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Make sure you are using the LATEST version of GZDoom (1.0.29) or a recent SVN build of ZDoom. Older GZDoom releases and official ZDoom releases wil...

Mutiny Mod
7.94 MB
WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : This replaces the version I updated a couple of days ago. I was making last-minute tweaks to prepare it for release and a bug appeared in the very last change I made. This fixes it.
Update to               : mutiny.zip -- fixes crtitical bug that cropped up at the last minute
Advanced engine needed  : GZDoom 1.0.29 or recent ZDoom SVN build
Primary purpose         : No levels included
Title                   : Mutiny Mod
Filename                : mutiny.wad
Release date            : 11/14/07
Author                  : Woolie Wool
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : DM-Symmetry (dmsymm.zip) DM-Deimos (dm-dmos.zip)
Misc. Author Info       : Phlng'ui mglw'nath R'lyeh Cthulhu wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Description             : Make sure you are using the LATEST version of GZDoom (1.0.29) or a recent SVN build of ZDoom. Older GZDoom releases and official ZDoom releases will not work! You will get a fatal syntax error in MAPINFO when trying to start the game.

Remember all the old Dehacked patches from the 90s that let you kill your fellow marines? This is the same idea, only far more sophisticated and comprehensive, and there are robots to deal with as well. In addition, there are other enemy types, such as guard dogs, power armored troops, and ceiling turrets that have no real Doom equivalent and are not assigned to replace Doom 2 monsters but can be summoned from the console or placed into your own levels if you choose to make any that are built off of Mutiny.

This mod is also meant to be the eventual base for a series of hubs following a plot based around a renegade faction of space marines. My secondary goal with this wad was to lay down the foundation for the actual Mutiny level set, which I may or may not ever decide to make.

Gameplay balance is not guaranteed with all levels. The SSG is significantly weakened, and enemies have less health but are significantly faster and have faster, more damaging attacks. Many enemies use hitscan attacks, so huge yards or Hell Reveealed-style levels may be virtually impossible. In general, PWADs become more difficult when playing with Mutiny. Also note that human enemies can telefrag you on any level, not just MAP30. This is intentional. Watch your step!

Additional Credits to:
Wildweasel for sprites, status bar, testing, and assistance 
DMARMY3.DEH and '90s fantasies of replacing monsters with marines for primary inspiration
Enjay's Marine Assault for graphics, sounds, enemy types (although I completely re-coded them in DECORATE instead of Dehacked), and secondary inspiration. Enjay also made the sprites and base code for the Minitank
Mark Quinn for marine sprites
XXLFragger for marine sprites
Doom 2.5 team and Doom 3 Weapons Mod for PDW and Officer's Pistol, and plasma graphics
Id Software for modified Doom, Wolfenstein, and Doom alpha rifle graphics and Quake, Quake III Team Arena, and Doom 3 sounds
Raven Software for Heretic and Hexen sounds
Scuba Steve for knife graphics
Apogee Software for Rise of the Triad sounds
Maedhros for Elite sprites
Graf Zahl for sprites and code used for the Imp Hybrid
Daniel for the Railgun and Grenade Launcher
Alpha Dog Alliance for Commando graphics
Kinsie for components of the Doom Enhanced mod
Nash for components of the Nash's Gore mod
Rogue Software for Strife graphics and sounds
FormGen Corporation for dog graphics
Cory Whittle for cw-font2 font
Xaser for Zen Dynamics palette and replacement FWATER flat (the old one looked hideous with the different palette)
FreeDoom team for graphics.

