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Graphics patch that uses DeuSF to replace that ugly chain saw with a suped-up Husqvarna 272xp!

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                           MYSAW.WAD Graphics Patch
 This is a simple graphics patch that replaces the chainsaw from DOOM/DOOMII
 with a reasonable facsimile of my Husqvarna 272xp.  (Stihl fans, please be
 patient.  If this goes over I may try a patch of an 064 next.  :-)

 I figured a real badass space marine doesn't need to worry about kickback
 when he's hacking up monsters, so I did away with the chainbrake.

 I also "loosened the chain", added a "green weenie" air filter, and a wrap
 around handlebar for maximum carnage.  I've replaced the titlepic and the
 ending text page with variations on the chainsaw theme.  I replaced the
 skull-selector with a cute little running Husky.

 I wanted to add more realistic chainsaw sounds, but they kept coming out too
 fast, etc... despite the fact that I followed the rules.  I've got some
 awesome sounds thanks to the guys at Cloud Nine sound studio in Chico, CA.  If
 there is enough support for the patch, I may try again later.  Suggestions are

 I've spent a lot of time writing Sawsetup.bat to read this textfile, add the
 sprites, play the wad, restore the wad to save space, and purge your system
 of all Mysaw.wad files in case you don't like it.  (As if!)

 ************************* System Requirements ********************************

 If you can run DOOM/Ultimate Doom/DOOMII on your machine, Mysaw.wad should be
 playable.  It plays well on my 486DX-2 66 w/only 4 megs of RAM.  (I use the
 multiple configuration menu instead of a boot disk, try it!)  You will need to
 have 4+ megs of Hard drive space available to create a playable Mysaw.wad for
 DOOMII, and 2+ megs available to make Mysaw.wad for DOOM. (I Dunno about U_D)

 You'll need to have Dos 6.* or higher if you want to use the easy setup/play
 menu because it calls choice.com, a little dos utility that allows you to
 enter a choice into a batch file.  I will not distribute this utility, as it's
 probably copyrighted.  I "archied" for it and found a Spanish copy at
 csg.uwaterloo.ca in the /pub/dmg/tex/disco0 directory.  It worked fine w/this
 batch file. If you can't find choice.com you can add the sprites and play the
 wad manually by typing fsued -app mysaw.wad to add the sprites, and doom -file
 mysaw.wad to play the wad.  (Fsued is Deusf, renamed so I won't delete any
 copies accidently)

 Graphic wad authors can feel free to use this batch file as a template.
 (If you like it.)  I don't know how many times I've wished an author had
 thought about what a mess he was making of my DOOM dir.

 ************************ Making "Permanent" Changes **************************

 This pwad WILL NOT change your original DOOM/DOOMII wad file.  If you want to
 patch the Iwad with these graphics, I suggest Tic's Nwt.  (Please read the
 text file first and MAKE A BACKUP!) Here's a list of what must be replaced:

             Images                                 Raw
             ======                                =====
          SAWGA0   TITLEPIC                        ENDOOM
          SAWGB0   M_SKULL1
          SAWGC0   M_SKULL2
          SAWGD0   CSAWA0

 I doubt if there are many DOOMers out there who can't live w/o this patch.
 I know it won't be the end all of graphics patches.  What it does offer though
 is increased realism for those who care, and easy installation/removal
 for those who just want to check it out.  It will also increase your
 visibility, as it's smaller in size (and weight;-) than the original.

 This archive contains: Mysaw.wad       -Skeletal .Wad file
                        Mysaw.txt       -This text file
                        Sawsetup.bat    -Easy Setup/Run program
                        Fsued.exe       -DeuSf renamed to avoid problems

 *************************** Pwad Information *********************************

 Title                   : Mysaw
 Filename                : Mysaw.wad
 Author                  : Icarus
 Email Address           : <email removed>
 Misc. Author Info       : Ex-logger, now a law student ;-)
 Description             : Graphics patch that uses DeuSF to replace that ugly
                           chain saw with a suped-up Husqvarna 272xp!

 Tools used              : NWT103       -extraction/insertion of sprites/sounds
                           Deusf        -insertion of sprites at site
                           Neopaint3.0  -Image editing
                           PSP3.0       -Image editing
 Additional Credits to   : My wife for putting up with countless hours
                           of tweaking w/these pix

 More Kudos to           : Id for DOOMI/DOOMII, TIC and Olivier Montenuy for
                           NWT, and DeuSF, respectively.  Raphael Quinet and
                           Richard Ward for advice, Bruce at Cloud Nine Studio
                           in Chico, CA. for the sounds (see below).

 *************************** Play Information *********************************

 Game                    : DOOM, Ultimate DOOM, or DOOMII
 Episode and Level #     : N/A
 Single Player           : Yes
 Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
 Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
 Difficulty Settings     : Yes
 New Sounds              : No, gave up after getting garbled sounds, despite
                           proper sample rates.

 New Graphics            : Yes, I've replaced all of the Chain Saw Sprites,
                           the titlepic and the endoom text page.  I've also
                           replaced the skull-selecter with a cute little
                           chainsaw that "works."

 New Music               : No

 Demos Replaced          : No

 *************************** Construction *************************************

 Base                    : New Graphics *almost* from scratch. (I used the
                           original player's hands and part of the bar/chain.)
 Editor(s) used          : NWT v3.0, DeuSF v3.5
 Known Bugs              : None (If saw is invisible,"Create a Playable Wad"#2)

 ************************ Copyright / Permissions *****************************

 Anyone who wants to do so may use this graphics patch on their own
 Registered copy of DOOMI or DOOMII. Use at your own risk.  I will not be
 held responsible for damages of any kind.

 Authors MAY use this patch in their own wads ONLY with my prior approval
 and only if credit is given.  (Just ask. I'm easy :-)

 You MAY distribute this WAD free of charge, provided you include this file,
 with no modifications.  You may NOT distribute this file FOR PROFIT in any
 electronic format without my express written permission.

 ************************ Where to get this WAD *******************************

  FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com and it's mirror sites
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