Mir is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM2

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WAD Type
Title: Mir
Filename: Mir.wad; Mir.zip
Author: Roger Ritenour
Emale Address: <email removed>

Story Line: You have taken the starship Pleiades
  from deadly aliens in the far reaches
  of instellar space and have managed
  to bring her home. You sit in the
  crow's nest of the Pleiades admiring
  the view of the beautiful Earth-Moon
  system as the Pleiades approaches the
  space station Mir. The Mir, named in
  honor of the original Russian space
  station of antiquity, is a large
  orbital complex in high Earth orbit.
  However, no one answers your hailing
  calls. You decide to board the Mir to
  find out why, but with a sense of
Description: Single level with lots of new
  graphics. This is a sequel to
  the Pleiades level where you
  captured the starship pleiades.
  (you may wish to download
  Pleiades, which can be found at the
  same sites as this level under the
  names Pleiade2.zip and Pleiade3.zip;
  Pleiade2.zip is for Doom2 versions
  before 1.9 while Pleiade3.zip is for 
  Doom2 versions 1.9 and later.) Mir
  will run under all versions of Doom2.
  Note: Pleiades and Mir are not 
  compatible for combination into a
  single multilevel PWAD nor for
  play under the same loading of Doom2.
  They have different sky and wall
  textures assigned to the same names. 
  Play action features random monster
  placement which gives the action a
  different twist each time it is
  played. Finally, this level is a
  standard patch wad that does not alter 
  the main Doom wad and is playable
  with the standard -file parameter.
Additional Credits: Doug Ryerson, I borrowed a few of his
  textures from his ANTARES.WAD. Dave
  Swift, I borrowed his idea of shiny gold
  surfaces for a door textures from
  his H2HMUD01.WAD level. Michael Coyne/
  Steve McCrea, et al (Trinity),
  source of Toccata, the organ music
  selection. ID Software, I redefined
  their COMPSTA1 and COMPTALL textures
  as animated textures to produce
  "living" instrument panels.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #: Map01 of Doom II
Single Player: Yes
Cooperative Player: Yes (untested)
Deathmatch: Yes (untested)
Difficulty Settings: Yes, full range (all difficulty levels
  a little tougher than standard Doom 
  difficulties, suggest starting
  at the easier levels until familiar
  with the layout.
New Sounds: No
New Graphics: Many
New Music: Yes
Demos Replaced: None

*Construction *

Base: New level using portions of the Pleiades
Editors used: Wintex/Deutex
  BSP Node Builder
  RMB, Jens Hykkelbjerg  
  Corel Photopaint 6
  CorelDraw 6
Known Bugs: 

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels
You MAY modify this level. If you do, please drop me a line, I 
would like to see what you come up with. You MAY distribute this
this WAD in any electronic format provided you include this
information file unmodified. If you use portions of this wad
in other wads, all I ask is that credit be given to the
originator, whether it is me or someone from whom I borrowed from.



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