* What is included *

New levels              : No levels. Can be used with any PWAD that doesn't use Dehacked or extensive DECORATE that may conflict with Mutiny.
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes (tells enemies to ignore each other)
Demos                   : No
Other                   : DECORATE lump, MAPINFO to define skill levels, other ZDoom-specific lumps

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom, Doom II, or Final Doom
Map #                   : Run it with the PWAD of your choice
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Not tested
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : I guess you can try...
Difficulty Settings     : Six, actually (Skills 5 and 6 both register as Nightmare in scripts and console commands, but they assign different enemy behavior and player damage)

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : A few days
Editor(s) used          : XWE, RecolorBMP, Notepad
Known Bugs              : Sometimes sounds seem to intrude on each other's space and cut out when other sounds play, mostly because of all the footstep sounds, blood sound, ricochet sounds, etc.
May Not Run With        : ZDoom 2.1.7, old GZDoom releases, Skulltag (causes class conflicts and Skulltag doesn't recognize new MAPINFO extensions)
Tested With             : ZDoom 2.1.8 (R563) SVN, GZDoom 1.0.29

* List of Weapons *
This list contains elements of Mutiny's backstory, and some weapon descriptions describe the events of Doom as being about 15 years in the past. Despite the mentioning of real world gun manufacturers, all of these weapons are fictional.

Damage: 2-20 (20-200 with berserk)
Rate of fire: Medium
Ammo: None
Whoosh! Whoosh! Pow! Don't marvel at the sound effects for too long, though, because nobody wants to bring a fist to a gunfight.

Combat Knife
Damage: 2 * 4-40 (upstroke and downstroke)
Rate of Fire: Medium
Ammo: None
Well, it's still a gunfight, but a knife is a little better than a fist. You can kill someone pretty quickly with this thing, but you'll have to close in at ranges where you could get a bullet--or a grenade-- right in your face.

Beretta M26 Pistol
Damage: 5-15
Rate of fire: Medium
Ammo: 9x19mm parabellum bullets
The Beretta M26 has been the primary sidearm of Earth Defense Force forces since the 2070s. Reliable and accurate, the 9mm M26 is not known for its stopping power, but is sufficient to take on one or two assailants.

Colt M64 Officer's Pistol
Damage: 5-15
Rate of Fire: Medium/High
Ammo: 9x19mm parabellum bullets
The M64 is a special, precision-made pistol issued to commissioned officers. The M64 is built to extremely close tolerances and can fire bullets far more accurately than the M26.

Ruger M41A1 Shotgun
Damage: 7 * 5-15
Rate of fire: Slow
Ammo: 12 gauge shells
The second generation of the M41 "Manstopper" 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, introduced in 2135, is powerful and useful at ranges up to 50 meters, making it one of the primary indoor weapons of the EDF. With a somewhat tighter spread than the original M41, the M41A1 is otherwise little changed from its predecessor that was used during the Gateway wars of 2122. One shot, one kill--usually.

Remington M92A2 Mod 1 Side-By-Side Shotgun
Damage: 14 * 5-15
Rate of fire: Very Slow
Ammo: 12 gauge shells (2 per shot)
During the Battle of Earth at the end of the Gateway Wars, many civilians and soldiers pressed into service any weapons that were available. Many found that side-by-side hunting shotguns were highly effective against the demonic hordes. In particular, the Remington Model 1275 achieved notoriety for its success, in sawed-off form, in the hands of Sergeant Buddy "Doom" Dacote, who amassed a body count believed to be in the thousands. Shortly thereafter, the EDF commissioned a military variant, dubbd the M92. Over the years, the M92 has been refined multiple times, including a decrease in bore from 10 to 12 gauge to make it compatible with standard military shells. The M92A2 Mod 1 is a special issue weapon used by many indoor assault teams within the EDF, and is relatively rare.

Heckler & Koch M76 PDW
Damage: 5-15
Ammo: 9x19mm parabellum bullets
Rate of Fire: Very High
Usually carried by officers, the M76 PDW is a lightweight, portable submachinegun that weighs only three kilograms fully loaded. With a large magazine capacity, high rate of fire, and electronic reflex sight, the M76 Personal Defense Weapon is highly effective in close combat. Some soldiers dislike the M76 for its notorious inaccuracy, mostly a product of its very light weight and short barrel, while others love it for its ease of handling and maintenance. Use of the M76 in long-range encounters is not recommended.

