.02).
- works okay with Legacy v1.28 but crashes with glLegacy v1.29pr7
- these levels are not easy!  Try a lower skill setting before you
  wimp out and use the cheat codes!  If you really are that woosy that
  you need the cheat codes, use IDFA instead of IDKFA or you'll upset
  the logic of the puzzles.

The original text files follow:



      --- DOOM, the Mars Missions ---

Title             : MarsDoom preview
Author            : Berthold Becksch�fer, Thomas Lokum
Address           : <email removed> (Berthold)
    <email removed> (Thomas)
Misc. Author Info : Berthold works as a system administrator in D�sseldorf,
    Germany. He is 33 years old.
    Thomas is a 30-years-old chemical engineer.
    Besides dooming and descending, both authors spend lots
    of their time role-playing and watching anime.
Requirements      : Doom II 1.9
    If you got a copy of Ultimate Doom, use the doom.exe from
    Ultimate Doom, just rename it to Doom2.exe
Description       : These are eight levels of a whole set of Doom ][ levels 
    by Berthold Becksch�fer and Thomas Lokum.            
    In contrast to many Wads abroad, this one has been styled
    thoroughly paying attention to the correct arrangement of
    textures, a logical level layout et cetera. Be prepared
    to solve a puzzle or two as well. Of course this does not
    mean we forgot to put in a good bunch of monsters!
Installation:       This file features an installation batch file and comes 
    bundled with DeHackEd 3.0a and DeuTex 3.6. 
    The best way to install is to unzip the archive into a 
    virgin directory (CAUTION: It'll need about 24 megs), copy
    the DOS version of your Doom2.exe and Doom2.wad into the 
    same directory, and type INSTMARS.BAT.
    The installation file will clean up after itself; you just
    have to delete the INSTMARS.BAT afterwards, and can move
    the MARS.WAD and MARSDOOM.EXE files to where you store your
    Doom II files, and the MARSDOCS folder wherever you desire.
    Once its files are created, MarsDoom will not interfere 
    with Doom II in any way.
    If you'd like to keep MarsDoom in its own directory, make
    sure you copy Doom II's various configuration files.
    CAUTION: The installation will require LOTS of HD space; 
    make sure you got some 50 Megs of free space AFTER 
    copying the two required files (Doom2.exe, Doom2.wad) 
    to your installation directory.
    After the installation is complete, MarsDoom will need 
    some 22 megabytes.
    The installation routine will not touch any files that are
    not from MarsDoom, unless you have a directory called
    'grlhnfzt.onk' as a Sub-directory in your installation
    directory (which I doubt). 
    Thus, if you chose the 'safe' install (using the method 
    stated above instead of just unzipping into your Doom II 
    drawer), you'll have to manually delete the Doom2
    files that were needed during install.

Spoilers          : (you don't have to read this paragraph...)
    - Save your game frequently. Although death does not
      lurk behind every corner, it will certainly lurk behind
      the very corner you believed to be safe (Murphy's law).
    - Sometimes, it is better to ignore the monsters for a
      while. Better run past them now, and come back when you
      got more ammo...
    - While we are talking about shooting monsters; try to
      save ammo. You will not encounter any monster that
      leaves even a single bullet, so the boxes that are
      scattered throughout the station are all you'll get.
      And keep your hands off IDKFA, will you!
    - If you encounter a mixed bunch of monsters, it may help
      to step back and let them do each other in, then clean
      up what's left. You may call this chicken, but we sin-
      cerely doubt you will survive Ultraviolence mode other-
      wise ;-)
    - When it comes to doors, knock your block off. Doors may
      be almost everywhere. Some may even require to be shot
      to open. On the other hand, some doors will *never*
      open, no matter what you do!
    - And if at first you don't succeed... try again, maybe
      at a lower difficulty level. This Wad IS hard!

