This started out to be a test to see how well I was learning how to use DEU (I originally was going to do the high school first.) Eventually, when ...

Mosh Pit v 2.0 (my brother gave it that name, I have no idea what prompted it but it's here for lack of a better name.
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Title               :Mosh Pit v 2.0 (my brother gave it that name, I                        have no idea what prompted it but it's here for                        lack of a better name.
Filename            :mosh20.WAD
Author              :Cabeza de Muerto (Stephen Quattlebaum
Misc. Author Info   :This is my first completed WAD.  I spent a lot of                      time on it.  My next project will be to model my
                     hometown high school.
Description         :This started out to be a test to see how well I
                     was learning how to use DEU (I originally was                          going to do the high school first.)  Eventually,                       when I decided I wanted to enter a level in a                          DOOM level contest and didn't have time to start                       over, it grew into this.  It's made up of an                           inner section of rooms that make up to arenas                          part of it.  The outer rim is a large hallway                          with doors to areas where the monsters that fight                      in the arena are spawned.  This level was                              originally meant just to have a good place to                          watch the enemies fight, and can still be played                       that way.  But now, with v 2.0, it can be used as                      a substitute level (there's now an exit switch).                       The second page of this document contains the                          story. I don't really care if you read it at all,                      but if you'd like to know why you're fighting and                      what your mission is, by all means read it.

Additional Credits to: My brother Micheal for playtesting it for me.

*Play Information*

Episode and Level #     :E2M2
Single Player           :Yes, of course
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :Yes, but untested and probably not too fun
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   :Yes again, but untested
Difficulty Settings     :Not implemented
New Sounds              :None
New Graphics            :None
New Music               :None
Demos Replaced          :None


Base                    :New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          :DEU 5.21
Build Time              :Most of my spare time over a period of about                           three weeks (probably around twenty-something                          hours)
Known Bugs              :I know of two HOM's in the Caco arena, but if                          you're in a position to see them, you're                               either using No Clipping or are about to die.
Unknown bugs            :Say what?


Authors may, finally, use v 2.0 as a base to build additinal levels (not that any of you listened to me in the first place).

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file intact.

*Where to get this WAD*

I have no idea.  I don't pay the phone bill, so my parents won't let me get on line.  Therefore, I have no E-Mail address.  My only hope is that some kind soul somewhere will upload this to a BBS or something and it can get out.


    It's been thirty minutes since the helicopter left you.  Even through the thick walls of the complex, you can hear the thunder outside.  The sky was red.  There have been a lot of storms with red skies on earth since the invasion.  It's been ten years since then.        You've finally managed to break the code to get into the complex.  The only thing is, now you have to find blue clearance to get out.  Not a problem.
    Your mission is clear.  This complex is used as an arena for the creatures from hell.  They're grown, bred for fighting, and then pitted against each other in the four arenas.  Each arena but the one used just for Mastermind to Cyberdemon battles has an area where you can watch battles without being seen, usually accessable by a lift.  There's an area usually raised above the rest of the arena where the enemies can't get to you due to a force field, but bullets will pass.
Again, the Boss Arena breaks this rule.  You can always pass the force field, but it's not always a good idea.
    Four hours ago a transmission came through from the complex.  You remember it now...
    Tskshhsssk..."Our power is failing.  I'm the last one.  I've managed to turn off the transporters from the spawning rooms.  At least there'll be no more penetration.  But there are enough of them out already.  We've already got a skeleton crew due to the holiday, but now all that's left of us is skeletons.  Most of the men have been killed and possessed, and the rest are dead.  The possessed are being rounded up by the Barons into one of the arenas."  ...Tshhhsskss... "Frag, there's an imp in here!"
    Several gunshots are heard, then the soldier's voice is heard again.
    "I think I'm the last one.  I'm gonna hide in the window room near the main control center.  I need backup now!"
    The transmission ended there.  You're mission is fairly simple.  You have to get in, kill all the daemons before they manage to get out, and get out.  If you find the soldier that made that transmission, you are to rescue him.  Your exit is near the beginning, but you need blue clearance to leave, and if you don't kill everything before you leave, you might allow another invasion, as well as losing any chance you might have had for a promotion.
    Your strategy is also simple.  Most of the arenas have switches to let out the enemies.  Pull a few switches at a time, move into the room to insight a riot, then watch them fight.  You save a lot of bullets that way.  The armory and the hospital, as well as all the arenas, are blocked by yellow clearance, so you'll have to find a yellow keycard before you get to do much damage.
    Have fun, soldier.


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