FN M37A4 assault rifle
Damage: 15-45
Ammo: 6.8x43mm rifle bullets
Rate of Fire: High
The FN M37A4 battle rifle is the main front-line infantry weapon of the EDF. Versatile, accurate, and exceptionally deadly. With a 250-meter effective range, the M37A4 shoots more accurately than any mainstream weapon besides the M82 railgun. The M37A2 model used in the Gateway Wars was responsible for more demons killed than any other, and the M37A4 continues to improve the weapon, with a more advanced recoil compensator allowing for easier automatic fire.

Smith and Wesson M59 grenade launcher
Damage: 20-128 + up to 128
Rate of fire: Medium
Ammo: Rockets
The M59 is the most common explosive weapon in the EDF arsenal. Its round grenades can bounce off of walls and ceilings, allowing one to bounce a grenade around a corner and blow up any enemies waiting to ambush you, or fire up into the air so the grenades bounce back at someone who is chasing you.

Hurst Araments M66 rocket launcher
Damage: 20-128 + up to 128
Rate of fire: Medium
Ammo: Rockets
The M66 replaces the aging M25 rocket launcher in the EDF arsenal. A popular and devastating heavy weapon, the M66 can fire anti-armor or anti-personnel rockets, Although the rockets are slower than bullets, almost nothing matches the raw power of the M66. 

XE Electrodynamics M8 railgun
Damage: 200
Rate of fire: Slow
Ammo: Cells (10 per shot)
The ultimate sniper weapon, the M8 lets you reach out and crush someone.

Union Aerospace Corporation M75 plasma rifle
Damage: 5-40
Rate of Fire: Very Fast
Ammo: Cells
The M75 is a second generation plasma rifle, replacing the M38A2. The M75 boasts more efficient cooling and reduced noise, making it more comfortable for the operator.

Union Aerospace Corporation BFG 9500
Damage: If you have to ask...
Rate of Fire: Very Slow
Ammo: Cells (40 per shot)
An old favorite returns with a surprise.

* Gameplay tips *

-Use your inventory! Many items must be activated manually through the inventory.
-Hand grenades are surprisingly destructive, and are especially useful when you don't have any of the bigger guns.
-Cover is a lot more important than in regular Doom. Strafing and weaving alone won't save you from sniping hitscan enemies.
-Your armor is more effective than Doom armor, but wears out more quickly (if you have Combat Armor, for instance, armor will drop four times faster than health as the armor absorbs 80% of damage). Keep an eye on your armor percentage.
-Memorize the colors of the different enemy types.

* Enemies List *

Guard Dog (a dog, doomednum 6019, class Doggie)
HP: 25
Attacks: Bite (4-32)
Difficulty: Easy
Aww, its a widdle puppy dog! Make no mistake, these are no lap dogs. Savage and furious, these mutts will go right for your jugular. They run faster than you and can be difficult to hit, and they tend to come in packs.

Pistol Soldier (Tan, replaces Zombieman)
HP: 40
Attacks: Pistol (3-15), Grenade (~50), Punch (3-24)
Difficulty: Very Easy
These inexperienced guards are neither tough nor accurate, but they are not to be ignored.

Shotgun Soldier (Black, replaces Sergeant)
HP: 40
Attacks: Shotgun (3 * 3-15), Grenade (~50), Punch (3-24)
Difficulty: Very Easy
A little tougher than the pistol guys, these troops will drop their shotguns when killed. A helmeted version is available as ShotgunSoldierHelmet, doomednum 6027.

Machinegun Turret (doomednum 6012, class MGTurret)
HP: 100
Attacks: Machinegun (3-15)
Difficulty: Easy
Some military installations are equipped with ceiling turrets which automatically detect intruders and spray them with a withering hail of fire.

Plasma Turret (doomednum 6013, class PlasmaTurret)
HP: 100
Attacks: Plasma Cannon (5-40)
Difficulty: Medium
Same as above, but with bigger guns. Much bigger guns.