Many thanks to    : Brendon J. Wyber and Raphael Quinet for DEU
     (although its large level handling is far from good),
    Adler (whoever this may be) for patching DEU to DEU2.
    The DEU team for WinDEU,
    Colin Reed for the BSP Node builder,
    Jens Hykkelbjerg and Steve Benner for RMB,
     the Reject Map Builder
    Paolo Hutchinson for Doom1-2.wad, which contains all the
     Doom1 textures missing in Doom2,
    Greg Lewis for DeHacked,
    Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex,
    Robert Fenske for WARM
    and to id software for creating a wonderful game!

Disclaimer        : None of the authors accepts any liability for problems,
    inconveniences or damage that can be linked to playing
    this Wad, be it now or in past, future or past perfect.
    If you throw your monitor out of the window because you
    are frustrated by this Wad, we will not pay for it, nor
    will we be held responsible for any injury done to inno-
    cent bystanders by players going berserk. If your compu-
    ter mutates into something weird that throws pink fire-
    balls at you, it's your problem, not ours!
    This Wad has been designed so you may have fun with it.
    If it fails this job, simply do not use it, instead of
    getting a heart attack fussing about those morons who
    wrote this piece of crap!


* Play Information *

Level                   : 01 to 09 (04 is just a dummy right now)
Single Player           : Yes (that's what it's designed for...)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Not recommended
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Levels 01 and 07 only!
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (still dunno why they are so unpopular)
New Sounds              : Yes (not much, though...)
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Kind of
New Monsters            : Yes
Demos Replaced          : All
Version                 : final DOS, August 03, 2000

* Construction *

Base                    : from scratch
Build Time              : Waaay to long (about 500 hours).
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21, DEU2, BSP 1.2x, RMB 2.1, DeHackEd 3.0a
Known Bugs              : Minor HOMs in large outside areas.
Technical info          : These levels requires a 486+ CPU, otherwise the
  game will slow down too much to stay enjoyable.
  For best results, play this level on an 1.9 engine.
  1.7 or 1.7a are usable, too (if DeHackEd accepts
  them, see above). Better do not use 1.666.
  We recommend you install 16 megs of RAM or more in
  your computer. Well, this Wad DOES run with 8 MB,
  but it begins swapping like hell...

* Copyright / Permissions *

Other authors MAY use this WAD to create levels of their own, as long as
they declare that this level was used. Be warned however; this Wad is LARGE!

You MAY distribute this Wad, provided you include this file, without any
modifications (including corrections of my english -Thomas). You MAY
distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc)
as long as you include this file intact.
When saying you MAY distribute it, we rather mean, you SHOULD :-)

This WAD is freeware, and you have no obligations to anybody for using it.
If you paid money for it, you have been pissed off! However, if you think
you should give us something for it (thanks, money, beautiful women, animes,
a BFG round or whatever) feel free to send us a letter or an email!

If you like this WAD, and would like to have more, please let us know.
If you find any bug in this WAD, please let us know, too!

Doom1-2.wad was created by Paolo Hutchinson. We have merged it into the
patch WAD file. Thanks Paolo!


* Hopefully coming soon to a computer in your vicinity *

MarZDOOM : A stunning new campaign in the world of Doom ][, based on
   the fantastic ZDoom engine!

Featuring: - new graphics (animated ones, of course!)
   - new puzzles you never had to solve before while Dooming
   - new sounds (and new musics...)
   - tons of new hazards, including homing missiles, she-devils,
     security autodefences and cute girlies!



DooM - the Mars Missions

The story so far...

In Doom I, the military installations on Deimos (or was it Phobos?) 
were under attack by Hellspawn.

In Doom II, the minions of Hell used the Terran teleportation technology
to reach Earth itself, causing major havoc among the civilians...

After the nightmare had ended, UAC were officially scrapping all teleport
technology and abandoning their research bases. Unofficially, the lure of
coninuing research with the added bonus of demonic life to study proved
just a bit too tempting...

To prevent the Hordes of Hell from using the teleporters, ever again, the
program of the teleport control circuits was changed drastically: If an 
unauthorized entity was detected, the teleport system would happily de-
materialize the being in question, but fail to rematerialize it at its
intended destination point. This modification was believed to make the
teleport system fool-proof.

