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     __  __   _____       _____   _____   _____   __  __
    |##\/##| |#####|     |#####| |#####| |#####| |##\/##|
    |######| |#|_|#|     |#| |#| |#| |#| |#| |#| |######|
    |#|\/|#| |#####/     |#| |#| | | |#| |#| | | | |\/|#|
    |#|  | | | | |#\     |#| | | | | | | | | | | | |  |#|
    | |  | | | | | |     | |/ _/ \_ \|_/ \_|/ _/ | |  | |
    | |  |/   \| | |  _  |  _/     \_/     \_/    \|  | |
    |/            \| |_| |_/                           \|
Title                   : Mr.DooM Wad
Filename                : mrdoom.wad (
Author                  : Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)
Email Address           : <email removed>
Web Site                :

Misc. Author Info       : Operator of Top 5% Web Site (see above)
                          Official DooM Chat Host on MSN (Wed.nights)
                          Member of CUE (Computer Users of Erie)
                          CUE H2H SIG Chairman (

                          Author of numerous wads of which many have
                          been included in Mrdoom Wad...
                          Highlighted dm wads by me include...
                          10pak2, Mini-Pak 2, and the award winning 
                          Cross Attack wad.
                          Also, my solo wads include Archie Wad, 
                          Dm1-Dm2 Wad, Cue2 Wad, 3Pitsdm, and others.
NOTE: This wad is a slimmed down version of my "Mr.DooM 30 Wad" which
consists of 30 straight dm levels.  Get my "Mr.DooM 30 Wad" at the 
following web address...
Get ready to DeathMatch for hours...
Mr.DooM Wad  is a 18 level, deathmatch only DooM 2 wad. It consists
of levels made entirely by yours truly, Mr.DooM.  Included are levels
from 10 Pak, 10 Pak2, and Mini-Pak 2.  The Mini-Pak 2 levels here are 
identical to the original levels but the others have all been altered to 
work only in "old deathmatch" and almost all health and ammo have been 
removed as they won't respawn in this type of play anyway.  The 
deathmatch starting points have also been changed...

If you're into hunting type wads then you're in the wrong place. Most
of these levels are small and provide for an "IYF" type of deathmatch
which stands for "In Your Face".  It will provide a real Frag-Fest
with 2 players so just imagine what 3 or 4 players will do (check out 
the internal demos).  In other words, don't stop to admire the beauty 
of these levels in a deathmatch, or as you'll find that in most cases 
you'll be dead.  Being an artist, I took extra time to make sure that 
all the levels looked great and that the textures are aligned properly.
That means both vertically AND horizontally unlike many of the wads 
that you'll find out there.

These levels MUST be played in "Old" Death-Match with skill level 5.  
You will always start out with at least a ShotGun or Chaingun, but 
more likely a SuperShotgun or Rocket Launcher.  The Plazma Gun and BFG 
only appear in some of the levels and are usually hard or dangerous to 
reach.  Sometimes you can only grab them if you DIE!  The shotgun is 
included in every level to enable you to use it's ammo for the Super-
Shotgun and the chainsaw is also included for the rare case that you 
run out of absolutely all of your ammo.

No extra ammo or health items are included as they don't regenerate 
anyway under "old" deathmatch.  Armour IS included but remember, once 
they're used, they're gone!  That can give you an edge at the beginning 
of each level though, so grab them quick if you can.

The exits are also unique as they're what I call "semi" co-operative.
Every exit can be easily accessed (watch the 3rd internal demo) by a 
single player but the switch and the exit door are located on opposite 
sides of each level.  This could make you an easy target as you run to 
the door.  I just hate wimps that hit the exit switch early! :)

