Inspired by NJ_CASTL.WAD, much of the integrity of the original level has been maintained, except that it is HUGE. I opened up many of the void spa...

Maxcastl: The Most Massive Wad
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 -> E1 M3 <-                       MAXCASTL 
                           - The Most Massive Wad -
           To play Maxcastl, dump all the files to your doom dir and 
           type:  MAX (Skill #).   ex. Max 4  - for Ultraviiolence.
           To play the LMP, (demo file) type: PLAYMAX
           (Reveals some of the secrets and some valuable stratgies for 
            survival in ultraviolence mode)

              Inspired by NJ_CASTL.WAD, much of the integrety of the 
          original level has been maintained, except that it is HUGE. 
          I opened up many of the void spaces on the map to make pas-
          sages and secret rooms.   Spent months fighting  Vis-Plane 
          Overflow, (To all Wad Builders: Yes it can be beaten.  You 
          may not end up with the views that you would like, but if 
          you have a level that you think is worth saving delete some 
          objects, and move a few walls or simplify.   You should be 
          able  to overcome the problem.) -Wanted to build alot more-
          Had plans for a dungeon, and wanted to make the "town" more 
          detailed, but the node-builder couldn't handle one more ver-
          tice, and even krapped out when I tried to merge two vertices
          and when I tried to delete a sector. Such are the limitaions 
          that we must work under. Therefore I have decided to put my 
          plans to use in two other levels -currently in production-
          to make a trilogy, of which this level is the third chapter.

             Endevouring to make this level as entertaining as possible,
          I worked on keeping the action up while putting in "safe" 
          places that were easy to get to where a player can catch their 
          breath and stock up on health and ammo (there's plenty) and that
          inter-connect through leaps or back doors. There are many ways
          to approach certain areas, and the action inside tha castle is 
          very much determined by the way a player behaves while on the
          outside, monsters my appear in one area the first time you play
          and may not show at all in the same area the second or third time
          through. If you want to survive this level, you have got to get 
          used to running and strafing (if you haven't allready) it's very 
          tough in the begining, and in the town. There are secrets behind
          most of the candles, and most secrets lead to other secret areas 
          that are filled with health and ammo, and are good "safe" vantage 
          points. -I've made it so that monsters cannot enter these areas.
          But be carefull,  they can still fire in through open doors and 

   ->        I've implemented all difficulty levels, and the easy mode is 
          really easy because I wanted players to be able to explore, and 
          get a feel for the place before moving to higher difficulty levels.
   ->     And there are 4 deathmatch starts, but this level is far too big 
          for deathmatch play.  It will run choppy at first in higher dif-
          ficulty levels, untill you've killed off a few monsters. You may
          need a pentium system to play in ultra-violence mode, so I've tried
          to make the easier modes just as entertaining. One other problem 
          encountered is dissappearing monsters in ultra-violence mode. 
          (Too many sprites to display)  This problem cannot be avoided.

   ->                             - WARNING! -
   ->     THIS LEVEL IS TOO BIG TO SAVE!  If you try to save, the game will 
          crash. Honnors to the guys at id, but this particular problem I  
          am very dissapionted by.

          This author was lucky enough to have two play testers who dropped
          by almost daily to give it a try and add comments and suggestions,
          and who, without their effort, I may not have noticed many problems
          in game play that needed rectifying. No one survives the town.. at 
          least in ultra-violent mode, although I know that it is emminently
          playable. There is health ammo and armor in all the buildings. 
          (Clear out all the buildings first, before going for the blue key)

    ->    Much Thanks To  Andrue Carr  - Play Tester
                          Jimmy Warren - Play Tester
                                Ice Cube  
               Who Designed Icefort.wad - One Incredible Level
               and who inspired me to try my hand at wad building.
               And whoever designed NJ_CASTL.WAD. 
               The author ommited his name or handle in the
               accompanying text file.

                       - Comments/Suggestions Welcome - 
               Internet:   <email removed>
               Fidonet: Max Thrott  1:331/201                                                    
               SL_Net:  Max Thrott  250:505/1294
               Isgnet: ~0A Max Thrott  91:5/201
                                     - or -  
                    OVER BOARD BBS: Max Thrott (508) 693 6279

    ->     Authors may use this level as a basis for a new wad file.
           (GOOD LUCK) - as long as they give credit where credit is due.
           (No one has a copyright on spatial relationships) - nuff said.
                               - Max Thrott -


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