During the next six or seven months, research on the newly found subjects
was quietly conducted at the UAC mars base, until, suddenly, contact
broke off and the base would not respond to any call.

A day later, while UAC were still discussing possibilities, a distress
signal from the base was received.
"UAC... hello, UAC, can you hear me? This is Eileen O'Hara, daughter of
the scientific coordinator of Mars base." *sobs* "They are everywhere,
killing everyone..." *sobs* "It's horrible!" *voice almost breaking* "I
am hiding in sector six, I hope they don't find me..." *in a hysteric fit*
"HELP ME!" *sobs* "Please, help us..."

Before you know, you are ordered on a shuttle to Mars, your mission con-
sisting of the following objectives:

- Find a way through Mars Base and try to rescue any survivors.
- Collect and bring home as much scientific data as possible.
- (optional) Come back in one piece.  

Since the main data connection between Earth and the Mars base is down, UAC
is unable to authentify your genetic code to the teleport system, which 
means, you'll have to hike around a lot, or get someone on-site who is
able to re-program the security codes at the teleport stations.

During the descent to MArs base, you cannot help but notice the tell-tale
signs of a recent demonic invasion, but when your shuttle lands, the starport
is all quiet. Too quiet.

As you walk out of the airlock, you realize your mistake. A couple of Imps
who just seem to appear from out of nowhere bellow their challenge and
start walking towards you.

Panicking, the pilot initiates an emergency launch sequence, getting the
shuttle off-ground in next to no time, before you have managed to get clear
of the blast area.

Grimacing in pain as the heat of the engine exhaust burns through your armor,
you allow your combat reflexes to take over once again, turning to the
welcoming comittee with a wicked grin...



These are the answers to a few questions we were asked after the release of 
the three-level preview of MarsDoom, some four years ago.

Level 1:

Q: At the very time the level starts, I lose nearly all my health!
A: That's normal. Your starship pilot panicked when she saw imps in the
   vicinity and initiated an emergency liftoff. Too bad you're still in the
   affected area.

Q: Wait! Does that mean I am supposed to fight those imps with 4% health and
   50 rounds of pistol ammo?
A: Precisely.

Q: Now I have destroyed the imps, I don't know what to do.
A: Try both buttons. One displays an error message, the other opens a gate.

Q: What does this message "sys fail" mean?
A: It stands for SYSTEM FAILURE, what else? Somehow this door appears to be
   kaput. Don't worry, however; you'll be able to repair it.

Q: Okay, the other gate opened. I found a berserker package and some more
   switches, but no ammo in sight. Am I missing something?
A: This depends on what you call "no ammo". There is a box of shotgun shells
   in a compartment under the bridge, but you certainly have no shotgun at
   the time :). You'll just have to punch your way through the spectres. It
   isn't THAT hard.

Q: What now? I have nowhere to go.
A: Have a good look at the "SYS FAIL" switch. It should be green by now.

Q: AARGH! More imps, a Cacodemon and still no usable weapons!
A: Run past the imps (or open the door and clobber them down; it's up to
   you...) and quickly obliterate the Cacodemon. Yes, you have to PUNCH it to
   death (c'mon, you didn't think this to be easy, did you?). The armor
   behind a secret door can't hurt either.

Q: I hear the sound of a demon munching and lose hit points, but there is no 
   demon or spectre to be seen.
A: So what? The Caco in front of you got quite some teeth, too. Seems it
   knows how to use them.

Q: As soon as I take the shotgun, I am assaulted by a gazillion of imps.
A: Just behind the dead Cacodemon there is a secret door. Go through it. You 
   will still have to deal with the imps, but you're in a much more 
   defendable position now.

Q: Suddenly, a barrel explodes and kills me. I didn't shoot it, it just ex-
   plodes on its own.
A: Welcome to MarsDOOM. Actually, this barrel with red liquid is a new kind 
   of enemy. It'll explode if you come near it. Shoot it from a distance.

Q: I am running out of ammo! HELP!
A: Hmm.. maybe you should improve your aim.