Pistol Officer (red/black, replaces Imp)
HP: 60
Attacks: Officer's Pistol (3-15), Grenade (~50)
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Extremely agile, officers will dodge, weave, and jump off of ledges to get to you. These officers carry highly accurate Officers' Pistols, which they drop when they die.

PDW Officer (gold/black, replaces SS Nazi)
HP: 60
Attacks: PDW (3-15), Grenade (~50)
Difficulty: Medium
As if regular officers weren't bad enough, this version carries a PDW submachine gun to fill the whole room with lead. Give them high priority in a firefight because they shoot very rapidly.

Unarmed Soldier (brown, replaces Demon)
HP: 100
Attacks: Fists (5-40)
Difficulty: Easy
Not everyone you'll meet has a weapon. These guys are content just to beat the shit out of you.

Berserk Soldier (blue, replaces Spectre)
HP: 100
Attacks: Fists (10-80)
Difficulty: Medium
If you hear the characteristic shriek of a marine using a berserk pack, run! These guys can catch up to you at an incredible rate and deal massive damage with their fists. Their combat drugs are so potent that they do not feel pain, so have a clear line of retreat because you won't be able to stop them until they're dead.

Rifle Soldier (olive drab, replaces Hell Knight)
HP: 100
Attacks: Rifle burst (3 * 7-35), Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium
These experienced, front-line soldiers carry the M37A4 assault rifle, and can hit you accurately even at great distances. Fortunately they tend to fire in bursts rather than full auto. An unhelmeted version with 80 hp is available as RifleSoldierNoHelmet, doomednum 6028.

Shadow Soldier (green, translucent, doomednum 6024, class ShadowSoldier)
HP: 80
Attacks: Rifle burst (3 * 7-35, Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
If the regular rifle guys weren't bad enough, here come soldiers wearing their own Shadow Armor! Nearly invisible shadow-armored troops will jump out from dark places to fill you with lead. Their Shadow Armor briefly shorts out when they're hit, but immediately comes back online, not failing entirely until they die.

SSG Soldier (Green, replaces Chaingunner)
HP: 100
Attacks: Super shotgun (10 * 5-15), Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium
These special assault troopers specialize in breaking into buildings and getting up-close and personal with whoever's inside. For this purpose, they carry double-barreled shotguns. Kill them quickly, before they do likewise.

Plasma Soldier (Bright red, replaces Arachnotron)
HP: 130
Attacks: Plasma rifle (5-40), Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Some of the higher-ranking marines will wield powerful plasma rifles which can unleash a torrent of blue plasma blasts. You'll have to use some expert dodging skills to avoid being roasted alive.

Grenade Launcher Soldier (Gray, doomednum 6014, class GLSoldier)
HP: 120
Attacks: Grenade launcher (10-80 + up to 64), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Preferring to attack from above, these demolitions experts wield powerful grenade launchers. Their grenades bounce around unpredictably, and are quite deadly.

Rocket Soldier (orange, replaces Revenant)
HP: 120
Attacks: Rocket launcher (10-80 + up to 64), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Heavy weapons specialists, these bastards are just waiting to blow you to kingdom come. Best bet is to keep your distance and return the favor.

Railgun Soldier (dark blue, doomednum 6017, class RailgunSoldier)
HP: 150
Attacks: Railgun (50), Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24)
Difficulty; Medium/Hard
Marines that pass advanced sniper classes become authorized to carry the M8 railgun. Often positioned high above the field of engagement, railgun soldiers are infamous for their unerring aim. Find possible sniper nests and clear them out quickly lest one of these get the drop on you.

Marine Medic (white, replaces Archvile)
HP: 200
Attacks: Pistol (3-15), Grenade (~50), Fists (3-24), resurrects dead soldiers
Difficulty: Variable
These white-clad medics are an EDF soldier's best friend, and your worst enemy. They will run around and undo all of your handiwork, meanwhile taking potshots with their sidearms. Killing them is imperative, as they will revive any human enemies they come across. Robotic enemies and monster hybrids cannot be revived by medics. They drop medikits when they die.