The following is a description of each level-

1 - Simple Death- This is one of the smallest and simplest of all the 
                  wads. These will loosen you up quickly for what is 
                  to follow.  Simple Death is somewhat of a 
                  mini-version of DooM2's map 7, Dead Simple.
2 - Fragagon     -Small Figure 8 shaped level with 2 higher ledges
                  running along the outside walls. To get the good
                  weapons you jump down from the ledges upon the
                  large crates.
3 - Frenzy-       Another small and simple level to whip you into a
                  "frenzy". Two sets of steps are at both ends of the 
                  center fighting area which has windows that constantly
                  open and close to serve as cover.
4 - Nuke Walk    -This level will test your driving ability.
                  Stay on the walk or get nuked! Everything is
                  is out in the open so there's nowhere to hide.
                  Should make for plenty of frags including
                  suicides. This could be one of the few levels you'll
                  ever play where the machine gun may be the most
                  damaging weapon.
5 - Warehouse DM- A bit larger and more cover than the 1st two levels. 
                  Basically two rooms with crates and a ledge around 
                  the larger room. Special deathmatch starting points 
                  give access to the more powerful weapons (including
                  the BFG), if you're lucky. :)
6 - Sniper DM    -My homage to DOOM 2's map 1 but entirely new
                  and created from scratch. This level has better
                  flow than our old favorite. It also includes
                  numerous sniper points with one way wall
                  textures (The panels with the blue designs). Switch 
                  behind one panel lowers BFG/Plasma lift in East room. 
7 - Death Star-   No, nothing to do with StarWars. Just named after
                  the skylight in the center. Great use of height with
                  the sets of steps in 2 corners and lower rooms in the 
                  other 2 corners which contain rocket launchers. Get
                  ready for some "air-frags"!
8 - Trap A Frag-  Just one large room with great lighting. Major weapons
                  in center with crushing ceiling.  A trap can be set
                  to crush those who attempt to reach those weapons.
                  If trap raises too high to allow perimeter movement 
                  past it, just push it to lower it.
9 - Come on Down- High starting points allow for plenty more mid-air 
                  frags. Once on the ground you'll find a hill in the 
                  center and a small open room in each corner.  A 
                  definite Double-Barrel level. One of my favorites!
10- Cross Attack -Won 2nd place in WizardWorks Wad Making Contest.
                  A large wad but wide open with many buildings to
                  hide in and on top of. Exit area can be accessed by
                  walking over the exit sign along the North wall.
                  Then walk along the cat-walks to North end of the
                  lava pit.  The East & West switches in the main
                  playing area block access to the exit while the red
                  South switch allows an exit once again.
11- Mini Crates-  A new version of my Boxed-In wad. This is just a 
                  small room with crates to use as cover and 3 ledges
                  to use as well. One ledge is difficult to access and
                  has a Plazma Gun. You can also teleport to grab a BFG
                  but risk a telefrag death if you try it.
12- Drop-In       -This one has become a deathmatch classic.  Small
                  level with lots of height variations. Numerous
                  ways to jump from one room to another for surprise
                  attacks from all directions. Also showcases unique 
                  Holes you drop-down-into for weapon retrieval. 
13- Shadow Land-  Level which uses sector lighting for a great look and
                  in which every starting point is a "surprise" hidden 
                  from view. Large columns supply cover in and amongst 
                  all the shadows.
14- BFG Frag     -Only BFG's, Shotguns, and Chainguns. A Mega Sphere 
                  and Plazmagun (for more ammo) are located in the center 
                  but can make you a sitting duck. A real wild one!
15- Quick Shot-   Surprise frag level where your trigger finger better
                  be ready. Pop up over the stairs and be shooting as 
                  you do. Another definite Super Shotgun level.
16- Keep Movin'  -My homage to DooM 2's map 07, a death-match
                  classic! This one has a more 3-D feel including
                  some lifts that take you to ledges.  You 
                  can't hide in this one so keep movin'.  
17- Dead Fall-    Another of my favorites with an open fighting area up 
                  high in the center and completely surrounded by lower 
                  areas as well. This level uses a GREAT effect that is 
                  super cool. Let me just say that if you get blown out 
                  though the windows, don't come back to life immediately.
                  That way you'll experience a very thrilling ride.
18- Mr.DooM Land- Wad named after yours truly and mainly consisting of
                  an outdoor fighting area with stairs around part of
                  the perimeter. Also includes a cellar area, a small
                  building, and 3 lifts.

Additional Credits to   : iDsoftware (of course) for creating DooM
                              and John Romero for his kind words 
                              about my Web Site.
                          Ben Morris...
                              for his DooM editor, DCK
                          Mike Panico...
                              For his sky texture which I extracted
                              from his Pueblo2 Wad and then enhanced.
                          My H2H buddies for play testing MrDooM30
                              and for making the internal demos...
                              Kevin, Ken, & Nathan

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map 01-18
Single Player           : No (except for checking out the levels)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No (ditto)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES (The only way to play DooM, Dammit!)
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented (Use Skill 5)
New Sounds              : No (I like the original fx)
New Graphics            : Yes (New Sky texture plus new screens 
                          for Title, Help, Intermission, etc.)
New Music               : No (Just gets in the way in DeathMatches)
Demos Replaced          : All (See below, All demos from my view)
                          Demo 1- Three-Player on level 3 (Frenzy)
                          Demo 2- Three-Player on level 17 (Dead Fall)
                          Demo 3- Solo demo of all 18 exits
                          To view the demos just load DooM & this 
                          wad, then sit back and watch.
* Construction *

Base                    : All new levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK, NWT, Paint Shop Pro
Known Bugs              : None known of
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels
but please give me credit and let me know by e-mail.  

You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, 
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.
Please inform me by email if you do however.

* Where to get this WAD *

             Microsoft Network   (3d-action/doom/death-match)
Also at-  (My web site)

This wad is a slimmed down version of my "Mr.DooM 30 Wad" which
consists of 30 straight dm levels.  Get my "Mr.DooM 30 Wad" at the 
following web address...


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