Q: My aim is next to perfect and I STILL run out of ammo.
A: There are several secret places with shotgun shells. You can find all of
   them (usually the texture of secret doors is slightly different from the
   surrounding area) but I admit some are DAMN hard to find. Furthermore,
   don't waste your precious ammo on demons and spectres when you can punch
   them instead.

Q: What on earth is this weird thing that shoots plasma at me?
A: An autodefence. This is military territory after all.

Q: How am I supposed to destroy this autodefence?
A: You aren't. Turn it off instead. There is a switch at the end of the
   corridor full of imps.

Q: I just came across a monitor displaying a young girl calling for help.
A: Gee, ain't she cute?
   Actually, she is the one you were sent to rescue.

Q: AARGH! The autodefence turned back on!
A: Wrong. YOU turned it back on. Don't hit the switch after taking the blue
   key and everything should be fine.

Q: I am near the exit and just ran into a pair of mancubi!
A: Well, what did you expect? Bart Simpson?

Q: Why are the walls shooting fireballs at me?
A: Here be imps. Shoot back!

Q: What kind of monster are those invisible imps behind the secret door?
A: Invisible imps, what else?

Q: Err... Let me get this right. There are no weapons on this level except a
A: It took you THAT long to notice? In fact, if you are playing at novice 
   level, you should have stumbled across a rocket launcher.

Q: I completed the level but I seem to be missing some secrets.
A: Look at the computer map. All secrets appear on it.

Q: Where is the yellow keycard?
A: There IS no yellow keycard on this level. In fact, the first yellow key
   you'll encounter is on level 22.

Q: If there is no yellow keycard, how do I open those yellow doors?
A: You don't. They conceal deathmatch starting points.

Q: Why doesn't IDDQD work?
A: For the same reason IDKFA doesn't work either. We changed the codes.

Q: I cheated to get the keys, but some doors won't open.
A: Boo! Cheater! Serves you right! In fact, some of the doors will open only
   after you visited a certain location (such as the place where the key is).

Level 2:

Note: I won't explain every single thing from now on. Try to solve the levels
      by yourself!

Q: What are all those imps (half of them invisible) doing here?
A: What do you suppose? Even imps have to live somewhere.

Q: Should I go to the swamp area as soon as I can?
A: Better don't. Get the blue keycard before.

Q: How am I supposed to fight those eight Cacodemons with a shotgun?!
A: Not at all. Stay quiet after entering the room (you'll know it when you
   see it). There should be a ledge with a medpack on it. Behind the medpack
   there is a secret door. Go through it. NOW you are supposed to fight those
   eight Cacos.

Q: The elevator in the big hall doesn't go up far enough.
A: There should be a switch somewhere to correct that.

Q: I cannot reach the blue keycard.
A: Does the style of the floor the keycard is placed on suggest anything?

Q: Ok, I have the keycard. How do I leave this room?
A: Look at the map. You should be able to drop down a tube somewhere.

Q: I don't know what to do in the room with the two hell barons.
A: Look at the design of the two pillars, preferably from above. What might
   those symbols mean? Jump on the pillars to try it out.

Q: On a beach in the swamp area, I suddenly find myself sinking into the
   ground and dying. HELP!
A: Uh oh... Better watch out for quicksand next time!

Q: I found a BFG! How can I get it without getting crushed?
A: If you are fast enough, you might succeed...
   ...then again, maybe not.

Q: After I have taken the red keycard, I am teleported into a rather dark 
   room, then some kind of Hell Knight appears and starts throwing fireballs 
   at me. However, I can't see it although I should be able to.
A: This one is called a Demon Lord. It has about the same offensive power as
   a Hell Baron or Hell Knight but can take a LOT of damage before dying. To
   make things worse, it's invisible. Have fun! You may choose not to fight
   it and run past it to get to the teleporter out. If you choose to stay, go
   ahead. 22-25 direct shotgun hits should do the job.

Q: Should I take the chaingun?
A: If you feel like fighting some Arch-Viles, go ahead.

Level 3:

Q: What happened? The level starts and I'm not under immediate attack!
A: Even we develop a streak of kindness every now and then.

