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Title                   : Monster4.wad
Filename                :    
Date                    : 4/14/97
Author                  : Engdahl, Wm.  4-D CREATIONS  [aka reddawg]
E-mail Address          : <email removed> or <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Old Dawg playing with his wads. I like designing 
  the arenas.  This is the 40th single wad I've made: 
  Spartan5.wad, ICHIBAN.wad & Dawgw00d.wad are combo-
  wads I made. Most of my wads are for Deathmatch play
  but Monster3.wad and Monster4.wad are intended as
  soloplay exercises, or for fragging monsters with
  a friend.  They may be done as Deathmatch too:  see

  The other single wads are:
Reddawgs.wad    Fraggan.wad     Fraggan2.wad
Fraggan3.wad    Dmtown.wad     *NoBfgs.wad
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Beauhole.wad   *Dawgs#11.wad    Dawgs#12.wad
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       *Ironman.wad    *Clover2.wad   **Pandora.wad
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       *Woofman.wad     Bad_dawg.wad   *Campers.wad
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       *Dawgdoo.wad     Dawgdood.wad    Dawgbox.wad
Simple4u.wad    Monster3.wad  **Dawg4dth.wad

       * [author's particular favorites]
       **[extra favorite wads]

       Most of my BEST single wads are no longer available
       at, since they were deleted in favor of
       of the combo-wads, to save space...........[sniff]
* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM2
Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : YES!  I designed it mainly for this type of play,
  with just enuf monsters in each skill setting to
  make it interesting...hehhehheh...and it can take
  up to an hour to complete.  There are keys to find, 
  secret areas with switches to flip, and hidden 
  stuff all over.  There is a code of visible stuff 
  to help find important things, and the eye-in-green-
  things always signify north on the map. 
  [p.s. hint:  all lines block sound.]
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : YES! 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES!  Kill yer buddies...It is possible to play
  this wad in Deathmatch, but it IS a HUGE MAP!  I
  made all four areas join into a big circle by use
  of an extra passageway that is triggered in the
  exit room.  With this link, and skillful use of the
  various teleports, the hugeness of the map can be
  effectively navigated.  so enjoy...............woof!
Difficulty Settings     : Skill setting 4-5 has some ammo and health missing, 
  and all settings have some differences in monsters.
  The BFG is ONLY available in skill 3.  
New Sounds              : Yes, and special thanks to NEMESIS for dsslop/guts sound.
New Graphics            : Yes, plenty
New Music               : Yes, NIN #4 PHM
Demos Replaced          : None replaced 

* Construction *

Base                    : Campers.wad, NoBFGs.wad, Woofman.wad & Bad_Dawg.wad            
Build Time              : an extra lotta time to reBuild 
Editor(s) used          : Wintex by Oliver Montanuy
  DCK by Ben Morris and Colin Reed
Known Bugs:   None, except the normal ones that Doom2 always has,
  like when a Arch-vile re-animates a dead enemy who
  was partially under a door, and then that enemy can
  walk thru walls chasing ya all over the damn map...
  Only way to kill him then is to explode a rocket near
  him a few times and get him with the blast, since
  shooting him straight on only goes thru him.....geeze.
Thanks to all the folks at Id Software, this is THE ORIGINAL most excellent game!!!
And thanks to dlbaer for inspiration & play testing this monster mash.......woof!!!

************************** Copyright / Permissions **************************
*                                                                           *
*   Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels!!!  *
*   You may NOT combine it with other wads into large combo-wads or alter   *
*   it and/or rename it without written permission from me!  I really HATE  *
*   combo-wads made from other people's work, especially when the original  *
*   author's text files have been deleted.  This to me is the same thing as * 
*   stealing.......................................................[woof!]  *
*                                                                           *
*   You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with       *
*   no modifications.  You may distribute this wad in any electronic        *
*   format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file       *
*   intact. You may do whatever you want with this file, apart from         *
*   deleting it from the zip &/or wad.....[seriously]  [woof woof!]   8=)   *
*                                                                           *


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