Elite (Camouflage uniform, replaces Baron of Hell)
HP: 200
Attacks: Grenade (~50), Rifle (7-35), Rifle butt (6-48)
Difficulty: Hard
These brutal, disciplined soldiers form the cream of the Marine Corps' infantry. Unlike other rifle-armed troops, they have mastered full-auto rifle fire, and can lay down devastating barrages even at long range. And like Officers, they sidestep, weave, and take cover, making them more difficult to hit. These guys will smack you up.

Shadow Elite (translucent Elite, doomednum 6025, class ShadowElite)
HP: 200
Attacks: Grenade (~50), Rifle (7-35), Rifle butt (6-48)
Difficulty: Hard
Elites. Now with Shadow Armor. Run. Run fast. Run hard.

Power Armored Soldier (robot-like armored suit, doomednum 6016, class PowerArmor)
HP: 500
Attack: Plasma Cannon (5-40), Arm blade (15-120)
Difficulty: Medium
Not content with the physical limitations of the human body, these marines have taken to fighting in powered armor. Their plasma cannons are deadly, their built-in slicing blades deadlier, but they are larger targets and less accurate shots than their comrades.

Commando (bulky, minigun-armed soldier, doomednum 6018, class Commando)
HP: 240
Attacks: Minigun (7-35)
Difficulty: Hard
General Eduardo's personal bodyguards, commandoes carry around a devastating minigun, fed by ammo canisters on their backs, that fires assault rifle ammunition at the rate of up to 35 rounds per second. Their laughing and the whirr of their miniguns spooling up is your signal to get behind cover before you turn into hamburger. They go through intense and rigorous training to properly wield their miniguns, which are unfortunately too heavy and kick too strongly for you to carry. As a consolation, you do get their rather large ammo supply when you kill them.
Dev notes: There must be some way for the player to hide when these guys enter their attack state, because their minigun is nearly instant death.

Imp Hybrid (light-skinned Imp, doomednum 6003, class Hybrid)
HP: 120
Attacks: Fireball (3-24), Green fireball (8-64), Claws (3-24)
Difficulty: Medium
During the Gateway Wars, not all of the demons were killed. Some were captured and subjected to genetic experiments. This is among the results. What do you get when you cross an imp, a hell knight, and a human being? Your worst nightmare.

Scientist (replaces Commander Keen)
HP: 40
Attacks: None
Difficulty: N/A
These civilians were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't kill them. Or do. Who gives a shit anyway?

Frightened Scientist (doomednum 6006, class ScientistFrightened)
HP: 40
Attacks: Alerts enemies
Difficulty: Depends on how many enemies are in earshot
Some scientists are less appreciative of your presence than others. These guys will run away frantically while screaming for help. Any enemies within earshot will come running when these guys see you, so put them out of their misery.

Evil Scientist (doomednum 6007, class ScientistEvil)
HP: 40
Attacks: Grenade (~50)
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Unlike their colleagues, these guys don't like you at all, and will take out their frustrations by attempting to blow you apart. Their grenades do hefty damage, but they go down easily.

Security Drone Class 1 (Drone with underslung gun turret, replaces Cacodemon)
HP: 200
Attacks: Plasma Cannon (2 * 5-40)
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
All EDF facilities have round-the-clock patrols by aerial security robots. The light class 1 models fire a brief burst of plasma at enemy targets.

Security Drone Class 2 (Drone with top-mounted rocket turret, replaces Pain Elemental)
HP: 400
Attacks: Rocket Launcher (10-80 + up to 128)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Class 2 drones are usually called in during serious security breaches. Their heavy armor plating absorbs twice the damage of class 1 drones, and their turreted rocket launcher is truly deadly.

Security Remote (Small round robot, replaces Lost Soul)
HP: 100
Attacks: Light Plasma Cannon (2 * 3-24)
Difficulty: Easy
These small security robots usually patrol in packs, raining blasts from their light plasma cannons down on any intruder who crosses their path.