Q: How am I supposed to deal with the two Hell Barons guarding the key card?
A: Unless you have enough ammo, don't. First go outside and enter the weapon
   storage room to get some more weapons and ammunition.

Q: If I enter the cage room, I am teleported forward and the door locks. HELP!
A: Don't worry, it will open again. In the meantime, have fun dodging the
   green fireballs. Ah yes: Don't use rockets! You'll most probably kill
   nobody but yourself.

Q: I have entered a shaft with a "no entry" sign. Now I'm stuck.
A: Next time, obey the signs.

Q: Once I open the big blue door, a missile comes out! I tried to dodge it,
   but I seem to have no luck.
A: You cannot dodge it. It's a homing missile. Shoot it instead.

Q: How am I supposed to raise the gangway to the exit?
A: From the large open area inside the complex, go through the large door.
   Take the elevator up. Turn right. There should be a green button in front
   of you. Don't push it (it will just lower the elevator again). Instead, 
   step back and the door in front of you will open. Run through it and take
   the elevator up. Now you should have access to three switches. One lowers
   the elevator you are standing on, the other two affect the exit. You have
   three guesses which effect they have.

Q: If I take the teleporter, I end up in a pitch black room full of monsters
   and barrels. If I only could see, I might be able to fight my way out.
A: There is a light amp visor in the container room. One of the crates is
   hollow (you can see it from the alcove). The visor is inside.

Q: How do I open the door that is stuck half open?
A: You don't. It's stuck.

Q: In the same room, there appears to be a door in the wall I cannot open.
   I have both the red and the blue key, but it still won't budge. What now?
A: Unless you are playing at "Ugh, me tough!" level, you might notice a handy 
   tool on the elevator in front of that door.

Q: How do I get the plasma gun?
A: See the three questions above. Once you teleport back, you'll end up next
   to it. Now, if only you could remember the room layout...

(no answers fpr levels 4 through 6)

Level 7:

Q: How do I get the red keycard?
A: Look behind the safe. Flip the switch. Now, run into the other room and
   try to get into the secret compartment before the door closes.

Q: How do I get the double shotgun?
A: In the room with many monitors, there is a metallic wall near the end.
   This wall is a fake, in case you haven't noticed (well, since an imp steps
   out of it, it can't be solid, can it?). Behind it, you'll find a switch
   for a secret door. Bust the Cacodemons and get your prize!

Q: How do I get the data disk?
A: You don't. This device only works in deathmatch.

Q: If I go down the stairs, an autodefence starts shooting at me!
A: Switch it off before! That's what the red door is for!

Q: Should I go downstairs before entering the large room?
A: Definitely. There's a plasma gun down there.

Q: I am in the large room. I have busted the homing missile and now everything
   is quiet. Too quiet.
A: Explore the room. As long as you don't touch anything, nothing will happen.

Q: A door opened and a girl stepped out. I shot her. What now?
A: Restart the level. You will need her alive to get to the exit.

Q: Okay, how do I get her to follow me?
A: She'll do that on her own - unless a monster hits her. In this case, she'll
   follow that monster instead. Just obliterate the monster and she'll start
   following you again. You may also want to try to shoot her once yourself to
   get back her attention. Be cautious, though: Eileen (that's her name) is
   not very tough.

Q: How do I get her out of here?
A: Let me guess. The door is closed and locked. Hmm... have you tried the 
   switch in her teleporter room? You should have raised four switches now.
   Try them. You'll like them. (Better save your game before...)

Q: I don't know, I don't know, I just don't know.
A: Okay, lets have a look at the switches:
   Two of them release a homing missile. Not much help from these.
   One opens the door - and reveals eight mancubi on the alcove. While you
    may be able to fight them, it's a bit dangerous for poor Eileen, don't
    you think? To make things worse, a grate has slid up inside the door and
    you still won't be able to leave.
   The last one raises a pillar from the floor up through the ceiling, but
    also raises some nasties from the pits and activates the autodefences.
   Now, what do we do?
   - Lure Eileen on the bright spot on the floor
   - Raise her to safety. If she gets stuck under the ceiling, restart!
   - Obliterate the nasties from the pit. Watch out for the autodefences!
   - Open the door and release the mancubi
   - Kill all mancubi. Be careful though, for the autodefences are still
     active. (This part is pretty hard)
   - Press the big switch to turn off the autodefences and lower Eileen.
   - Get the hell out of here!

