This one's made for cooperative deathmatch, meaning that you will have to play two on two to reach some of the items. It also shows some, well, som...

Multiplayer Deathmatch Cooperative PWAD
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Title                   : Multiplayer Deathmatch Cooperative PWAD 
Filename                : 2GETHA.WAD
Author                  : Bonsai (a man like a tree) 
Email Address           : <email removed> 
Misc. Author Info       : My nipples explode with delight!
Description             : This one's made for cooperative deathmatch,
                          meaning that you will have to play two on two to
                          reach some of the items.
                          It also shows some, well, somewhat "advanced"
                          techniques, i.e. the possibilities that come
                          with the use of "dummy sectors". Go look at it!
                          And don't miss the spot in the arena where you
                          can make yourself invisible by the push of a
                          button. It is marked by a computermap and
                          an imp. Stop right there and press the
                          switches around you (that you can't
                          It also has a terminal with various pages of
                          information about the level, a number-coded door and
                          much more.
Additional Credits to   : nope, made this one completely on my own :)
                          all right, allright: iD-Soft, and all the incredible
                          guys that spend so much of their time developing
                          excellent add-on programs for the "one most popular
                          game until quake" :)

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : No (but you may look around:)
                          You'll also be missing some of the gags, for
                          example when one player's standing in the room
                          with the blue armor, the other player will cause
                          numerous actions in this room while running up
                          the stairs. Why don't you go into this room
                          (using IDCLIP to get past the two doors), run up
                          about half of the stairs and then go back using
                          IDCLIP again so you can at least hear the sound
                          and see what will happen there.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, made for 4
Difficulty Settings     : No (but try playing against your mother;)
New Sounds              : Yes (from TNG, pretty cool:)
New Graphics            : Yes 
New Music               : *No, please play it without ANY music.*
Start Option            : Load the DEHACKED Patch first, without it, the
                          sounds will not work. Sorry 'bout that, but, you see,
                          I spend hours and hours trying to convince the
                          monsters to act as little speakers just by talking to
                          ME:"Listen", I said, "let's be honest: you know
                           whats gonna happen, don't you? You growl, start to
                           attack the player, he defends himself and you get
                           shot. Now, why don't we try to cooperate just for
                           once, hmm? Instead of growling you make a nifty
                           StarTrek sound, like, treetrululululup and then stand
                           quiet and try not to harm him and you'll see that he
                           won't harm you. Well, how's that, hmm?"
                          IMP: "growl!"
                          ME:"<Sigh>, I'll use DEHACKED then."
                          Furthermore, you will (of course) have to play
                          your deathmatch WITH monsters (WITHOUT
                          -nomonsters that is;) and, uhm, I suggest you
                          play WITH -altdeath.
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch (exactly)
Editor(s) used          : DETH, NWT, DEHACKED, RMB, WinTex
Construction time       : A month (every few days a few hours)
                          But now (2 months after finishing) I
                          got WinTex and while playing around I
                          discovered that I forgot to RMB the
                          level; so I did that and I also
                          corrected a few  flaws in level design.
Known Bugs              : Hmm, well, you may call them "bugs". I call 'em 
                          special FX! ;)
                          All right, here we go:
                          - HOM (uhh) when you go invisible (only YOU will see
                            it, sorry)
                          - Level seems to be running unsteady on 4MB
                            machines, occasional ZMALLOC, I never had that
                            on any 8MB computer. Damn!
                          - Yes, well, in the square room in the center, there
                            are textures that are !NOT PROPERLY ALIGNED!, but
                            the only way around it would be to change the
                            sector heights and I don't want to do that. Try to
                            ignore it, I've seen worse. ;)
                          - sorry, but I didn't have the time to build an
                            exit switch, so you'll have to blow up the
                            main computer core to exit. ;)
                            And be careful: as soon as someone blows open
                            the little hatch to the core it will sound a
                            red alert everywhere in the level to warn the
                            other players.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Do whatever you want!
(with this file;)
But if you mess around with it remove my name from all of the files and
replace it with yours! :)

AND: if you have PLAYED this level, write me! Even flames are welcome, I want
all thoughts and opinions and remarks about possible copyright violations (as
long as you don't sew me;*} ) and of course I would like to know about any
remaining bugs.


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