This is a Massmouth Christmas special, as it were. I always wanted to make a Massmouth hub, and a few days ago I decided I would do it. It's small ...

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WAD Type
MAP20, MAP21, MAP22
Date Completed         : 12/25/04
Title                  : Massmouthmas
Filename               : massmas.wad
Other Works            :
Author                 : Cyb (mostly)

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : This is a Massmouth Christmas special, as it 
 were.  I always wanted to make a Massmouth 
 hub, and a few days ago I decided I would do 
 it.  It's small and pretty linear, and it's 
 not fast paced action or anything.  In fact 
 it's more of a puzzle wad, so if you want some 
 crazy run and gun, go play Alien Vendetta.
 The story takes place after the events of 
 Massmouth 1, but before Massmouth 2, because 
 making it follow the events of Massmouth 2 
 would be a pain thanks to my genius idea of 
 giving it six endings.  Everything will be 
 explained in game, so enjoy!
 Also a nice thanks to various people who 
 played the first version I released on DW 
 and told me about any bugs and such.

* Play Information *

Game                    : zdoom.exe 2.0.94 or higher should work fine.
  Anything lower that that use at your own risk.  
  If don't know where to get zdoom, try here:
  You also need Massmouth 2, that is, massm2.wad 
  which you can grab at the following link if 
  you don't already have it (shame on you!):
  I can't stress this enough, YOU NEED MASSMOUTH 2 
  IN ORDER TO PLAY THIS.  As for the command line: 
  zdoom.exe -file massm2.wad massmas.wad
  It's also important that they be in that order, 
  I think it might break if they're out of order, 
  but I'm not sure.
Levels                  : MAP20 - 22 hubbed (so don't skip around)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : No

* Construction *

Base                    : Maps  : Scratch
  GFX   : Me (simple ones)
    Scuba Steve (some sprites and a texture or two)
    Enjay (stole something from Marine Assault)
    WViperW (Q2 model used to make sprites)
    Raven Software (theft from Hexen)
  Music :
Maim Cryogenic
Regin Johnson
and one song I couldn't find the author of

Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor, Paint Shop Pro 8, XWE, UltraEdit-32, 
  Doom Builder, Wintex, ACC
Build time              : Believe it or not, only 4 days

Known Bugs              : Misalignments in the cave areas because I'm lazy 
  and they're only caves.  The rest should be okay, 
  but I didn't go crazy.  There's also probably 
  ways to break scripts if you try hard, but I'm 
  pretty good at keeping scripts unbreakable, so 
  you should be okay as long as you don't try to 
  break them.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use the resources in this wad for whatever the want, just as 
long as you credit the original author.  You can't use the levels because 
I'm a big mean jerk.  You can use the scripts.  The library source is in 
the wad as a lump named 'MXMASSRC', so go nuts.

You may distrubute this file in any format (CD ROM, BBS, whatever) provided
that you include all files included in your distribution (as in, this text 
file and the wad) and it is not sold or traded for anything.  Same goes for 
wads using resources from it.

Where to Get this wad:
FTP: and all mirrors

Massmouthmas: Snowy Hills (MAP20)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Massmouthmas: The Factory (MAP21)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Massmouthmas: Ice Caves (MAP22)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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