Q: I am standing on a shooting range. What am I supposed to do?
A: Three Guesses. Shoot at the targets maybe? Ah well: Use a pistol.

Q: One of the targets seems to shoot back!
A: Why shouldn't it? Wouldn't you?

Q: Where is the blue keycard?
A: It is hidden behind some fake walls. Note: If something shoots at you
   through a wall, you just might go through this very wall.

Q: I'm in the midst of excessive carnage and somehow Eileen always manages to
   get in the way. How am I supposed to prevent this?
A: Be faster than she is. Eileen is SUPPOSED to get in your way. Protecting
   her wouldn't be much of a challenge otherwise, would it?

Q: How do I open the exit?
A: You don't. Eileen does. Just let her step on the teleporter and the rest
   should be self-explaining.

Level 8

Q: Help! They're shooting at me!
A: I thought you would be used to this by now.

Q: But they're marines! We're on the same side!
A: I'm afraid not. You were identified as a traitor and you have killed one
   of them.

Q: I'm sure this is a misunderstanding!
A: Oh, sure. Want to discuss the issue with them? Remember your drill: Shoot
   first, ask questions later.

Q: How am I supposed to kill those two green marines?
A: There ought to be a shotgun somewhere. Ah, and a chaingun and a rocket
   launcher, too.

Q: I am in a big room with green marines on alcoves and two elevators occupied
   by grey marines. One of the alcoves looks funny. 
A: You can push the wall back to get access to a switch. Push it.

Q: How do I deal with the Maulotaur?
A: With the phoenix rod, I guess.

Q: I can't find ammunition for my phoenix rod?
A: Look if you can find it in other levels...
   ...preferably in another game! This is DOOM, not HERETIC, stupid!

Q: There's an autodefence firing at me!
A: Yes. That's what it's used for. Why didn't you switch it off? Use the
   switch on the alcove (see previous question)

Q: Wait a moment! I am walking over a bridge. I'm sure I've passed under it
   ago. People told me Doom cannot place sectors over sectors. Am I crazy?
A: Actually, it's a trick. But we're very proud of it.

Q: In the weapons storage room, I can't get to the plasma guns!
A: Do some target practice at the shooting range. Shoot the barrel as well.

Q: Hey, this damn autodefence is working again!
A: So what? Just switch it back off.

Q: What am I supposed to do in the area with the liquid tanks?
A: First of all, open the secret door between the two pillars. Push the
   switch. Then, look everywhere! You can enter a tunnel near one of the

Q: How do I unlock the gate to hell?
A: You'll need the data disk for that. Once you have it, put it into the
   disk drive. Be ready for the welcoming comitee.



These are the weapons of Doom - the Mars Missions:

1) Fists
Nothing new about those. Still not much of a weapon, yet sometimes
the only weapon you have. Hint: Learn to defeat those pink demons with
your fists to save precious ammunition.

2) Pistol
While it still doesn't pack much punch, this weapon uses easy-to-find,
lightweight ammo. You can carry up to 400 rounds of the new caseless
5.56 mm ammunition (that's 800 if using a backpack).

3) Shotgun and double shotgun
Same good old reliable weapon as ever. Why change an all-time-favorite?

4) Minigun
Unlike the obsolete chaingun, which had a rate of fire vaguely
reminiscent of a poorly oiled Uzi, this baby delivers its bullets FAST!
The rate of fire is approximately at 10 - 12 rounds per second, making
the minigun a formidable weapon. However, you should keep an eye on your
ammo, for this gun's ammunition usage is second to none.