Crusader I (huge dark gray robot, replaces Mancubus)
HP: 1750
Attacks: Fusion Cannon (2 * 8-64)
Difficulty: Hard
Massive walking tanks, Crusaders are the EDF's primary heavy weapons platform. The Crusader I model features two massive fusion cannons with which it fires devastating salvoes. Crusader Is can take an obscene amount of punishment, but are slow-moving and large targets.

Crusader II (huge light gray robot, replaces Cyberdemon)
HP: 4000
Attacks: Rocket Launcher (20-160 + up to 128), Servo Arm (120-960)
Difficulty: Hard
Designed to go toe-to-hoof with Cyberdemons, these stout walkers are even more powerful than the Crusader I models, equipped with a deadly autoloading rocket launcher and a huge mechanical arm that can instantly crush most humans or demons. The rocket launcher is devastating enough, but being hit by its arm usually means instant death, even at 200% health and armor.

Minitank (green tank with two gun turrets, replaces Spiderdemon)
HP: 5000
Attacks: Quad Plasma Cannon (4 * 5-40)
Difficulty: Very Hard
The deadly M9 minitank is armed with four extremely rapid-firing plasma cannons, capable of killing most organic targets almost instantly. Stay as far away as you can, because if the plasma stream hits you, you are dead, period. Circle around it and give it all you've got.

* Inventory Items *

Hand Grenade
Toss one of these at a group of enemies and watch them blow up. You can carry up to 25 at a time. Most human enemies have a 1 in 8 chance of dropping a grenade for you to pick up when they die.

Box of Grenades (not in standard maps)
Picking up a box of grenades gives you five hand grenades.

The best just got better! Now you can carry around medikits to use when needed. Up to 15 can be in the inventory at a time. Otherwise, they work like they always did.

Radiation Shielding Suit
Unlike the original Doom suits, you can carry these in your inventory. Up to 5 can be held at a time.

Field Surgery Kit
These medical kits were designed to patch up even the most grievous wounds. Using one can restore 100 health up to a maximum of 200. Only two can be held at a time.

Computer Area Map
These small computers can download the floor plan of the map you are currently in and display it in your automap. They are heavy, so you can only carry one of them.

The sniper's friend, this nifty contraption will decrease the spread of your weapons by two third and increase damage 60% for up to 60 seconds. You can have up to five Targeters at any one time.

Shadow Armor
The special coating on Shadow Armor refracts light around the wearer, literally reducing him to a shadow of his former self. Enemies can still see you to a degree, but their accuracy will be hampered. You are limited to five suits in your inventory.

Shield Generator
Not only does this handy device make you invulnerable, it also makes plasma and rockets bounce off you, and maybe at someone else! It only has enough power for 30 seconds, so make sure you don't go dry while surrounded by enemies. Only two may be in your inventory at a time.

Berserk Pack
Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! This package of combat drugs will boost the power of your fist tenfold. Potential side effects include reddish vision, constipation, dry mouth, insanity, and carnal desires toward imps. Use as directed.

Light-Amp Goggles
Well, these goggles at least do something. Light-Amp goggles are far more sensitive to light than the human eye, and can allow one to see clearly even in extremely dark areas. Up to five pairs may be carried at once.

* Armor *

Armor Shard
This metal patch can be placed over your armor to strengthen it. Each shard boosts your current armor class by 1%. If you have no armor when you pick up a shard, you get the space helmet armor class.

Space Helmet
It's not much, but it is armor. Space helmets absorb one third of damage from incoming fire and come with 50% armor.

Tactical Armor
This light, inexpensive tan vest provides 60% protection against enemy fire. It gives you 100% armor, but that will wear out faster than you'd think!

Combat Armor
Combat Armor provides much more advanced protection, absorbing 80% of damage. With a full 200% armor, Combat Armor will get you through even an intense firefight.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original 
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You may also build levels for the Mutiny Mod, using the extra classes
that do not appear in regular Doom levels. If you make one, please email
me. I'd like to play it.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact.  I have received permission from the original authors of any
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