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Title                   : Mitnal
Author                  : Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf)
Email Address           : <email removed>
                                 : icq# 162293209
Misc. Author Info       : 45 years old, 3 children, 4 stepchildren, a beautiful wife and not enough time on my hands
Description             Mitnal
The Mayan realm of the dead. It is the ninth and lowest level of the underworld; a place of eternal cold and darkness. This is where the souls of those who lived a bad life are sent to. The ruler of Mitnal is the god Hunhau.  

Additional Credits to   : ...Nick Baker - who released his texture wad for public use (text file included from the original 
zipped file).
                                  : Cory Banket and Eric Buck for their invaluable input while playtesting for me.
      : The author of the Zdoom bsp program without which this map might never have been able to happen
      : My family, who haven't seen me get off my computer for the last 6 months. lol

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #       : MAP01
Single Player                 : yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player    : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : no
Difficulty Settings           :Yes, but it is designed for ultra violence and if you don't have the skills to play on that level then you are 
           going to be very bored indeed.
New Sounds                  : no
New Music                    : yes
New Graphics                : New Textures
Port(s) required              :I tested it and it works with Zdoom, Legacy and Skulltag. Also, happily, it works with the newest release of Risen3d,       which can be found here:  
   I actually recommend using the risen3d engine as it is openGL and renders the environment in all it's beautiful detail.
                                       I assume it will work with MOST Boom type ports but DON'T, I repeat, DON'T try to play it on GL. You WILL crash the game.    You may get different results with different versions of each game. I RECOMMEND Zdoom version 2.0.42 or higher or     Legacy version 1.40
                                       There is ALOT of intense 3d stuff in here - alot of stuff for the nodes builder to deal with. I did the best 
                                       that I and the nodes builder could do to remove bleeding nodes but depending on which version of which
                                       port you are using you may see some. Sorry. They WILL be minor if you see any at all and shouldn't
                                       affect gameplay at all. Despite the fact that this map has been playtested extensively, you may find a
           glitch. If you do, please let me know and I'll try to fix it. Skulltag and Zdoom displayed the map the best of the three
                                       that it worked with. There were some very minor nodes problems in Legacy so they might not bother you.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : about 6 months working an hour a day or so
Editor(s) used          : DETH
Known Bugs              : None that I know of. May bog down some slower machines.
 * Misc. Notes *

This is a HARD map. If you don't know how to strafe, you might want to learn. I recommend saving fairly often. I did my best to make it hard but fun and I didn't want to leave the player running around low on ammo and health all the time so I tried to make sure there is plenty of both but not too much. You WILL die, repeatedly. Save your game. You may find that the map itself poses as much of a threat to you as the monsters at times. Yes, I did that on purpose. Have fun and don't give up if you're having trouble finding something. Everything in the map is functional. You won't find an area you can't get out of or anything stupid like that. There is a spot - you'll know it when you see it - there is an upper floor and spinning light structures (2) in the middle of the room. After you hit the switch (you'll see it) it will lower a platform.
The floor beyond the platform is supposed to raise and 99% of the time it does but if you are standing in just the right spot as the floor is raising and the platform behind you is moving you can get stuck. I definitely recommend saving before you hit the switch just in case.
That's about it. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had building it. Imagine - 6 months. Jesus.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may NOT distribute this file without my prior consent. 
Unless you are 3darchives or one of their mirrors, DON'T ASK! 
If you want to link to the file, link to my page at instead. 
Authors may NOT use this file as a base for additional
levels. Build your own damn levels!
The textures used came from a file called nb5texd2.wad
I have modified that original texture wad with my own custom textures so don't take the textures from this wad.
If you want the original texture.wad you can find it here:

* The Story
The Mayan realm of the dead. It is the ninth and lowest level of the underworld; a place of eternal cold and darkness. This is where the souls of those who lived a bad life are sent to. The ruler of Mitnal is the god Hunhau, also known as Ah Puch. In Maya mythology, Ah Puch was the King of Mitnal, the underworld, which was the worst of all nine hells. He was depicted as a skeleton or corpse adorned with bells, sometimes the head of an owl; even today, some Central Americans believe that an owl's screeches signify imminent death. 

YOU have descended to this ninth and lowest level of the underworld where it is your mission to escape the menagerie of demons who would prevent you from escaping.  

* Where to get this WAD *
the idgames ftp software sites
unfortunately, with time, urls change so if you can't find me there just do a search on the net for Doom Wad Station.



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