5) Rocket launcher
Realizing that the old-fashioned rockets were unable to eliminate most
hellspawn without repeated hits, UAC developed the new, MkII rocket
warhead. One single hit delivers enough damage to send a Cacodemon or
even a Knight of Hell to its ancestors (or wherever they go after
dying). The drawback of the new warheads is the increased size and weight
of the rocket, reducing the maximum number of rockets a marine can carry
to mere 25.

6) Plasma Gun
UAC have put some minor modifications on their plasma rifles, causing them
to shoot projectiles with more energy without any reduction in the rate
of fire. This leads to a more deadly weapon than before, once again at
the cost of reduced ammunition limits.

7) BFG 9100
Now presenting: the ultimate war toy for the advanced lunatic. Blast
your enemies away like there was no tomorrow! Three or four hits from
this neato high tech thingy will joyfully obliterate a Cyberdemon (and
fully deplete your energy cells). However, the BFG 9100 still suffers
the same major disadvantage the old BFG 9000 had: Between hitting the
trigger and actuall firing, you have enough time to put the weapon down,
take a nap, have a cup of coffee and pick the gun back up.



The following is a list of monsters that might appear in
the Mars Missions...

Hit points: 60
Weapons   : Fireballs and claws
Threat    : minimal

Invisible imp
Hit points: 60
Weapons   : Fireballs and claws
Threat    : very low

Hit points: 75
Weapons   : Fireballs and claws
Threat    : low to medium

Hit points: 150
Weapons   : Bite
Threat    : minimal

Hit points: 150
Weapons   : Bite
Threat    : very low

Hit points: 400
Weapons   : Fireballs and bite
Threat    : medium

Hit points: 60 / 10 million
Weapons   : Irresistible gaze
Cuteness  : extreme

Shape shifter
Hit points: 150
Weapons   : Bite
Threat    : low

Hit points: n/a
Weapons   : explodes
Threat    : high

Thing in a barrel
Hit points: 200
Weapons   : explodes
Threat    : low

Security autodefence
Hit points: 2000
Weapons   : Plasma gun
Threat    : high

Robot drone
Hit points: 110
Weapons   : Gatling gun, explodes
Threat    : medium to high

Hit points: 15
Weapons   : explodes
Threat    : high

Fire trap
Hit points: 2000
Weapons   : strong fireballs
Threat    : medium to high

Hit points: 600
Weapons   : strong fireballs
Threat    : medium

Lost soul
Hit points: 100
Weapons   : charge
Threat    : very low

Pain elemental
Hit points: 400
Weapons   : Lost souls
Threat    : medium

Hit points: 300
Weapons   : homing fireballs and fist
Threat    : medium

Hell knight
Hit points: 500
Weapons   : claws and strong fireballs
Threat    : medium

Baron of Hell
Hit points: 1000
Weapons   : claws and strong fireballs
Threat    : medium to high

Demon Lord
Hit points: 1600
Weapons   : claws and strong fireballs
Threat    : high

Hit points: 200
Weapons   : Automatic rifle
Threat    : medium

Hit points: 300
Weapons   : Plasma gun
Threat    : high

Hit points: 350
Weapons   : Rocket launcher
Threat    : high to very high

Hell bimbo
Hit points: 140
Weapons   : Whip
Threat    : medium

Hell shade
Hit points: 250
Weapons   : Whip
Threat    : medium to high

Princess of Hell
Hit points: 400
Weapons   : Green Fireballs and whip
Threat    : high

Hit points: 700
Weapons   : Fires of hell
Threat    : very high

Hit points: 500
Weapons   : Plasma gun
Threat    : medium

Hit points: 4000
Weapons   : Heavy gatling gun
Threat    : extreme

Hit points: 4000
Weapons   : Rocket launcher
Threat    : extreme

Eye of Satan
Hit points: Infinite
Weapons   : Homing fireballs
Threat    : very high

The cube
Hit points: Infinite
Weapons   : strong explosion
Threat    : medium to high

Cyber tank
Hit points: 5000
Weapons   : Heavy gatling gun and homing missiles
Threat    : Uh-oh!

While not all of these monsters appear in the preview levels,
they already ARE coded into the engine!


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